Okay, so maybe I just tend to get overly excited about butter in general, but I am pretty sure that making homemade butter in my Kitchen-Aid is both the coolest and the most domestic thing I’ve ever done.
A Step 5: A Using your hands or a spatula, press out excess buttermilk under cold running water until water runs clear. Note: A While we were making our main batch of butter in the Kitchen-Aid, we also made a very small amount of butter by placing the cream in a small jar and taking turns shaking it.
Summary: It takes just minutes to whip up this batch of homemade butter (& buttermilk) in your stand mixer!
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It would definitely work for a larger amount, you just need to be careful about using a glass jar with kids. When I did this with my homeschooled daughter who is now 20, I put in a couple of clean marbles with the cream in the jar – it accelerates the process (although the process is louder too) … works like a charm! Please If I may ask, what does the carrot have to do with anything????Next trip to the grocey store I’m going to start making my own butter! We are guest blogging over at Essential Kids again this week and we have this AWESOME How to make Homemade Snow.
Below you’ll find our cute video with basic instructions plus a list of materials and extra tips for success. LITTLE PLASTIC CREATURES OR OBJECTS – These objects should be small enough to fit in the middle of the cup. SMALL PAPER CUPS (Dixie® bath cups for example) – each child receives one empty cup and then another cup later, half-filled with dry plaster. Using one of the paper cups to measure, gently add ? cup of plaster on top of the impression.
Make Mud for the Bottom of the Lake. Make a ball of clay (a bit smaller than a golf ball for each child. Show them real fossils is possible. We brought in real fish, trilobite, ammonites and plant fossils plus a petrified dino bone! Make Fossils! For a class of 25 students, fossil making takes about 20 minutes from start through labeling and cleanup. Find out how to mix up homemade nutrients and soil amendments for specific vegetables and fruit! We sell it on Amazon and also offer it as a convenient download in .PDF format from this website. I’ve got to make a video for YouTube showing all of this and it’s on my list, hopefully out before the end of the year!
An extensive Google search revealed that almost everyone stood behind Dawn Original dish soap as the best dish soap for bubbles. How to make bubbles: Gently stir all ingredients together and store in a airtight container. How to make bubbles: Mix all ingredients, then wait for the bubbles to settle before using. How to make bubbles:  Combine all ingredients together in a jar or other resealable container.

Learning how to make bubbles with this homemade bubbles recipe means you'll always have bubble solution ready to go! The reason I love this so much is that in the town I live in there are very few stores that specialize in toys. Bubbles are great, I had a brill time in the garden with my grandson happily blowing bubbles, the colours were fantastic. I’d love to hear about it if you try different recipe variations with corn syrup and sugar.
Once you make the bubbles and have them in something like a mason jar what do you use for a wand or ‘bubble producer’? I would use a tear-free version of the solution if you are using pipe cleaners to blow bubbles with younger kids.
I didn’t have food coloring, so I used the colored sugar sprinkles, just a little bit, and it did a wonderful job! The links on this site may be affiliate referral links, which support this site at no cost to you. A Since this was technically a homeschool activity (and had no selfish motivations whatsoever!), we tried to follow the instructions from Little House in the Big Woods as closely as we could. A It will first turn to whipped cream, then begin to get grainy and separate into butter and buttermilk, and the splashing will get much worse. Our newsletter offers a weekly dose of inspiration & encouragement, and many of our readers tell us it is the highlight of their week!
I am trying to get my husband to get me a kitchenaid so I can make all these delicious recioes!
But very different from the buttermilk you buy in the store, cultured buttermilk, and very different from the buttermilk of old. This is great for any ‘Frozen’ Movie fan who wants to create a winter wonderland in their home!
We’ve got a simple recipe for creating rock-like relics sure to bring out the Paleontologist in everyone!
Also lower down the page get details on how to prepare for a group event and suggestions for teaching about fossils in an exciting way!
The first 3-4 minutes of the event should be captivating and peak everyone’s interest. With a little research beforehand, you may discover treasures excavated near your school, town or city.
Each child selects one object and presses it into their clay cup, making sure the detail is FACE DOWN in the clay. Once water is applied, each child immediately and gently stirs the wet mixture with a stick. The following day, help the kids to carefully tear open their cups (over a garbage can or container) to reveal a neat fossil. They will smile. It consistently rates in the top five of ALL Western Region Gardening and Horticulture Kindle Books on AMAZON!
Click on the image to learn more about the eBook or add the .PDF version to your shopping cart now. However, my favorite clay is pottery clay, the generic gray kind you would use to make basic clay dishware or the stuff you would throw on a wheel.
Generic soaps that are usually found at dollar stores and the like are generally too watered down to produce quality bubbles.

If the mixture has sat for more than a few weeks, give the container a gentle swirl to combine the ingredients that may have separated.
A Of course considering that we didn’t have a cow or a real butter churn, or even a wooden bowl and paddle, we did a lot of improvising. My grandmother would put cream in a jar and leasurly tilt it back and forth for 10 to 15 min. It was taking longer than I remember, so I put in the mixer on slowest speed and was butter in just a few minuits. Milk and cream are mechanically seperated now, but they used to let it sit to separate, in which time bacteria fermented it.
Three to six differently flavored butters on a beautiful serving dish with a thinly sliced and toasted (on a cookie sheet) baguette makes an attractive and simple presentation. Store the balls in an airtight container. These balls will be pushed inside the small cups to simulate ground and silt.
We also showed three posters with pictures of creatures that lived during three important eras: Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic. One adult carefully pours approximately 1 – 3 tablespoons of water on top of the plaster powder. Out of 125, we only replaced 4 due to the plaster being too wet to start or the impression not being made well and the child was not as excited. The transaction for the download is handled by PayPal and you’ll receive an email with the download link. Other instructions and recipes for how to make bubbles have ingredients that are a bit more obscure.
Take care with the bubble solutions containing sugar and corn syrup, as they may leave a  sticky residue on surfaces. A We also grated a carrot to add yellow coloring because that is the way Ma Ingalls did it, but next time I would probably skip that step! Using this in place of buttermilk in a modern recipe may produce less than desirable results.
It’s probably more economical to buy clay in bulk versus one small square of modeling clay. It needs to be removed. (To minimize cost, transfer the objects from table to table once the impressions are made.
Finally, the Beautiful Bubbles and Jello Bubbles recipes contain a small amount of food coloring and dye, so it’s probably best to save those solutions for outdoor use.
You will only need one set of objects.)  Remove the objects leaving the impression in the clay. The clay I prefer will also hold up for multiple sessions if you put it bag in a bag so it doesn’t dry out. I never wanted to make my own bubbles either because soap and water is just as bad as the store brought ones. They come in smaller blacks and might be more cost effective than a large block of pottery clay. I saw 5 pounds for $18 at Walmart and compared to air dry at $9 I can see why air dry would be preferred.

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