Even if prom is a month or two away, you should already be thinking about how you want your makeup done.
While you can of course wear whatever color you want, you might want to consider specific eye makeup for the color of your eyes. If you have brown eyes, there are certain colors that can really make your eyes pop.
Green with flecks of glitter makes for a gorgeous eye shadow look that will make your eyes pop. I love this look, which uses golds and navy to create a color palette that was basically made for brown eyes. Have you got gorgeous brown eyes and are looking for best makeup advice and tricks to make those pretty eyes even more beautiful?
Though brown is the most common eye color, brown eyes allow one to experiment a lot with makeup as they usually look good with almost all colors and shades. The cool tone of the silver color can provide a beautiful contrast against warm brown eyes. Electric blue eye shadow can be used along with a lighter tone shadow and blended well or can be used as eyeliner for brown eyes. The gold glitter colored eye shadow will give a vibrant and sparkling look to your brown eyes. These stunning colors are incredible alternatives to the simple grey, black and silver look for brown eyes. So whether it is a nude, neutral and natural look or a more dramatic look, all goes nicely with brown eyes. Hair coloring ideas and trends will always be changing and if you are seeking for some hair coloring ideas for dark hair, you should know a few important facts which can help in offering you an adorable look for dark haired women. Black is certainly one of the favorite hair colors for women but you should know this color is even more suitable if you are among the women with tanned skin complexion.
There are a lot of women who don’t want to color their hair entirely and opt for highlights so you can feel free in choosing this way of styling your hair as it gives a chic and trendy hair look.
A thing you should consider while picking the way you want your hair colored is the skin complexion.
You can get your hair dyed in dark colors by a hairstylist from the beauty salon or you can dye dark hair yourself using a hair coloring kit. A great tip for the ones wanting to have dark hair is to try some shades of deep brown as these shades suit about all skin complexion types. The best way for having your hair dyed is to visit the hairstylist in a professional beauty salon.
Whenever you want to look sexy and mysterious you should choose among the dark hair color ideas which will present you some cool tones which match very well with medium to darker skin tones. Have you ever wondered which makeup colours would complement your own skin, hair, and eye colours?
The Grammys are one of the biggest nights in music and even typically casual performers take it very seriously, dressing up to the nines for their red-carpet appearance. Alicia Keys went sweet and simple with subtle gold-over-black eye makeup and dusty rose lip colour. Taylor Swift always looks surprised when she wins, but she definitely shouldn't be shocked when people love her soft gold and petal pink makeup. Newly-blonde Rihanna amped up the sex appeal with super-defined eyes and pale pink lipstick. Pop phenom Jessie J isn't afraid of a little drama, so it's no surprise to see her making her eyes pop with plum shadow and plenty of carbon black eyeliner.
Kelly Rowland looked superlatively glamorous with superlong lashes, lilac shadow and hints of lavender and gold on her lips. Nordic dynamo Robyn accentuated her olive-hued eyes with electric turquoise liner and hints of orange eyeshadow.
Jagged cut layers encourage the polished-looking graduated bob with long bangs a shaggy and modern look and feel.
The stunning hairstyle is blow-dried smooth to show off the perfectly cut layers cut round the back and sides to create much shape.
This trendy hairstyle is cut short through the back and sides, blending into the top jagged cut layers, bringing much texture. This blunt short straight hairstyle with long feminine bangs is featured by textured ends and various layers. The layers of the casual hairstyle is jagged cut to achieve a textures and wispy look and feel. The cute but edgy short hairstyle with textured tresses is most flattering an oval, square, or heart-shaped face. The golden hair is layered throughout the sides and front to lighten the length and encourage soft movement to create a natural look and feel. The cool short hairstyle has a lot of shape owing to the textured, soft and tender layers cut throughout the crown blending down to the nape.
This smooth hairstyle is wispy cut throughout the back and sides to keep a jagged look and feel all over, with the side layers left out to frame the face.
The back of the brilliant red-toned hairstyle is tapered into the neck, and make jagged layers till the top and sides. The gorgeous hairstyle is stacked and shorter in the back offering volume and a stylish profile. The back of the gorgeous tapered bob is tapered into the neck, and make casual layers till the top and sides.
The boyish short razor hairstyle is tapered into the back with different layers cut up to the top and sides forming the cool look.

The short choppy hairstyles with disconnected layers in the sides help add a multi layered dimension to the gorgeous red toned short hairstyle.
If you figure it out in advance, you can practice the look so that you know you like it – and if you don’t, you have plenty of time to pick a new look that you actually love.
Usually natural and neutral colors like peach, beige, nude and even brown go great with brown eyes. In this look itself you can either have a soft and well blended look or a more striking smokey look. Contrasting shades are known to bring out the eye color well and this is exactly what these colors do. A shimmery look by adding a little bit of shimmer to match the eye shadow makes for a great look too.
Before deciding on which dark hair color ideas to consider you should count also a few things regarding the way you would want your hair to look like. You should know different skin complexions require different hair colors and your skin tone can even make you renounce having a certain dye. Choosing the right colours, however, will accentuate your natural features and make you glow. Take a close up look at all the amazing eyeliner, glamazon false lashes and cool lip colour the stars wore for getting glammed up this year. Henson's makeup had a soft lilac tinge to it, from the cool sheen in her gloss to the shimmery pastel purple that ringed her eyes.
Leave only long layers cut round the edges in order to make the stunning hairstyle softer and tender.
The neat heavy face-framing bangs are slicked down on the forehead and pair the hairstyle charmingly. The charming hairstyle can beautifully frame the jaw-line showing off the jagged cut layers throughout the sides and back which enhances shape to the simple length. The sides of the gorgeous short hair are cut shorter while leaving the middle part longer and blended into longer layers. The manes are blow-waved smooth showing off the layers cut round the sides and front adding shape and style.
The bangs are created to one side to enhance the face and the chin length hairstyle wonderfully. The eye-catching hairstyle is quite simple to create and maintain, so it can be cool for people with no time styling. The front layers contour the face ideally and the jagged cut side sweeping bangs finish off the cool style excellently. Bring in the picture if you’re getting your makeup done, or use the tutorials some of these have to do them yourself. Electric blue shadow or eyeliner is definitely a more interesting look than the usual black or grey look.
Basically, you can play around with the application to achieve the right amount of dream and drama with your gorgeous smokey eyes look.
Highlighting hair offers you the choice to can go only for some parts of your hair to be colored. If you are among the women with pink skin undertones you should avoid red tones, women who have pale skins should also avoid deep dark colors and those who have dark or tan skin should not take into consideration the blond colors. A professional hairdresser will know exactly which dark tone will suit your skin tone and he or she will even provide you with great tips for styling your hair and make it have a fresh modern look.
Now that you know how to find your face shape, take this quiz below to uncover more about yourself.
Jagged cut bangs place casually on the forehead to frame the top of face and make the low-fuss hairstyle superbly. The gorgeous short straight hairstyle is great for people searching for an adorable hairstyle with attitude. The splendid style is ideal for people with fine to medium hair looking for a hairstyle with shape. The short layered cut in loose curls is simple to gain the excellent hairstyle for people with fine to medium hair. The luscious tapered bob is simple to gain the excellent hairstyle for people with fine to medium hair. Cooper, gold, and greenish-gold will all play up any hint of gold in your brown eyes, making them stand out even more.
Even starkly contrasting colors like purple, aqua blue or green can give a wonderful look to brown eyes.
Further, lining the inner rims of your eyes, especially the water line, will highlight the eyes. This is surely a glamorous look that brings out the mystery and beauty of brown eyes very well.
See if you're a warm or a cool, and get helpful tips on making your colour selections a breeze. The blunt cut style charmingly contours the jaw-line and enhances shape to the simple length. Brown eyes can pretty much pull of any makeup and thus there are various options available.
On and on the process went — there were even swatch books with fabric samples carefully customised by a colour expert so that the guesswork was taken out of each and every shopping trip.
Whether it is a simple one toned look or a smokey eyes look, brown eyes can look like magic if the makeup is done correctly.

Just follow your heart and do the makeup that suits you the best and flash those incredible eyes! Also, pull your hair back and keep your shoulders bare so you get a true sense of your natural colouring. However, how many times have we left the house with a face full of makeup only to find that the makeup has melted off on the way to work. One can also use eyeliner in these colors or even dark brown or black eyeliner to nicely highlight the eyes.
Even white eyeliner with a metallic color tone can look beautiful with brown eyes, as it really highlights the eyes and is a very unique and different look.
There are as many shades of awesome colors for makeup available for brown eyes as there are shades of brown eyes – dark chocolate brown, amber brown, light brown! It is a good idea to try and mix it up a little bit and see what suits your eye color the best.
Thankfully, we have found the right products that will make you glow, after all glowing skin is the outcome of happy healthy skin.
Time to  toss your old winter products and try these 10 beauty products that will give you the perfect JLO glow.10- Milani Baked BronzerIf you are looking for a bronzer that can be used on your face and body this is the one for you.
This milani baked bronzer is the perfect combination between a bronzer and a highlighting powder. It contains gold and bronze flecks in the marble of the bronzer to give the perfect glow to your skin.This bronzer can be used as a light dust on your skin for a light glowing effect, it can be used to highlight your face, shoulders, legs and even your chest or it can be used as eyeshadow. If you do not wish to use the traditional black eyeliner, then even a nice colored eye shadow like a blue, dark brown, shiny copper or gold, bronze shadow can act as a eyeliner by applying with a flat eye brush.
It is also buildable on your skin so you can choose how intense you want your glow to be.9- Estee Lauder Illuminating Perfecting PrimerThe warm weather is the perfect time to update your beauty routine and add more illuminating products that will give a glow to your skin without much effort.
It always is nice to give your skin a chance to breathe and go a few hours without using any makeup. However, if you feel the need to wear at least a moisturizer this is the one we would recommend.This laura mercier moisturizer is tinted which means it does contain some color and an extremely light coverage. The tint is to blur some imperfections on your skin while offering you all the benefits of a moisturizer. This dead sea salt scrub and coconut oil is an excellent way to remove your dead skin from your face and body in a gentle manner.This scrub was lightly milled to create the perfect moisturizing scrub. The drier your skin is the less you should use it during the week.6- Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye ShadowWhen we think of glowing skin we sometimes think of metallic eyeshadows that can double up as highlighting powders.
The eyeshadow glue will ensure the look is intensified and will last all day as glitter like eyeshadows tend to have some fall out throughout the day.5- theBalm INSTAIN BlushWhen you think of glowing, radiant skin you may not think you need to apply blush.
That is where this Thebalm instain blush comes into play.Although it does not include gold particles it does contain staying power. Which means once you apply this blush it will be on your skin for up to 16 hours giving you the natural flush appearance to your cheeks.
This is a great product to you if you decide to only use a tinted moisturizer and nothing else on your face.4- Miracle Body TransformerWe all love a tan skin for the summer however, being in the harmful sun without sun protection can do your skin more harm than good. It gradually self tans your skin to give you a sun kissed glow without having to spend hours under the sun.
By it gradually tanning your skin, you will be able to control how tan you become.It also contains illuminating particles to help blur any skin imperfections you may have. Offering you a flawless finish every time you use this tinted moisturizer.3- Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment OilIf you have dry to combination skin and wish to add more hydration to your daily beauty routine adding a face oil is the way to go. Face oils are great to rehydrate your skin and give you back the moisture you may have lost.
Adding a drop or two of your favorite face oil to your foundation can help add an extra layer of moisture to your foundation routine. If you have oily skin this is not the best option for you.This clarins blue orchid face treatment oil is one of the best oils to apply on your face and body. It is not greasy or oily and fast absorbing which will allow your skin to drink up the benefits it contains very quickly.2- Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl IlluminatorIf you want to glow like JLO does on a daily basis you need this illuminating powder.
This highlighting powder is like no other as it is baked into the pan instead of it being a loose powder.
By it being baked the gold tones are twice as intense giving you the perfect glow wherever you decide to put it. You can use this illuminating powder wherever you would like the sun to glow on you a little bit more.This Illuminator will give you an instant glow that is buildable on your skin. It can be as subtle or as intense as you would like it to be.1- Physicians Formula Nude Wear Glowing Nude FoundationIf you do not have the time to apply a full face of makeup however, you still want to have glowing radiant skin.
This physicians formula foundation with crushed pearl in it will give you the ultimate lightweight glow. Instead of using multiple products to achieve a quick glow this would be the only one you would need. Perfect for those days that you need a little bit more coverage you can easily build up on it.
You do not need to powder when you use this foundation.The perfect way to achieve your summer glow without having to be in the sun for hours is by using these 10 products. Let us know in the comments below.As always, here are some great summer makeup ideas for your inspirations, enjoy.Summer makeup ideas from lulumakeup idea for summerHer brown eyes really pop with the turquoise eyeliner!

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