Body painting is a form of artistic expression that uses average paint to make gorgeous bodies look even more gorgeous. Tattoos are a permanent type of body painting and are used mainly by women who think they would look hot throughout their years. The anvil was another important tool because he would use it as a surface to shape and pound his tools.
There are five basic operations or techniques employed in forging: drawing, shrinking, bending, upsetting, and punching.
As an example of drawing, a smith making a chisel might flatten a square bar of steel, lengthening the metal, reducing its depth but keeping its width consistent. Another method for drawing is to use a tool called a fuller, or the peen of the hammer to hasten the drawing out of a thick piece of metal. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above.
Body painting is temporary and is mainly done on female bodies because it isn’t  a macho thing.
Nearly every naked female model’s body will look better in body paints but not every model has a body like Jessica White, who is not very ticklish. Forging is different from machining in that material is not removed by these; rather the iron is hammered into shape. As the depth is reduced, the width narrowed, or both the piece is lengthened or "drawn out".
Two typical methods using only hammer and anvil would be: hammering on the anvil horn, and hammering on the anvil face using the cross peen of a hammer.
The Caribbean is not new to body painting and when Columbus landed he met the Caribs and Arawaks using annatto to paint their bodies and surf boards. Tattoo designs should be chosen carefully since a heart-shaped tattoo on a butt can stretch in no time to look like a circle with even less meaning.

Nude body painting is one way the media can have models pose nude and offend less than half the people they normally offend.
Even punching and cutting operations (except when trimming waste) by smiths will usually re-arrange metal around the hole, rather than drilling it out as swarf. Fullering consists of hammering a series of indentations (with corresponding ridges) perpendicular to the long section of the piece being drawn.
As more and more women choose body paints to express their feminine side more and more men will take up the brush in support. Then the hammer is turned over to use the flat face and the tops of the ridges are hammered down level with the bottoms of the indentations. As the edge of a flat piece is curved,—as in the making of a bowl shape—the edge will become wavy as the material bunches up in a shorter radius. At this point the wavy portion is heated and the waves are gently pounded flat to conform to the desired shape. If you were to compare the edge of the new shape to the original piece, you would discover that the material is thicker than before.
Bending can be done with the hammer over the horn or edge of the anvil or by inserting the work into one of the holes in the top of the anvil and swinging the free end to one side. One form is by heating the end of a rod and then hammering on it as one would drive a nail: the rod gets shorter, and the hot part widens. For example, in preparation for making a hammerhead, a smith would punch a hole in a heavy bar or rod for the hammer handle.

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