Located off the coast of Queensland in Australia is the world’s largest coral reef system, The Great Barrier Reef.  It is the world’s largest single structure which has been made by living organisms.  Astronauts onboard the ISS have been able to see this structure from space which is truly amazing! Las Vegas in the US state of Nevada is the most populous city in that state.  It is a city best known for its casinos and gambling.  It is also known as the city that never sleeps and from the image taken from the ISS at night it certainly lives up to its name!  This is an amazing image taken in the Mojave Desert that shows Las Vegas shining like a beacon and looking like a portal to another Universe! What better photograph to put in at number one than the place that we live!  As you can see Dublin, Cork and Belfast are prominent in this image.  Even at night you can also make out Lough Neagh.  So the next time you see the ISS coming across the sky just think that the astronauts onboard are looking right back down at us!
The ISS was launched in 1998 and in my opinion it still ranks as one of the most astounding feats of engineering accomplished by mankind.  It is about the size of a football field which orbits the planet at 17,500 miles per hour every 90 minutes. Thank you for both the kind words and letting us know about our mistake (which we’ve corrected).
So after six months with them, how do I feel about the Vibram FiveFingers, I’m pretending you’ve asked? Con: Unlike true gorilla feet, the Vibram FiveFingers do not grant me an opposable big toe. Pro: Thin soles make the FiveFingers perfect for nighttime cat burglary and other skullduggery. Pro: Speaking of laundry, the shoes are machine-washable and can be air-dried, leaving them clean and stink-free.
Pro: The FiveFingers are extremely light and portable, making them easy to take when traveling. Pro: The snug, nearly-custom fit means you get to measure your feet to see what size you need. Con: The jealousy of people with ill-proportioned toes, or just extra toes, is an ugly thing to behold.
All in all, I think the Vibram FiveFingers are pretty great, and I’d definitely recommend them to other runners. Hear Paul and his good friend Amy Jane Gruber on their mildly-popular Just The Tip comedy podcast. If you are a business owner or wedding blogger, please use your real name not your business name or blog title. GREAT for jars without lids - I always lose lids - and then can't think of what else to do with the jar! I LOVE this idea, however, I would think it would be rather difficult to do for a wedding because you would ave to worry about finding time to set them up because they don't last too long. You'd have to delegate someone to keep an eye on the jars and refill them when they lose their glow.
Love this idea, shame they won't last long and you can't really prepare them in advance for your wedding but fab idea!
Take care not to get this stuff on any paint or finished wood surfaces—it is amazingly corrosive!! In all technicality the glow sticks to not have glass in them, it is just plastic to separate the two liquids from touching each other, and if it was glass it is not harmful, too small of pieces to even to any damage.But on another note, this is a really good idea i was thinking about doing something artistic for my wedding. I read somewhere that if you take a spray bottle with some hydrogen peroxide in it and spray a little bit inside the jar once it stops glowing, it will "re-charge" the glow for a little while. My son received glo-sticks from his teacher for Valentine's Day when he was in first grade.
You can do the same thing a safer way instead of using the glow sticks get some glow paint and splash it in a jar.

These jars look stunning and would be so perfect for a outdoor wedding for when the sun goes down. The reader that said that the pieces are glass is right~I learned that in science class last year.
Once they stop glowing and even while they are glowing you can put a black light near them. You know if your not careful of the glowstick brand you buy, instead of the non-toxic 2-3 hours ones, you could end up with the "military grade" 6-8 hours ones, which are BEYOND toxic. It would be really cute to do some cut outs of fairies in these and do a little girls night garden party.
They would be awesome at a pool party, in different sizes on the patio and pool deck for a Tiki Bar Theme!
This looks so lovely and cool idea to make with my Grands..so now they all want to have one each! I did a similar thing one year with Tulip Glow-in-the-Dark paints, Modge Podge, and a giant beer mug for an old hippy friend. If you’re looking for a promising career that’s aligned with fashion, style and beauty, we are waiting for you at Aura.
The art of applying eye shadow and decorative accessories to enhance the beauty of eyes is not new. Artists from all over the world, like Svenja Jodicke from Berlin (above), are creating their signature styles and coming up with something new every day.
If you are in a mood to experiment with the same and are looking out for inspiration, here are some brilliant ideas.
Famous celebrity artist Phylis Cohen has very artfully placed the intricate stickers around eyes.
Created with subtle silver and metallic green, this breathtaking look is perfect for any nighttime celebration party.
This simple yet beautiful look could be easily achieved by using glitter eye shadow, winged eyeliner and crafty lashes.
If you are planning to wear eye makeup art at any party or celebration, hiring professional help is advised especially if you are a novice.
Although much of the old content is no longer available, a new look and fresh content will make up for it.
Curbeam and Christer Fuglesang working to attach a new truss segment to the ISS and beginning to upgrade the power grid on December 12, 2006.  It really shows the wonderful colour and beauty of the world that we live on.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to perform a spacewalk above Earth? They show us how tiny and insignificant we are in a huge universe .Time to preserve it to the best of our abilities .
Here you will find the latest news and views from the fascinating worlds of astronomy and space exploration.
The FiveFingers are designed to match the physical experience of being barefoot, while still providing a protective sole for the bottom of your feet. When you are done using them, what is the best way to safely dispose of the glass and liquid? Other thab that, it's absolutely brilliant and will probably be using the idea just for parties. The chemical reaction in a glow stick only creates a glow for a couple of hours, then you have to break open more glow sticks, causing more waste.Glow paint would be cheaper in the long run, because you would only need a small amount for each jar, and the paint will recharge itself when exposed to natural or artificial light.

As its a chemical reaction causing the light (started by mixing the two chemicals together when you break the inner vial), you will find that they glow slightly brighter when they are warm although for a shorter period of time (the reaction is faster). I hung mine on trees when my friends came over for my b-day a year ago and they loved them!!!!!!!!!!
He thought they were candy and bit off the end, sucking some into his mouth and swallowing a tiny bit.
After they stop glowing the black light makes it look like they are still glowing it just wont be as bright. Haven't you ever put the glow necklaces in the freezer overnight and then brought them out again the next day? Choose from a wide range of courses we have to offer, and kick-start your career as a beauty salon professional. It has been around the time of ancient queens who used flowers colors and birds’ feathers to embellish their eyes. You can make a pass for the contact lens and simply use it to create a more detailed smoky eye look. Many makeup salons and studios like Aura Beauty Salon at Malad West offer specialized eye makeup art services in India. If your photo is featured here and you would like it to be removed, please contact me via email, and I will take it down immediately. Could you please take a picture of my country Nepal with the Mount Everest and the Tibetian Plateau? However, my left foot is the bigger of the two, so I may have simply purchased a size too small.
I didn't feel any element of danger at all when I was doing this - that said, I did wear gloves because I didn't want to get any of the liquid on my skin.
So if they're outside in jars where it's going to be cooler, they won't be as bright but should last longer. But when I think of the total hands-on work involved to get many of them all going at once during your wedding. When turned on the black light in his man cave he shrieked two words that could be heard across the street (one word started with H, the other with S). Now, the trend is back in full force and fashion ramps are bursting with models exhibiting spectacularly adorned eyes. I had him spit it out into a kleenex and when I got home, I had him rinse with water and immediately called poison control. Oranges for Halloween, pastels for Easter, green for St Patrick's Day and many, many more.. You don't WANT to know how many more I made that summer for the cost of supplies and the favorite mugs, glasses, and bottles.

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