If you are in one of the many states or provinces where you cannot legally hold your iPhone while driving a car, you will want to use the headphones or Bluetooth car stereo connection to talk hands-free.
You can also connect to a Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth car stereo system to place and receive phone calls.
Sometimes you have to pause in a phone number then enter another number such as an extension or a password.
NOTE: We understand that Apple is also adding FaceTime favorites in future releases of the iPhone operating system.
TIP: To search for your Contacts by name, tap the very top of the screen just under the time. Just touch the name or phone number and the iPhone will immediately initiate a phone call to the individual. To clear or erase all your recent call log entries, press the Clear button in the upper right corner. Recents list and you will see either the information on the phone number or full contact information for that particular contact if they are in your Contacts list. If the Recents entry is just a phone number, not yet in your Contacts list, then you will see two different buttons on the Info screen. One of the great things about having all your contact information in your phone is that it’s very easy to place calls from your Contacts list on the iPhone.
You will notice that the iPhone underlines almost every phone number it recognizes on the screen. This happens in e-mail messages (e-mail signatures), SMS messages, notes, web sites, and more. To call to any of these underlined phone numbers, tap on it, then tap the Call button as shown. TIP: Like the underlined phone numbers, your iPhone also recognizes other information on the screen and allows you to act on it by tapping it.
Are you tired of your snoopy coworkers and friends lingering over your shoulder as you type in your security passcode? Step 1: Install WinterboardAfter jailbreaking, head into Cydia, then search for and install Winterboard. Enjoy Your New Beefed Up Passcode SecurityWhen your device restarts, you'll see that the numbers are gone from the passcode keypad.

It is okay to presume that most of you would have figured it out already however for those who do not know, here is a method to add zing to your iMessages or even add a few humorous emojis to your reminders and notes and emails. The iPhone is accompanied by a set of emoji pictures that you can access right from your keyboard. By the close of this step-by-step lesson, you will be capable of simply tapping a key on your keyboard, and after that choose the emoticons you would like to include in the message, prior to changing back to ordinary typing.
Once the keyboard comes up, select the Globe key which is to the right of the number toggle in the lower left hand corner. Whereas the entire thing works just like that, you cannot tweak things here to insert additional emoticons to the emoji keyboard. There is a microphone built into the wire of the headset along with volume controls and a Center button that allows you to answer or hang up a phone call. If you need to type a plus sign (+) for an international number, press and hold the zero (0) key. You can dial a pause by pressing and holding the asterisk key until you see a comma appear next to the phone number.
In Recents, tap theand on the next screen, scroll to the bottom of the Info page and tap Add to Favorites. If an entry has more than one phone number, you will need to select one of them as your favorite entry. After tapping a number, you will be returned to your list of favorites where you’ll see the new person you just added. To re-order the entries, touch and drag the right edge with the three gray bars up or down the list. When you are done reordering and deleting entries, tap the Done button in the upper left corner. You can send a Text Message, start a FaceTime video call, or Share Contact by sending the contact information via e-mail or MMS. Unless you have the newer iPhone 5S with Touch ID that scans your fingerprint, you've only got a couple of security options—either a 4-digit numeric passcode or a cumbersome password.One way to improve your security, and in turn make it harder for people to crack your code, is to simply remove the numbers from the keypad.Sound easy? It sounds like a Winter Olympics event (yes, I am hilarious), but it's actually a jailbreak app that you'll need to apply new themes. From here, we're going to add a new source so we can acquire the tweak.Tap the Manage tab and select Sources.

Make sure you can remember your passcode without the numbers being visible, otherwise you'll have a whole different problem on your hands. And that implies you can send those hilarious, exciting and superbly-crafted Emoji images to your pals via email or iMessage or Whatsapp or whichever service you make use of. Ensure you check the entire thing: you can swipe to scroll through a listing of emojis and you can hit on the tabs for diverse compilations of emojis. This means, wherever there is going to be typing and the keypad, you can toggle to the emoji keypad.
Designed with Windows 8 in mind (it works on Win7 too), the TK820 lets you perform the new 13 gestures that make Windows 8 tick. Remember that you can view different contact groups by tapping the Groups button in the upper left corner. Tap in the search window and type a few letters of the contact’s first, last, or company name to search for them. You will see underlined addresses (tap to show the address in Maps), underlined dates such as tomorrow at 9am (tap to schedule a new Calendar event), shipping numbers such as a FedEx or UPS tracking number (tap to show the tracking information in Safari). It is, but first, get started by checking out how to jailbreak your iOS 7 device, if you haven't done so already.
You do not need to download an application to gain access to them: there is a fitted Emoji keyboard in iOS that, once turned on, will offer you access to all of those emoticons free of charge.
It is built to feel like a comfortable laptop trackpad and provides the room you need to pinch&zoom, slide or swipe.
Heavy laptop users may have to get used to the fact that the trackpad is no longer in the middle, but on the right side of the keyboard.The keyboard connects wirelessly to the computer via a regular Logitech Unifying receiver USB plug.
Go back to Sources and select you new source, mrfunderthuck, then install the iOS 7 Blank Keypad tweak. With this new model, Logitech also switches to a new design language which has more “organic” shapes than previous keyboards. It looks pretty nice and smooth, I like it.Looking at the specifications of the keyboard, I noticed that the keys use the Logitech Perfect stroke which I have tried with a Logitech Illuminated keyboard.

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