Those are nice designs but most of us would love to personalize the look of the background a bit and look at something more exciting. ABOUT BRAND THUNDERBrand Thunder is the world leader in New Tab Experiences and Extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE.
The truth is that digital photography and photoshop go hand in hand, especially when it comes to portrait photography. In the photograph to your right, I created an old paper texture as the backdrop to the image. You can learn how to create a soft focus effect by clicking on the following link - Digital Background Secrets. When you create a soft focus effect, you add a professional finish to your portrait photography. I will make a greyish digital background in photoshop to replace the old paper digital background in the photograph above - the new photograph is to your right. Open photoshop and set your foreground and background color pallettes - foreground a dark grey and background a lighter grey. If you want more information on how to make digital backgrounds in photoshop, you can click on the following link - Digital Background Secrets.
If you would like to learn more, here’s a great Illustrator tutorial for creating an abstract background. If you don’t have a photo editor or don’t want to mess with it, you can find a website that has some large format images or wallpapers.
Burn PowerPoint files to DVD or Blu-ray Disc, and convert PPT files to video of any format. Check also similar graphics, abstract pink stars background, and colorful abstract lights background. Some people feel digital backgrounds are fake; however, if they are done correctly, digital backgrounds can give your portraits that professional touch. With photoshop and digital backgrounds, you can create professional portraits that your clients will absolutely love.

Once I extracted the image onto the digital background, I create a soft edge in order to blend the image into the digital background. Go to file and create a new image - width 800 pixels, height 533 pixels and resolution around 72 pixels. But the above instructions show you how easy it is to make digital backgrounds in photoshop. Digital Background Secrets will also show you how to create a soft focus effect around the image you place onto the your digital background. Feel free to use any of the backgrounds in this article for your own creations.I made all the fantasy backgrounds in this article by using various Photoshop brushes and effects. It’s no surprise then that thousands of people around the world personalize the very computer screen they look at for hours a day each week.
There are literally hundreds of websites out there that provide galleries of backgrounds for you to choose. A theme (or skin) basically changes the look and feel of your browser to give it more excitement and functionality. You have a beautiful new (and FREE!) Desktop Background courtesy of Brand Thunder’s free browser themes. You can replicate the process above with any of the hundreds of themes from our theme gallery.
The average user is online 5 hours a day and is looking at various parts of their computer from the browser, to their email program, to the desktop.
These are basically images or designs that you can apply to change the look of your desktop. But what most people don’t realize is that you can convert your favorite browser themes into a beautiful desktop background with a few simple steps. Or perhaps none of the themes in our gallery suit your style, you can create your own browser theme and then set the theme as your desktop background as well.
All of these items can be personalized to the look and feel you desire to help liven up the screen you look at all day.

Simply click on the background you would like and apply it as your desktop background and you’ll bring your desktop to life with the new theme. One theme to spice up your browser and another to spice up your computer’s desktop background.
Click on an area between the yellow and blue color of our gradient to get a melding of the two.Load in our favorite smoke brushes.
Click on image to get an enlarged version.In addition to using layer blending, we may also adjust the hue, vibrance, and saturation of our image to get a different colored background (Image >> Adjustments). The Photo Filter option can also be very useful.Red-Fantasy-Sky1'>Created a red sky by adjusting hue, vibrance, saturation, and photo filter.
However, I have limited blending options when I get to that step and I can’t figure out why.
Should I be using 8, 16, or 32 bits per channel?Reply Lisa says May 4, 2016 at 1:21 pm Oh, I think I just figured it out! I’m still curious about color settings though, and what I should have the RGB set to. I don’t usually get obvious banding patterns, so I go for the smaller file size and better load time. I also made the Shiba Glow action available to all Tier 4, and added a new softening action too. So if I use 32 bit, Blending Options only allow me to select Normal, Dissolve, Darken, Multiply, Darker Color, Lighten, Linear Dodge, Lighter Color, Difference, Subtract, Divide, Hue, Saturation, Color, Luminosity.
Bravo!Alex Ledante - Thanks to Shiba, I will have to change the name to Why I Love Megatokyo.

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