Some accessories are better made than others, and prices range from off-the-charts expensive to extremely affordable.
Created by Kyle Martin, this little contraptions costs mere pennies and could probably be made with scrap pieces of hardware you have lying around the house. Whatever you use, measure out two pieces large enough to wrap around your backpack’s shoulder strap and cut the material to the appropriate size. Taking into account the need for a dollar store cutting board and a flat GoPro Adhesive Mount, the project shouldn’t cost you more than $10–15 to make, tops.
So if you have a Hero4 Silver or Black in hand (GoPro makes a more affordable Hero, but the Silver and Black let you adjust settings that help with low-light shots), and want to try out the nighttime modes, here are some of Custer’s tips on how the GoPro team does it. While the Hero4 Silver and Black’s settings can be adjusted using buttons on the camera, it’s far easier to shoot at night if you use the GoPro app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
Once you feel comfortable with your single shots, Custer says you can elevate to shooting nighttime lapses. When GoPro introduced the Session action camera in its Hero4 line, it made the mistake of offering the new model at the same price point as the much more capable Silver. Those wanting to buy the smallest action camera in the Hero4 line will now only have to pay $199.99 to get it.
There are also different mounting options for Yi, like a handlebar mount or a hand mount, which make it an interesting alternative to a low-end GoPro for cyclists or runners, among others. I have purchased a Yi to mount on my motorcycle helmet and, after using it briefly, I think it is definitely worth considering. Creators David and Jason attest that the Floatr iPhone stand was something born out of necessity.
A lot of other iPhone cases can make your device look pretty or make it more convenient or more functional. If you like to minimize the gear that you carry around in your pockets because bulky pockets can get annoying, you should check out the Callet, which combines a smartphone case with a wallet.
Create fun, one-of-a-kind layouts by remixing your own photos and sharing them with your friends. Every year in March, we get to see a bunch of entirely undisguised prototypes that Chinese buyers are going to get soon.
This is the second new model from Beijing, after the Buick Encore facelift, but it's arguably a lot less attractive to look at. Automakers keep telling us that Chinese customers want many features and lots of legroom, not power.

Paul Krugman: The GOP has replaced economic policy with vague threats "intoned in their best Dr.
FILE - This March 7, 2013 file photo shows actress Maya Rudolph performing at "The Music of Prince" tribute concert at Carnegie Hall in New York. There are more harnesses, straps, cases, and attachments than you could ever possibly use in a lifetime.
But if you consider yourself the MacGyver type and want to save some money along the way, this clever little DIY Backpack Strap Mount might be just the project for you.
For the hard plastic backing, Martin opted for a thin plastic cutting board he acquired from his local dollar store.
Martin doesn’t mention this, but you could use a scrap piece of sandpaper to smooth down the edges to give the strap a cleaner look and prevent the hard edges from scratching you or your clothes during your adventures. Thread the bolts through the two holes, add the spacing nuts on the opposite side of the bolt head, then place the other piece of plastic on top and add the wing nuts. If you find the time to make this project, we’d love to see your results posted in the comments below. But after a day spent capturing epic heli-skiing runs in the Alps or supernaturally fast motorcycle-racing on the Isle of Man, the Hero assumes another role when the sun goes down. GoPro set out specifically to see if a small-sensor camera so sensitive that it can capture night scenes and the Milky Way.
Night Photo and Night Lapse were marketed as new features, and customers seem to have taken a shine to them. But, even $299.99 seems to have been too high a price in consumers' eyes, as Hero4 Session just received another price cut.
At this price point, Session is a significantly more attractive proposition, more so than Hero+, which is also offered for $199.99.
But, now that Xiaomi Yi is officially available in US, it might be hard to recommend it to those looking to get into the action camera game. It is available in both the white and green trims, and in a kit version, which includes a selfie stick and a Bluetooth remote.
I know that Jamie Lidell can compose music with his iPhone, but transforming your iPad into a guitar seems like something even cooler. The cover showcases the TV color bars that were broadcast once your favorite TV channel went off the air. 2016 is no exception, as the Jetta GLI has just been spotted in the flesh and is likely to debut at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show.

The 2016 Jetta GLI sold in America looks exactly the same except for the wheels, which we think were borrowed from the Golf GTI Edition 35 (Mk6 model). However, we've made plenty of online friends in Shanghai who seem to be just as crazy about power as we are. However, we've never heard of such a thing, as those specs stopped being relevant in 2013.
According to GoPro’s own metrics, night photography is the third most popular use for its Hero4 Black and Silver cams, beating out regular time-lapse and burst. Kevin Custer, a product manager for GoPro’s Media Production division who works on low-light photography, recalls the team’s earliest efforts. Without prior knowledge of shooting night photography, Custer says, casual users are still able to capture great-looking shots (albeit with some experimenting and trial-and-error).
So I always recommend, if you’re completely new to night photo long exposures, start fiddling with Night Photo Auto and up to 2-second exposures – that just means the exposure will be open for a full 2 seconds. Hero+ may look more like the "bigger" GoPros, but its specs aren't as good as what Session has to offer. Pick the layout you like best, then edit it to make it your own.Layout's smooth, intuitive process gives you complete creative control.
Tap to mirror, flip or replace images, hold and drag to swap them, pinch to zoom in or out, or pull the handles to resize.
But we think the Chinese customers might be getting swindled by VW in the engine department.
In May, the actress-comedian starred in "The Maya Rudolph Show," a special that combined comedy and music. NBC executives told a TV critics' meeting Sunday, July 13, 2014, that they're in discussions with the actress-comedian about what the program would look like if it returned. They are looking for a format that would put Rudolph on the air on a regular or occasional basis.

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