TI should get some respect for sticking with Tiny and not ditching her for a Kardashian or some other ho.
Maybe someone can help me understand why ‘funding the construction of a new house for your mother by throwing extravagant amounts of dollars at your head’ is considered a threat? TEEN MOM 2 PHOTOS Javi Marroquin returns home from deploymentAfter a six-month deployment for the US Air Force, Teen Mom 2 dad Javi Marroquin has finally returned home — and of course he shared numerous photos and videos after reuniting with sons Isaac and Lincoln! The scouts are loving D’Angelo Russell, which pretty much confirms his idea to go to Ohio State instead of Kentucky was a smart choice. Hip-Hop Wired delivers daily hip-hop music news, videos and streaming tracks from your favorite rap artists, plus the latest political and fashion news—including the hottest sneakers to hit the street. Everybody [on his team] is into all the dope shit that’s out and they said that my [Beach House] project was one of them.

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If he really wants to defend his family, he needs to learn some spelling and grammar first.
Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. The release of this new effort marks the return of the storied southern rap label, Rap-A-Lot Records — the company secured a distribution deal with Sony RED in August. You to learn to stay in ya own little circle at least he stick up for his and he don’t take no mess from nobody talking about his.

It’s the question of our time, thanks to a genre-shattering 2016 presidential race and a cauldron of speculation that continues to roil a year after Kanye told the world he fully intended to run for the highest office in the land in 2020. You would think he would want the mic enclosed and all that but we just had the doors open, and it came out perfect.
You need to learn that before you go and try to auto correct someone when they are being a true man and not taking any b.s. True, he was high at the time, but Kanye probably wasn’t still toked up when he reaffirmed his intentions in a new interview with the BBC.

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