Even if you don't use Instagram, we're guessing you've encountered an Instagram image somewhere on the web — even if you didn't realize it. Instagram's calling card is the photo filter, a digital layer that, when added to a standard photo, gives it the appearance of professional editing. But while Instagram's filters revolutionized mobile photo editing, they're only a portion of the appeal.
Instagram has surely come a long way, business-wise, since co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger introduced the app in 2010.
We're here to share the Instagram basics, whether you're new to the network or need some additional tips.
Once registered, change your profile picture and edit your profile information, which includes a brief 150-character bio and a website.
Since Instagram doesn’t have a web-hosted feed of photos, you’ll be doing most of your browsing on mobile. To control the notifications on your device, click on the Settings wheel while viewing your profile. If you choose not to enable external notifications, Instagram will still keep you apprised of your account activity in-app.
Again, because Instagram is a relatively isolated social app that lives inherently on mobile, it’s important to connect social accounts to get the most out of the experience. To connect social accounts, head to the Profile Tab > Edit Sharing Settings, then choose the network you wish to connect.
Each time you upload a photo to Instagram, you’ll have the option to share to each of the social networks you’ve enabled, or to none. If you choose a photo from your camera roll, keep in mind that Instagram sizes photos to perfect squares.
Once you’ve either taken or selected a photo, a set of three icons appears beneath the image.
Another celebrated editing option on Instagram, tilt-shift allows you to selectively focus certain planes of the photo, almost as if you were using a special DSLR lens. Experiment with the tilt-shift feature by tapping the button above the photo that looks like a water droplet.
You’ll find that tilt-shift elevates many photos to a professional (and sometimes artistic) standard. Additionally, the curved arrow to the right of the frame option rotates your image, and the next camera icon flips your camera front-facing so you can take a picture of yourself. With Instagram video, you can record short video clips ranging anywhere from three to fifteen seconds long. Choose to film either one continuous segment or several clips spliced together, which allows for some creative stop-motion or animated videos. When you're finished recording your video, click Next to add a filter, exactly as you would a photo, only Instagram Video offers different filter options than photo.
If you don't like the pressure of creating video live, you may choose an existing a video in your phone's gallery.
If you wish, add a caption explaining what you’ve photographed, an anecdote, or really anything your social networks would enjoy. If you’ve enabled location services, you even have the option to tag where you took the photo. Then, depending on what networks you’ve linked to Instagram, toggle the accounts to share across those platforms.
The way your photo appears when posted depends on the style of the social network to which you post.

Head to your profile tab and select “Find Friends.” You may search for friends who have connected their Facebook and Twitter accounts to Instagram, or you may input your phone’s contact list to generate further connections. Once you’ve followed some users, you’ll begin to see their photos appear in your news feed, accessed by tapping the icon that looks like a house on the left side of the navigation panel. Kristina Pimenova, over the course of the past six years, has been featured in advertisements for Vogue, Armani, Benetton, and Cavalli.
After the chilly reception in her Russian town, Glikeriya Pimenova got online and found a modeling agency for her daughter. The mother of the most beautiful girl in the world stated that the images of her daughter deemed offensive were from individuals in the West where same-sex marriages are permitted. Kristina Pimenova’s mother said her daughter does three to four photo session per month, the sessions often take place during a single day.
What do you think of the Kristina Pimenova photos and the actions of Glikeriya Pimenova, the mother of the most beautiful girl in the world?
Brandy, Serena Williams, and Kelly Rowland have all been spotted rocking tight curly styles. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Some filters enhance the colors in a photo, while other dull the light to a soft glow for an aged, vintage appearance. The mobile app boasts over 50 million users, despite only living in iOS and Android devices. But on the whole, the app has remained simple, straightforward and social since its inception.
Better hurry, though — Instagram has undergone such changes in the past few months, who knows what else is in store. Therefore, you must download the iPhone or Android app to your device in order to register an Instagram account.
For that reason, you may choose to enrich your mobile experience by setting up push notifications. New user and comment notifications appear in the News section of the app (see above-left), which you can access via the navigation panel — the icon looks like a speech bubble with a heart in it. You may choose to link Instagram to your Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr, VK, Mixi and Weibo accounts (the latter two apply only to iPhone users in Japan and China, respectively). If you choose to share to no social networks, the photo will post only to Instagram, viewable only by those users who follow you on the app.
By default, Instagram activates your device’s camera, so you may either choose to snap a picture then and there, or choose a picture already saved to your phone. Therefore, if you select a photo that was originally taken horizontally (landscape), you’ll have to crop some portions of the image — either that, or live with the default black border.
These are the 17 famous Instagram filters which add different pre-determined layers to your photos, and give the effect that you've altered or professionally edited them.
You’ll soon find that certain filters work well with specific types of photos, whether outdoor panoramas, personal portraits, odd perspectives, intense colors, etc. For instance, the Earlybird filter adds rounded edges to your photo, and Kelvin adds a rough, sandpapery frame. Tilt-shift gives the appearance of an altered depth of field, which can make smartphone snaps look stunning when used wisely. Tap the sun icon on the lower-left of the edit screen to apply the Lux effect — essentially, an auto-enhance button that enriches the colors in your image. To record video, press the camera button and and choose the video recorder option on the right.

When sharing to Facebook, your Instagram photo will appear in the News Feed with the attached caption. Chances are many of your social media friends are already using Instagram, and on top of that, a bunch of celebrities are, too. Head to the Popular page (see right), denoted by the star on your navigation panel, and peruse photos that strike your fancy. You can now use the web version to do just about everything — edit your profile, comment and like photos, discover and follow other users — except upload pictures and videos. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
The mother of the most beautiful girl in the world maintains that her daughter is simply attracting a lot of attention and that unfortunately, some of that attention is negative. The most beautiful girl in the world reportedly considers the experience a fun adventure and a break from her school and gymnastics training routine. Since natural hair is taking over, more and more celebs are wearing hairstyles and weaves that appear to have a tight natural texture.
Many hair brands and companies are now branching out and selling more weave variations to look like natural hair. All Instagram™ logos and trademarks displayed on this application are property of Instagram.
Instagram launched on Android just this year — it quickly earned 5 million downloads in six days.
Although we've only just begun to witness Facebook's plans for the photo sharing app, the social giant recently launched its own filter-friendly photo app, dubbed Facebook Camera. Head to your profile tab and scroll down to “Privacy.” There, you may select to make photos private. You may, however, choose to forego borders altogether by tapping the square "frame" on the upper-left of the edit screen. The bar adds a thin field of focus across your image, which you may tap and move up and down, or two-finger tap and swivel to rotate. For God’s sake, what else would a child wear in the summer when she is playing badminton? According to Glikeriya Pimenova, the young supermodel goes to school and then to four hours of gymnastics training six days per week.
It’s perfect for those that are doing long transitions, and want to get use to wearing more curly styles.
To change the way you receive notifications from Instagram, exit the app and access the Settings location. Whatever the case may be, one things for sure, curly hair is definitely having a moment in the black community.
The Russian gymnastics star is has reportedly been rumored to be secretly romantically involved with Vladimir Putin. P.S I will make an instructable on how to make it if I find another large milk crate and somone asks.

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