About UsThe Roosevelts are group of gents producing content that inspires, educates and entertains. Warren Sapp, former Bucs defensive tackle, was hunting lobster with a charter out of Marathon in the Florida Keys July 27.  The group was approximately seven miles off of Marathon in nine feet of water when the incident occurred. The member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame decided not to seek medical attention, preferring to doctor the wound himself. Actor Michael Jace (The Shield, Southland) was found guilty of second-degree murder of his wife, April. I want to know about the latest contests, cool offers, and amazing events from Much, and carefully selected advertisers.

There may be no more Justin Bieber meet and greets, no throwing presents onstage and no asking for pictures, but part of the Justin Bieber that millions of fans fell in love with six years ago is slowly returning.
The troubled Canadian pop singer began reaching out to fans this week and DM’ing on Twitter with lyrics to a new song he was teasing. Today he was sentenced to 40 years to life. That includes 15 years to life for the murder charge and 25 years to life for the gun enhancement. When DEAD OF SUMMER begins, it’s the late 1980s and the counselors of Camp Stillwater are looking forward to summer. Thanks to Major Lazer’s signature musical arrangement combining dance hall, reggae and EDM, the track is brought into 2016.

Who will make it through the summer alive and who will fall victim to what’s haunting the campgrounds?

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