Southern China hunkered down as it braced for Typhoon Nida to make landfall on Tuesday (Aug 2), with the city of Guangzhou issuing its first-ever red storm alert.
Typhoon Nida will be the first major storm of the season to hit Hong Kong, which is often battered by tropical cyclones during the summer. According to IGN, the Australian national basketball team mentioned above will the first to be introduced in "NBA 2K17" as well as in the whole series. Australian Boomers will be the first team hailing from a non-US region to be included in the "NBA 2K17" game. CEO of Basketball Australia Anthony Moore expressed the excitement they are feeling with Boomer's addition to "NBA 2K17" from 2K Games.
Meanwhile, The Source reports about "NBA 2K17" having a feature that allows players to create expansion teams and league.

Actors Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Laura Harrier, Tony Revolori and Director Jon Watts were on hand to screen a short clip from the upcoming first solo Spider-Man movie in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, a clip that for now will not be screened for the public at large. Shenzhen has issued a yellow one - the third most severe.All work, production, and classes in Guangzhou are suspended during the alert. The big reveal was made by the studio along with Basketball Australia through a press release.
The said team will join Team USA as two of the only national teams present in the upcoming title.
In fact, the team's very own Patty Mills iterated his gratitude, stating how "great to see 2K" recognizing the nation's ever-growing impact towards the sport of basketball. They will be given the option to utilize the regular 30 NBA teams, or perhaps use an expansion league.

The upcoming title will arrive with 10 pre-made expansion teams, each of which is complete with logos, arenas and jerseys, among others. The update addressed arguably the most prominent rumor floating around regarding the film’s primary villain. The first Spider-Man: Homecoming teaser trailer should debut later this year, perhaps with Doctor Strange in November, or early in 2017. The so-called Australian Boomers (the country's national basketball team) will be made available.

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