As anyone with a minimal observation faculty would notice, making this or for that matter any collage, has a major repetitive component.
Those days have changed, and while the theme is universal and eternal, most filmmakers feel the need to add what they see as twists and layers to what is already a proven formula.
This plot synopsis is going to be easy: Take every underdog film with a fighting background from the 80s, and you have Real Steel.
After cutting a private deal with Marvin (James Rebhorn), the husband of Max’s aunt Debra (Hope Davis) who is petitioning for custody, Charlie takes $50K to look after Max for the summer while his new folks head to Europe, but Charlie agrees to relinquish all paternity rights.
The plot of Real Steal basically takes all of the best underdog movies of the 80s, then picks and chooses the plot points that work best. It would be easy to write the character of Charlie off, even though you know a redemption awaits him.
Everyone in the film is well cast and adds something—from Lilly’s small but crucial and memorable turn as Bailey, to Anthony Mackie as Finn, a player in the underground robot fighting world and partial friend to Charlie—but the weight of the film rests on Jackman’s shoulders, and he is up to the challenge. There are two distinct plot threads in Real Steel: The underdog tale of a robot fighter and his down-on-their luck operators, and the personal redemption of Charlie. Goyo’s Max is also a pleasant surprise, and he and Jackman have solid chemistry together which makes their personal arc more convincing. Real Steel is set in the near future, so things are mostly the same as they are now, with subtle differences.
There are enough similarities that you can accept the world of Real Steel without needing lengthy exposition to explain it. For a movie about things that don’t actually exist in the real world, Real Steel’s effects are more than up to the task. Everybody loves a good underdog flick, with clearly defined good guys and bad, and it is hard to not like a character redemption arc where someone learns valuable life lessons and such. Real Steel is a familiar and safe movie, filled with cliches and plots you have heard a thousand times.
This holiday season, you would like to find the right recipes for you or your family and friends. Looking at your medical bracelet, or that of a family or friend, you might wonder how you can create the perfect holiday feast that does not include anything the person cannot eat. While it is a simple task to find options in the shops, it is easier to make foods from scratch.
Medical ID jewelry will help when there is trouble, but you should not have to worry about that this holiday season.
While you have the basics, such as cranberry sauce and various veggies, that are already diabetic friendly, you can do more. Meanwhile, you can check some of these healthy yet mouthwatering diabetic friendly and gluten free dishes. These are just two recipes out there, but plenty more are awaiting you and your holiday dinner plans this season. To mark this occasion she wanted to give jijaji a collage of photos from when they first met.

The 80s especially were littered with them, and in almost any movie featuring a competitive event of any kind—whether it be about, say a kid learning karate, an undersized boxer with a heart of gold, or a kid skiing to save the rec center from being turned into a strip mall!—the idea is the same. He then immediately tries to pawn the tike off on Bailey (Evangeline Lilly), a gym owner, longtime friend of Charlie and on-again-off-again love interest. He is, however, a big fan of the fighting bots, and convinces Charlie to let him tag along to watch him compete in robotic boxing events. He is an obsolete fighting robot that was built as a sparring partner, which means that  he was designed to take a massive amount of punishment and still keep coming–just like any good underdog. That of course, leads Atom, Charlie and Max on a collision course with Zeus, the ultimate fighting bot and reigning champion.
And while that doesn’t make for the most original of films, it does lay the groundwork for a movie that appeals to a wide spectrum of people.
He is a character that is nearly unlikeable at the start of the movie, and it is hard to sympathize with his numerous problems, mainly because they are a result of his own brashness and foolish decisions. What saves it, and therefore justifies the entire movie, is the performance and charisma of Jackman. His growing relationship with Max, which in turn awakens the man he was, is key to the enjoyment of the movie. You will know that both are coming from the first minutes of the movie—or even just the trailers—but they still are both fun to watch.
It is also through the eyes of Max that we are introduced into the world, and given the details we need to understand it.
One of the main characters is a beat up robot that never speaks, so his entire personality has to be told through movement and details that are created mostly in a computer. Throw on a visually impressive side filled with robots doing awesome things, and you have a hit. But the unique gimmick of the robots, the performances of its stars and the effects that sell the underdog story through a robot avatar all work well.
When you or someone else is diabetic or has a gluten intolerance, getting your hands on the right recipe can help immensely.
Numerous websites have recipes listed designed specifically for people who are diabetic or who cannot eat gluten. In this particular case,  I wanted to give a border to each image and a 3-D effect with the shadows so that the photos pop up. Some could call it an homage to 80s underdog flicks, others might say that it is a traditional story archetype, using themes that have worked for years.
Real Steel is more straightforward than that, and the result is an inoffensive movie that is hard to hate, driven by the charisma of Hugh Jackman and the surprising talent of Dakota Goyo as the boy who finds a robot…and a father. A former pro boxer, his fighting days are long past and he is continually creating new holes for himself in order to try to dig himself out of previous ones. When Max is introduced, it is hard to root for Charlie, because he treats the kid like an inconvenience.

Even though it has been done a thousand times, there is a real heart to this movie that takes the robots and the fantastic aspects of the world of Real Steel and grounds it. There are even little shout outs to possible future products, like the Xbox 720, and slightly futuristic looking cars that are original but wouldn’t be too out of place in our world. It is always a risky proposition to place such emphasis on something that is entirely effects driven, but the CGI is well designed, and you will soon buy into the robot as a character. A good recipe can make sure that the medical ID jewelry does not have to be put to use, thankfully. You can build a full menu that has delicious recipes that are perfect for everyone in attendance.
When an ex-girlfriend of his dies and the custody of his son Max (Dakota Goyo) draws him to court, he sees an opportunity to make some cash.
Following a disastrous fight they end up at a robotic junk yard, scavenging for pieces to try and put together a new robot, when Max discovers Atom. When shopping for ingredients, you can use the medical bracelet to show people the types of items you need to avoid, getting people to direct you to the right products.
Luckily I found this action (Updated Link: page, software) online which was assembled to generate the same effect BUT it worked only on a single image and moreover divided that image into 25 parts.
Putting aside the flashy robots, it is nothing you haven’t seen before, but it also takes the familiar and does it very well. With so many recipes out there due to the increased attention on diabetic and gluten-free friendly diets, this is an easy task. It is easier than ever before to find foods that are good for you, that are tasty, and that are free of what people with certain conditions cannot have.
Everyone can start eating and being happy, as they should during the holiday season, without anyone being left out or having to worry about the food that they have.
Anyone can find delicious, easy to prepare recipes that offer all of the flavor without any of the negative side effects. To completely automate the process, the solution I came up with was – using photoshop contact sheet automation process (Automate II). Next the single image was feed to the action and it created a sub layer for each picture, added the borders, and gave it the 3-D popout effect.
If one chooses, that could be an end it itself, but having all 25 images of the same size was not what I was interested in.

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