Macs, like pretty much all Apple products, are notorious for not having a highly customizable UI.
Before We Get StartedBy default, whenever you change your Mac's desktop wallpaper, the login window's background changes as well. Step 2: Find Your Screen ResolutionSince the background has to cover the entirety of your login window, you must use an image that is either the same size or only slightly smaller.
Step 4: Replace the Default Login Window ImageYou should now have your new image scaled and ready. Step 5: See It in ActionOnce the image is replaced, you can either logout, restart your computer, or select "Login Window" from the fast user switching menu at the top right of your screen (if enabled) to see your new login window background.
John's Background Switcher puts beautiful full-screen photos and stunning montages on your desktop.
They do this to keep a consistent look and feel across all of their devices, but I've grown bored of it over the years.To help liven things up, Bhavin121 found a way to change the background image for the Mac OS X login window.

Unless you tweak your system, your login window's background will always be a slightly dimmed copy of your desktop wallpaper, with the addition of a blur effect.In this guide, we will be replacing the blurred version of your wallpaper with a new image that will be displayed on the login window without any filter. We'll need to know this later so we can swap it out with our new one.To get to that folder easily, open up Finder, press Command Shift G, then enter the location of the Caches folder (your main system's Caches folder, not your user's).
If not, you can quickly open the image in Preview, then press Command I to see the image's dimensions. The resolution highlighted at the top is your optimal screen dimensions, so use that as a baseline when finding a wallpaper. Again, this will not change the authentication window when waking from sleep (if you require a password), just the login window.
Choose the photos from your own collection on your Mac or websites like Flickr, InterfaceLIFT, Unsplash, 500px, Facebook, Instagram, Pixabay, Smugmug, Vladstudio and many more besides. Note that this is different than the password screen displayed after your Mac has woken up from sleep which, for the time being, cannot be changed.This process is fairly simple and doesn't require any Terminal wizardry.

Keep in mind that if you were to change your desktop's wallpaper afterward, the login window's will change as well, so you would need to redo this process in order to change it back.
Once you have your old background opened as a new layer, copy your new image on top of it, then use a resize tool to scale it to the correct dimensions.
But if you find a bug or have an idea to make JBS better, follow the support link and let me know (that'll make my day too).

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