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This posting is part of the online Encyclopedia of Cartooning under the subject heading, Animation. Ever since I made my first animated blog post graphic, I thought there would be others out there who would appreciate a (hopefully) easy-to-understand guide on how I did it. Please + Thank YouFeel free to share any of my work, but please credit and link it back to the original source. Published in 1941, this book brings together information from all of the major studios of the day… Disney, Terrytoons, Screen Gems, Warner Bros, Fleischer, Lantz and Harman-Ising.

The animation history chapter is fascinating, because it includes information from first hand sources about the early days of animation in New York.
You need to make sure you order them into descending order – that is, the first file (the one that will begin the animated GIF) should be at the bottom, and your last file should be at the very top.
Each image is listed with the amount of time it will be shown when the animated GIF is playing. A tip: Set your final image for 3 or more seconds if you want your animation to pause before the GIF starts replaying.
To test how the animation speed looks, click on the “play” arrow at the bottom of the Timeline window to preview it. If you want to decrease the file size even more, you can experiment by choosing a lesser number of colours used in the Colour Table. Once, you’re happy, click Save, give your animated GIF a file name and click Save again.
If you have any questions please ask in the comments section or shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to help!

If anything I've posted belongs to you please contact me and I will be happy to give credit where it’s due or remove it if requested. Learn who did the first double exposed effects, who was the first to use cels, who made the first color cartoons (no, not Walt Disney!) and who invented the pan background… Print it out and read it all!
To change them all at once to be the same time, select all of the files and click the drop-down arrow on any of the image files.
A young boy named, Kubo, must locate a magical suit of armor worn by his late father in order to defeat a vengeful spirit from the past.

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