After the payment, you can directly Save a Copy of the template to your own Prezi account for editing and presenting.
Prezi is a presentation software with a zoomable user interface and a storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas. 3D has penetrated most of our visual spaces, from movies and games, to TV sets and handheld devices. This tutorial will walk you through the process of making a 3D anaglyph image from a single image. 3D anaglyphs work by exploiting our natural ability to perceive depth using binocular vision. Most anaglyph 3D glasses come with red lenses for the left eye and blue or cyan lenses for the right eye.
Since our right eye will only be able to see the green and blue (cyan) channels through the cyan lens, we’ll turn off the red channel for the “Right-cyan” layer. Now that we’ve isolated which image will go to which eye, we simulate depth by changing the perspective of each layer. Drag the top left corner of the image upward about 50-100 pixels, depending on how large your image is.
We have just effectively “hijacked” our brain into thinking that it’s processing 2 different images giving a perception of depth when viewed through 3D anaglyph glasses.
With the Move tool selected, press the left and right keys on your keyboard until the two layers are aligned in the middle.
It’s a simple and easy effect that you can use when you want to add that extra “wow” factor to your photos!
Could you please tell me what version of Photoshop you used for the above tutorial, How to Create 3D Anaglyph Images in Photoshop? Can this be recorded as an action, or does each image need to be tweaked on it’s own? The latest ccie security tutorials and ccnp dumps will show you how to use Photoshop applications.
Photoshop has the amazing power of tranforming an average object into something unique and beautiful – we all knwo this. In this post, I hand-picked 20 Beautiful and Unique Photoshop Effect Tutorials around the web. I have this bookmarked for the longest time, but never had the time to browse through it until now. 25 Tutorials Create a “Game of Thrones” Inspired Photo Composite learn how to use fire and a lot about blending methods. 21 Tutorials Create a Striking Photo Manipulation of a Face Distorted in Space create an awesome photo manipulation of a guy’s face being distorted in space and time. 27 Photoshop tutorials How to Create a Colorful Clone Effect Action in Adobe Photoshop In this series of tutorials, we will take a look at how to use Photoshop to reproduce some of the most eye-catching effects.
Create an Abstract Portrait in Photoshop On this tutorial we will create abstract photo artwork of a girl portrait with disintegration effect on it. How To Create a Realistic Pencil Sketch Effect in Photoshop One of the classic Photoshop tutorial topics is the creation of a pencil drawing effect from a photograph. Christmas is a great time for designers to explore new techniques and come up with some festive compositions.
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Role of background images in banners, graphics, ads or any web creation for that matter is of utmost importance.
With useful Photoshop tutorials for making backgrounds can help you attain a perfect effect and appeal necessary to create your signature design. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Cool Photoshop Tutorials, Free Photoshop Tutorials, 3D Text Photoshop Tutorials, and 350 Photoshop Tutorials. Learn to use a photograph with 2D and 3D element render to render an abstract liquid effect with a real sense of motion.
Customize YouTube channel with your own background design following this guide to create a cool theme. In this tutorial, you will find techniques to create abstract Nebula Circle Shape in Photoshop. This tutorial will teach you to create a complete design of attractive wallpaper in just 30 minutes. The quick tip tutorial will teach you techniques to mix different shapes, brushes and blending modes in Photoshop CS5 to create a space scene. Create a complex glowing wallpaper in Photoshop using custom brushes, blending modes, lightning effects and blurs.
This Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorial will teach you how to create a Cosmic Typo Wallpaper. Create a festive Christmas card with shining decorative star, using simple shapes and gradients in Adobe Photoshop CS5. The tutorial will show you the steps to create a stunning Merry Christmas background using colorful shapes in Photoshop CS5. Learn to create patterns make them stand out to create stunning background for your web design.
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In this tutorial,you can learn easy ways to create graphics for backgrounds, wallpapers, greeting cards and designs.
Explore techniques to create wallpaper with a flower text effect using Illustrator and Photoshop.
Learn how you can use Warp tool plus to create great looking abstract shapes to decorate your design. Sometimes the easiest part of designing like the background element is something that many don’t put a lot of effort in making a detailed look. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. What once was thought to be a gimmicky novelty shown in state fairs and theme parks, 3D has now gained a whole new following of artists and creators experimenting to find new ways to implement it in their own work. It might not be quite a Hollywood-ready 3D effect but it’s still fun and might make for some interesting projects!
Name one layer “Left-red” and the other layer “Right-cyan” to avoid confusion later in the tutorial.
Since the red lens will only let in the red channel, we’ll turn off the green and blue channels for this layer. Do that by using the Rectangular Marquee tool and by selecting the area of the photo you want to keep and then go to Image > Crop.
He has experience in various design and art related fields including design, illustration, and photography.

The image mixes real photography with the Apple logo in Photoshop to create this super cool icon. You will be using the following tools: Move Tool, Clone Stamp, Eraser, Burn Tool, Brush, Magic Wand, Pen Tool. At the end, you’ll be able to use some of the tools that Photoshop provides us to create your personal art. We will learn how to use the pen tool effectively and also some freehand brushing which looks good.
Many layer style will be used to achieve the main shape and texture, a simple brush will be created for the seeds, and a stock image will be used to add the leaves. I’ve hand selected 20 great tutorials to help you push your creative talents this season. Join our creative community at FanExtra and get the direction you need to take your work to the next level. The below listed Photoshop background tutorials will give you correct techniques to create proper backgrounds that may be simple, abstract or subtle as per your need.
From a bunch of tattoo centric posts to a nice list of photoshop tutorial resources, I love this one and so being a part of your mind blowing articles. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. For this tutorial, my friend Mia has graciously allowed me to use one of her photos from our photo shoot a few of months ago.
Once you’ve duplicated and named your layers, turn off the visibility on your background layer.
Our depth perception comes from the fact that each of our eyes sees a slightly different image from one another, from slightly different angles. He's in charge of making sure that Design Instruct publishes high quality content that professional designers and digital artists demand and expect. Instead of pulling the corners to transform, I opted to move red selection left 6 spaces by arrow key and blue selection right by 6 spaces.
If you have any questions about the Photoshop tutorials, feel free to leave a comment and I will try my best to answer it.
Learn how to create Christmas designs, including wallpapers, christmas cards, icons and more! Appropriate backdrops according to theme, need and focus point of any web creation can make that one very important difference to establish its exclusivity.
Thanks for this list and am looking forward to seeing something to do with tutorials more and more. We will manipulate each new layer so that the right and left eyes sees something a little different from one another. Luckily, there are tons of tutorials available on the internet showing you how to make some really cool effect via a few simple easy-to-learn steps.

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