Many share Jesus within their immediate jurisdiction, and then there are people who take the Good News to other nations.
Her Requests: The women in the that culture are not treated like the women in America, which is heartbreaking to experience firsthand. Seventeen-year-old Indira was four when her father would leave her and her siblings in the market while he worked, forcing them to fend for themselves despite their tender ages. If it hadn’t been for Hamara School, 80 children like Indira would have been sorting plastic bags and scavenging through garbage bins. Over the months, and then years, of struggle and great daily effort, funds began to trickle in. Fifteen-year-old Savio, orphaned early in life, has won five gold medals in inter-school athletics and represented Goa in cricket in the under-14 team. The children have a tight routine that includes prayer, yoga, school, tuitions and organized play.
Although Hamara School comes under the aegis of the Kasturba Gandhi Trust (Mrs Mangala Wagle is the chairwoman of the local branch), it is autonomous as far as fund raising and administration is concerned. The children are bonded by the hard realities they have experienced in their formative years. Goan innovator Francis Reys' great new app allows you to connect with like-minded travelers at airports. Start with sharing it with your friends and family; reach the world right outside your window. I’ve had the awesome opportunity to go on a missions trip in the past, and it was the most life changing encounter I’ve ever experienced. After interacting with the locals, she’s learned that when language barriers are too strong, a heartfelt smile is a universal language.

One of Hamara School’s earliest volunteers admitted her into Matruchaya, a home for disadvantaged kids in Ponda.
A senior volunteer, Mrs M Prasad says, “Money’s always welcome, but we need volunteers too, for administration and for teaching various subjects.”The ladies approached the government, which has allotted two flats on lease to house the youngsters. Thirteen-year-old Irfan used to while away wicked unsupervised hours on Calangute beach whilst his father worked as a mason.
They are restless and diffident; but once they warm up, are no different from the fancy-uniformed, well-fed students that ooze out of long cars outside highly-priced schools. You never realize how hungry people are for the Good News until you travel outside the states…Right now one of my friends is on a 3-month missions trip. Please also pray that the men on her team have the opportunity to demonstrate the God-kind of love to the women who have grown up in that environment. She was saddened by the sight of abandoned children around the fish-sellers in the markets. When she is travelling out of Goa, she buys and keeps in stock enough groceries for the duration. Today, he commutes to a private school in Panjim from the Goa Cricket Association ‘camp’ at Porvorim and is looking forward to a career in sports.
Zaheer, whose father drives a rickshaw and mother is a housemaid, is planning to become a singer.
And, when you accept His salvation, you no longer have to fear the “debt-collector” (it’s not to say that the “debt-collector” won’t try to harass you, but, when he comes remind him, that you’re “debt-free”). When you continue to love when others have “cut their love switch off,” it displays a bright light, which makes others want to know what’s different about you.
I cannot share her name or her location, but she gave me permission to post updates on her trip.

The neighbors were also accompanied by two little girls, and the mother of the girls asked my friend to begin meeting with the girls to practice their English. Lastly, please pray that God gives them courage to engage the locals when opportunities arise. These girls and boys of Hamara School are children of labourers, off the streets of Panjim, Porvorim, Calangute andMargao. She and a like-minded friend whom she persuaded to join her began to give them food and basic lessons in hygiene, how to sit still, how to comb their hair and other skills.
With a little help from adults who care (and there surely needs to be more of them), these children of the streets, products of Hamara School, can do every bit as well as the well-heeled brigade.
It took enormous effort and many months before another volunteer or two were roped in to help. It’s almost like discovering a 90% off sale at your favorite clothing store, BUT WAY BETTER! Speaking of hurdles, one woman at the school told me children who refused to improve their behaviour after warnings have been sent back to their parents. Most have faced the trauma of deprivation, drunken parents, terrible poverty and street life.
Her younger brothers are in the twelfth and eighth standards in separate private schools in Panjim.

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