Currently Jill is a host for AfterBuzz TV and has frequent guest appearances on ESPN radio and Yahoo Sports. This blonde bombshell never waits on line at the hottest clubs, you're lucky if you see her in real life.
Her butt is a masterpiece, perfectly sculpted, and you can tell how firm it is just by the photos. She's a fitness fanatic and has an ass you'd love to be standing behind during a yoga class.

Her wonderful body does things to men's minds that causes them to worship her and at least follow her instagram account.
Along with the sacrifice of time away, let’s not forget that these athletes are compensated WELL. The site’s tagline, “ESPN meets Sex and the City” describes the complicated love affair between sports and the celebrity driven lifestyle away from the game. This is the type of girl you know is a model and wish she could be your personal therapist.

Her eyes will draw you in and the moment you look at the rest of her body you'll forget your own name.
But most lucrative careers CEO’s, Lawyers, entertainers etc require time away from the family.

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