Taking screenshots is a good way to get your point across or show something to someone else. TipMake sure to hold the mouse button down while dragging out the area, otherwise it won’t work! While you are dragging, you’ll notice the size of the screenshot appears next to the cursor at all times.
Once you let go of the mouse button, the screenshot is written to your desktop as a PNG file. This is amazing, I never knew I could take screenshots like this, I knew about the Grab.app but this is so much quicker.
WINDOW: Ya get a camera showing up instead of a cross-hair (same as Cmd-Shift-4, then Spacebar). Another one of those freebie-I-gotta-send-the-guy(or gal)-some-moola apps: Jumpcut, by Steve Cook. How to Put Your Dock In The Corner How to Launch Any Program Quickly Without Cluttering Up Your Dock or Desktop! Press command(?) + Shift + 4, and then drag the pointer to select the area for a screenshot. Step 5: You may need to edit the image to only show the picture you want and not all of the extra parts of the page and your browser, etc.
Perhaps you need to send a screenshot to tech support, email an image to a friend, or, if you’re like us, capture a screenshot for an awesome how-to guide about how to take a screenshot on a PC! Luckily, Windows has several built-in features for taking and saving screenshots for whatever reason you might need them, and they’re only a couple of keyboard clicks away.
Taking a screenshot is simple, regardless of which version of Windows you’re running.

In Windows 10, you can open the Start menu, go to All Apps, and scroll through the alphabetical list until you find paint. All three versions also include Windows Search, which can be used to find Paint by searching for — you guessed it — Paint!
Very often, when I ask users of my apps to take a screenshot in order to troubleshoot issues they are having, they get confused.
Windows 8.1 offers you three different options to make a screenshot without using third party tools. Your screen will be dimmed for half a second, then it will return to the normal brightness. Open Paint and press Ctrl+V or click Paste on the Home tab of the Ribbon to insert your clipboard contents. Tip: If you press Alt+Print Screen, only the active window in the foreground will be captured to the clipboard, not the whole screen. When you have started the Snipping Tool application, you are able to take a screenshot with the Ctrl+Print Screen hotkey! Some people download whole screenshot applications to do the job, but there’s a three key shortcut, shown in the image above! This can be used directly on Web pages or sent via e-mail, or you can load it into Preview to convert it to other formats (such as JPEG or GIF). Sometimes Shift may look like an up arrow, and the command key might be named as cmd instead. They are quick and efficient, often providing a simple way to take a JPG snapshot of an application window or your entire display in a matter of seconds without the need to download any external software. All three methods covered in this guide are free, no hassle, and work fantastically on nearly all machines built in the last decade and beyond.

There are only a few steps – assuming you haven’t fiddled with the default keyboard controls – and you should already have access to all the image-editing software you need. Alternatively, press Alt + Print Screen to merely capture a screenshot of the active window. The icon depicts a painting palette with a brush on the right side, but it will vary slightly depending on your operating system. Afterward, click the down arrow in the bottom left, press Ctrl + Tab, or swipe downward from the center of the display to access the Apps View. Again, the exact navigation and wordage will vary slightly from OS to OS, but the keyboard shortcut will remain the same. Afterward, select Save as, title the new file, choose a save location, and select your desired file format from the drop-down menu. Some of them do not know how they can take a screenshot which is why I decided to write this article. That screenshot_number is given automatically by Windows as it maintains a counter in the registry of how many screenshots you have taken using Win+Print Screen method.
Open the application's menu and press the hotkey, and the Snipping tool will allow you to capture anything including the opened menu items! Does have some pretty good basic image correction tools too, including my fave Gamma, with which one can give an underexposed pic or a shot done during the dark-dusk time of twilightnite daytime-like clarity.
For most purposes, JPG will do fine, but a variety of other formats are available to choose from such as PNG, BMP, GIF, and others.

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