I guess you all know what Instagram is, an amazing photo and now video sharing app that was sold to facebook last year for $1bn.
But the world still created a big picture about Instagram, and now the Instagram clones started appearing. There is a huge market out there and everyone is looking for Instagram clone script, that’s why I did a bit of investigation about some useful scripts and website you can buy online to get your own instagram like website and app. Some of the apps are very expensive, and some are still in beta stage or updated regularly, even while I’m writing this.
I’m not saying that you can make money with it, everyone needs to work hard in order to make this type of project work.
As Instagramers we have to be aware of Instagram reliability and necessity of a healthy business case figures.
In my opinion, Kevin answered clearly and concisely leaving no doubt that they are already conscious of the big challenge they have to face. The more the platform will improve communication feeds and data internal processes, the more the users will get comfortable in using it and will understand the importance of using hashtags, geolocation etc… The result will be a platform with strong assets to face the next steps.
Plus all tools existing yet like sharing, printing using different supports that Instagramers works with.
One day, Information met the most important e-volution in the recent history when the main Media and communication gurus understood people with their mobile were located almost everywhere and ready to inform permanently (with no cost!). Who says audience means advertising interest for announcers and media planners… And Instagram showed yet in several contests the huge feedback from users to promotions and integrated offers. Instagram will definitely be a targeted way to show advertising to users depending on where, what their interests are. Instagram can help promoting a restaurant, an hotel but a massive sales brand too and curiously very few of them are already on this network.
All users agree that Instagram is a much more powerful tool in terms of sensitivity and first approach by other users than Twitter, Linkedin and even Facebook sometimes.
That?s why our Instagramers Networks grew so fastly with more than 50 groups all over the world! Instagram is a powerful tool to promote places you would never think about visiting. This year I just was thinking about visiting Cyprus or maybe Ireland! For the first time you can find easily in your mobile, always at hand, a graphic information about places without any commercial distortion and leaflets! In my opinion once again, the impact will be more powerful in IG than in Foursquare because the first meaning is not making a report around a place. I want to see a place close to me or the nice restaurant where I will take my fiance to have dinner! Not Only Art Fair like Photography Art Fair but also Paintings, Architecture and every kind of Art can be promote through Instagram. Hollywood, Music and entertainment industries will soon understand too the strong capability to promote their businesses, publish new launches or show live events like the Grammys already did. There is no doubt that Instagram could soon be a way to house millions of tutorials of simple things.
Here, You can ask a question in each pic of a Step by Step Tutorial to the stream owner like #howto etc… Like the one here beside explaining how to edit a pic but could be how to make a pizza! Could there be tutorials around Iphoneography and learning how to take pics, which new tools exists in new editing and pic apps, and with graphic examples! And let?s not forget that Social Networks will bring cultures and people closer together and will be a real factor of social stability, solidarity and sense of humanity. Many more came to my mind while I was writing this article but I think the most able to succeed in a first phase are those mentioned above. Now the hard work will be to earn money for being the connector in the crossway between people, companies and new businesses opportunities.

But you know that after the tenth secret… there will be a eleventh one cuz IG world is full of secretzzzz. Thats the fastest way to get instagram followers faster than your friends, mind you, i tried this and works out within 24Hrs. I like the idea of profiting from Instagram, but I do hope it does not end up being a spam platform. I’m glad that you highlighted #5 as I am one of the Travel Instagrammers from Malaysia.
I am using Instagram to offer my travel guide visitors the option of skipping the content part of my website, but instead immediately head over to a full photographic representation of the particular page they were visiting. Lady Gaga has been wearing such ridiculous outfits, makeup and hair styles that it's been hard to keep up with her real self underneath. But then again, few celebrities out there today have the guts to go 100% without makeup on camera and then post it on social media for the entire world to see.
After about a year, I decided to do something with all the fun little photos that have been hanging out on my phone's Instagram app**. From time to time, bliss bloom blog uses affiliate links on products that are featured in the post. Instagram can help make any photo look really cool and stylish so why not celebrate your creativity by using your favorite Instagram snaps and make something new and stylish? In this blog post, we have compiled a list revealing some of the best ways to use your Instagram photos, from phone cases and necklaces to drink stirrers and greeting cards. Instagram Drink Stirrers – These cute stirrers are a great way of sharing your Instagram user-name with your friends encouraging them to follow you.
Lampshade With Printed Instagram Photos – A fun way to incorporate your favorite snaps of your children by making this DIY bedroom lamp. Mini Instagram Stickers – These miniature stickers will allow you to share those little photos on the go anywhere, from journals to phone cases the possibilities are endless. Instagram Mosaic Photo Phone Cover Tutorial – This clever DIY will transform any dull looking phone into a new exciting style accessory. Instagram Journal – This tutorial allows you to make a cool and funky journal all your friends and colleagues would be jealous of! DIY Intsagram Collage – This statement wall art would make a perfect showcase in any home, a brilliant one off collage that holds all your favorite memories.
Instagram Coasters – These would make a perfect present for a loved one, give a set of these reversible coasters with meaningful memories on and they would be super pleased! Instagram Mini Canvas – These adorable canvases can transform any room and add a touch of colour and style. Instagram Peg Wall Art – With little money and effort you too could create these little photos on pegs to make a great piece of statement art. Minature Resin Photo Charms – These vintage looking charms would make a beautiful gift for that special friend, a one off gift personal to them. Instagram Cushions – Check out these photos for cushion inspiration if you can stitch, alternatively purchase a hand made cushion with your choice of photos on.
Instagram Magnets – What better way to celebrate your creative flair than plaster them all over your fridge with these cool DIY magnets. Shape Collage is an automatic photo collage app for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, and iPad.Checkout Loupe, our newest collage web app for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Drive, Tumblr, and more. That’s right, with a B, now when it comes to making money, they are not making any huge steps toward monetization. They have ideas about what they could do to make the whole business sustainable and why not largely profitable? Instagram is a question of Photography and the App Is already a way to develop businesses simply around Photo Edition Apps!

A tool for recruiting and a way for people to promote their professional side in an original way. Offering second hand cars, furniture, antiques, stamps for collectors through the platform… Mobility is the future of e-commerce.
The information around parties and candidates will be clearer and in general Internet will bring transparency.
Instagram is not only a window to other users’ private lives but also for friendship breaking frontiers, languages and extremism. I rely in your brilliant and beautiful ideas … I am anxious you let us know your 10 top secret!!!
Paying for this data on a freemium, (throttled API) basis would be appealing to us and others in this space, (Local Search Engines). Right now I love that it hasn’t turned too commercial yet, and I hope it stays that way. More and more women, be they famous or not, have chosen to reveal their true selves on social media. Even a man could spot the lip gloss, the mascara on her lashes, and the foundation on her face. That's like seeing the cow your burger is made out of at the fast food restaurant, no one really wants to catch a glimpse of that. My heart is 18-inches tall and my frame is 24-inches tall, so that gave me 6-inches to play with. Regardless, we always feature products that we like and want to share, affiliate or no.If you choose to make a purchase from an affiliate link, we may receive a small commission.
I do not use any plugins on my websites, as I noticed not all images are worthy of posting on Instagram. Something about those little square photographs with their rainbow array of special effects just speaks to me. Or, if you're a Photoshop guru, you can recreate filters and the square, white-framed look yourself. I wanted a little more space to play with so I ordered their miniprints and cut down the "polaroid-style" to a 2-inch square. Since I wanted my heart centered, I allowed 3-inches of space at both the top and bottom of the heart. And I can legitimately use the word "rad" because I grew up in LA during the Valley Girl era. Probably even Gaga's own mother would have a hard time recognizing her daughter, which has made many people speculate that the singer has undergone several cosmetic surgeries. However, if you're on Instagram and want an easy, no-fuss project, there are a bunch of companies that will print your Instagram photographs for you. A paper cutter makes this task a little easier (you will need to trim the top and bottom of each photo). If you do not want your collage in the public gallery, click on the lock to make it private. I just eye-balled it from there, but if you're anal like things perfectly even, use a ruler.

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