I guess you all know what Instagram is, an amazing photo and now video sharing app that was sold to facebook last year for $1bn.
But the world still created a big picture about Instagram, and now the Instagram clones started appearing.
There is a huge market out there and everyone is looking for Instagram clone script, that’s why I did a bit of investigation about some useful scripts and website you can buy online to get your own instagram like website and app.
Some of the apps are very expensive, and some are still in beta stage or updated regularly, even while I’m writing this. I’m not saying that you can make money with it, everyone needs to work hard in order to make this type of project work. Se ha descubierto una vulnerabilidad Oauth sobre Instagram que permitiria a un atacante acceder a cualquier cuenta sin permiso de su propietario. Instagram es una red social que permite a los usuarios compartir fotografias a traves de diferentes plataformas, como por ejemplo, Facebook. En el primer metodo, el atacante utiliza el parametro redirection_uri que valida el sitio web indicado, donde, en primera instancia, parecia que no era vulnerable. Mediante el segundo metodo, el investigador demostro que es posible utilizar cualquier dominio en el parametro redirection_uri. De esta manera, un atacante podria robar el token de sesion de cualquier usuario de Instagram. Siempre dispuesto a aprender y a compartir conocimientos para concienciar a los usuarios y asi disfrutar de la tecnologia de forma segura. Instagram can help make any photo look really cool and stylish so why not celebrate your creativity by using your favorite Instagram snaps and make something new and stylish? In this blog post, we have compiled a list revealing some of the best ways to use your Instagram photos, from phone cases and necklaces to drink stirrers and greeting cards. Instagram Drink Stirrers – These cute stirrers are a great way of sharing your Instagram user-name with your friends encouraging them to follow you. Lampshade With Printed Instagram Photos – A fun way to incorporate your favorite snaps of your children by making this DIY bedroom lamp. Mini Instagram Stickers – These miniature stickers will allow you to share those little photos on the go anywhere, from journals to phone cases the possibilities are endless. Instagram Mosaic Photo Phone Cover Tutorial – This clever DIY will transform any dull looking phone into a new exciting style accessory. Instagram Journal – This tutorial allows you to make a cool and funky journal all your friends and colleagues would be jealous of!
DIY Intsagram Collage – This statement wall art would make a perfect showcase in any home, a brilliant one off collage that holds all your favorite memories.
Instagram Coasters – These would make a perfect present for a loved one, give a set of these reversible coasters with meaningful memories on and they would be super pleased! Instagram Mini Canvas – These adorable canvases can transform any room and add a touch of colour and style.
Instagram Peg Wall Art – With little money and effort you too could create these little photos on pegs to make a great piece of statement art. Minature Resin Photo Charms – These vintage looking charms would make a beautiful gift for that special friend, a one off gift personal to them.
Instagram Cushions – Check out these photos for cushion inspiration if you can stitch, alternatively purchase a hand made cushion with your choice of photos on. Instagram Magnets – What better way to celebrate your creative flair than plaster them all over your fridge with these cool DIY magnets. Shape Collage is an automatic photo collage app for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, and iPad.Checkout Loupe, our newest collage web app for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Drive, Tumblr, and more. As Instagramers we have to be aware of Instagram reliability and necessity of a healthy business case figures.

Plus all tools existing yet like sharing, printing using different supports that Instagramers works with.
All users agree that Instagram is a much more powerful tool in terms of sensitivity and first approach by other users than Twitter, Linkedin and even Facebook sometimes.
That´s why our Instagramers Networks grew so fastly with more than 50 groups all over the world!
I want to see a place close to me or the nice restaurant where I will take my fiance to have dinner!
Hollywood, Music and entertainment industries will soon understand too the strong capability to promote their businesses, publish new launches or show live events like the Grammys already did. There is no doubt that Instagram could soon be a way to house millions of tutorials of simple things.
Here, You can ask a question in each pic of a Step by Step Tutorial to the stream owner like #howto etc… Like the one here beside explaining how to edit a pic but could be how to make a pizza! I share all my secrets on how I made $200,000 on fiverr and then founded iBoom Media all in 4 years! Inspired by the Instagram photography platform one creative DIYer, Alexander Morris (from County Antrim, Northern Ireland) has created a photo booth that looks like the Instagram logo itself. It took Alexander almost 11 weeks to complete and the use of Arduino micro-controller that automatically triggers the camera shutter to click a photo makes it even more interesting.
Hailing from the northern region of India, Gaurav has a profound liking for everything upbeat in the cloud and vision to acquaint readers with the latest technology news. And then your pictures look more professional and cool, people like it and it is going to become even bigger deal.
There is a huge market out there, and people now can even make money with Instagram just by selling their own prints from pictures.
That’s right, with a B, now when it comes to making money, they are not making any huge steps toward monetization. At the press of a button, I can publish my work to half a million people, and that’s extraordinary.
Esta vulnerabilidad fue reportada por Nir Goldshlager, quien ya ha descubierto e informado de otras vulnerabilidades en Facebook. Usando la vulnerabilidad descubierta recientemente, un atacante que logre explotarla tendria acceso a fotos privadas e incluso podria borrar dicha informacion. La primera opcion es el robo de la cuenta a traves de la propia vulnerabilidad Oauth de Instagram, mientras que la segunda opcion utiliza el robo de sesion a traves de Facebook. Sin embargo, el investigador descubrio que este parametro podia ser explotado si se modificaba el sufijo del sitio especificado. Esta vulnerabilidad ya ha sido solucionada por el equipo de seguridad de Facebook tras ser informados de ella. Es algo ya conocido la existencia de aplicaciones maliciosas en Facebook, siendo este caso en particular una vulnerabilidad que ya se encuentra solucionada.
Apasionado de la tecnologia, los videojuegos y con mas de 11 anos de experiencia en el campo de la seguridad informatica. Made completely out of medium density fiberboard, the Instagram inspired DIY Photo booth is complete with the instructions for all you creative Instagram fans so that you can make one for yourselves too.
You can also follow the complete set of instruction on how to make your own Instagram Photo-booth by jumping straight over to Instructables. He likes to observe nature, write thought provoking quotes, travel places, drive cars and play video games when things get too boring.
Nuestros companeros de ESET Latinoamerica han comentado esta noticia en un interesante articulo que nos gustaria compartir.

Ademas, el ciberdelincuente podria subir nuevas imagenes y tambien editar o borrar comentarios existentes. Sin embargo, mas alla de las vulnerabilidades que afecten a las redes sociales, es importante que los usuarios consideren adoptar buenas practicas de seguridad, practicas que pueden ser complementadas con herramientas gratuitas como ESET Social Media Scanner para detectar enlaces potencialmente maliciosos en Facebook. HEREScientific Tuesdays,” the show hosted by cherubic Dylan Hart with business manager Justin Matthew is a HIT!
Alexander used Nikon d3200 camera, entry level 24 megapixel DSLR, two Nikon sb900 flashguns and a standard TV as the major hardware needed for this DIY project.
Now it’s instantNick Knight, Fashion photographer On 21 July 2011, nine months after its quiet launch in San Francisco, Instagram, the photo-sharing social network, saw a massive surge in users. Si el ciberdelincuente deseaba llevar a cabo el ataque, debia comprar previamente el dominio con el sufijo modificado.
If you do not want your collage in the public gallery, click on the lock to make it private.
Was word of mouth finally paying off, or had a flattering article about them appeared somewhere?Neither, as it turned out. Back then, Bieber had 11 million Twitter followers, nearly double the number of Instagram users at the time. In April 2012, it bought Instagram, a profitless concern with 11 employees, for US$1bn (Dh3.7bn), making its twentysomething founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, extremely wealthy. How did a straightforward, unoriginal idea become one of the internet’s hottest properties?Instagram makes it easy for people to take photos on the go with their phones and quickly upload them either to its own social network, Facebook or Twitter. Photographs are square in shape, similar to Polaroid or Kodak Instamatic pictures, and most filters add a dreamy, sun-bleached appearance, as if they were taken decades ago.More importantly, the filters turn average, hurried snapshots taken with mobile phones into photographs that look a good deal more professional. With filters that beef up colour contrast, mundane shots of friends at a party can look like something taken by David LaChapelle with hours of post-production. Hipstamatic, the popular app that launched in December 2009, brings an analog-camera experience to the iPhone.
They transcend the spoken word to represent shared human experiences and emotions, which is incredibly powerful. But a growing contingent, from photojournalists in war zones to fashion photographers in studios, are embracing photo-sharing and social media. And by doing so, they are actually changing the face of photography.Two award-winning photojournalists, Balazs Gardi and Teru Kuwayama, are at the forefront of this new mobile and social photography movement.
Gardi has travelled around the world from Dubai to Dallas documenting everyday lives, while Kuwayama has spent the past decade working in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir and Iraq. They started using Hipstamatic to photograph Marines in southern Afghanistan a few years ago for a groundbreaking experimental social media project called Basetrack.
They were embedded with a battalion and, using iPhones and Facebook, connected more than 1,000 troops with their families back home. The project is now a digital book.For Kuwayama, using his iPhone camera instead of his usual one has its advantages but it was the social media side of the project that was most rewarding. Just as Twitter offers an outlet for a quick thought, Instagram allows the same thing for the visually minded.
At the press of a button, I can publish my work to half a million people and that’s extraordinary.
Photography used to be a lengthy process, taking weeks or months to appear before an audience.

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