Lately, I’ve been ¬†creating mini preview videos for instagram to go along with the full-length versions I post to my YouTube channel. Since my original video for YouTube is 1080p (1920 pixels x 1080 pixels), I’m going to make my guide the same size.
Then I’m going to make the biggest square I can make within 1920 x 1080, which is 1080 x 1080.
Current bunny lover & future dog owner, I blog about hair, beauty & other topics that interest me from the heart of Philadelphia's Midtown Village! Symbol Pop is a quick and fun way to spice up commercials, presentations or any video project with fresh animated icons relevant in today’s world. The polished look of the animations will make your clients think you hired a professional motion graphics artist. The following is a quick and simple tutorial on how you can use Cinemascope with Adobe Premiere Pro. DVD and Blu-Ray: For DVD and Blu-Ray, export as you would normally with the croplines visible.

If this tutorial helped you out, you might be interest in the other tutorials I have created for all aspects of video production. If keying in 1920 x 817 doesnt work for you on the video setting (even if you disable the link thing button), thus making the ratio 1920 x 816. Its wonderful blog really very nice site and blog facility.every title is very nice and very fatastic concept. Great writing it is such a good and nice idea thanks for sharing your article .I like your post. I realise it’s 8 months late, but Juan you undoubtedly lovely chap, the internet is as much for learning as it is about being a big head. With twelve themes to choose from and 192 animated symbols, there’s something for everyone. Quickly add a highly visual, yet non-distracting element that will impress your clients, boss, friends and family. Also to download, you have to right click the black and white image that opens in another page and save it to desktop.

I've always loaded videos to vimeo, which changed the aspect ratio on the final piece. I would recommend testing it to make sure the bars line up properly before doing it on a paid shoot though. Lauren’s learning, makes a post, and big head comes in and tells us all how to do it easily. Have you uploaded to youtube, and if so is there a trick to get youtube to play this it's anamorphic setting? If you try to post a standard rectangular video to instagram, it will automatically zoom into the center, cutting off the sides.

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