We recently designed a logo for a garment manufacturing company in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. For logo design in ludhiana, website design in ludhiana, or in case you need to get designed a product catalogue, we will design for you. We promise best logo design service in ludhiana, best mobile friendly website design in ludhiana and for the product catalogue we promise your product will stand like a star in the design. CLEVELAND — Spotlight-shy Melania Trump delivered a poised speech Monday to headline the first night of the Republican National Convention to nominate her husband, Donald Trump, for president, but her remarks had uncanny echoes of a 2008 address by Michelle Obama.

The businesswoman and former model was speaking about her upbringing in her native Slovenia. Eight years ago at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Michelle Obama made a similar statement about her family in the South Side of Chicago and that of her husband, Barack Obama.
Donald Trump’s campaign sent a statement early Tuesday that stressed a team of writers had crafted it, but the statement didn’t explain why parts of his wife’s speech mirrored the first lady’s. But Melania Trump, who has not had a prominent speaking or surrogate role in her husband’s campaign in part because she is raising the couple’s young son, told NBC earlier Monday that she had written the speech mostly by herself.

We proposed a figure of bear in the logo and we gave bright colours like blue and green combination for a striking look.

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