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CaseCollage turns the Connect Four portholes in your iPhone 5c case into tiny picture frames.
CaseCollage is a free app that lets you customize your iPhone 5c case by adding pictures to the holes..

When you're done arranging your gride of pictures, you print the sheet out and slide it between your phone and your case. Although more perverse minds might disagree, the consensus these days seems to be that the case Apple made to go along with the colorful plastic iPhone 5c is one of the company's rare design missteps. You can drag images from your photo library, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook or Instagram into each of these holes, or fill them up with solid colors, unique patterns, or even letters.
Using a CaseCollage also protects the exposed dimples of your iPhone 5c case from grease and grime, meaning you won't be confronted with a rash diseased chickenpox the first time you take your case off.

When you're done, you can print out your CaseCollage and then slide it in-between your iPhone and its case.

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