Since jumping into the world of digital photography – like most folks, I rarely ever printed out my photos anymore. Hence, my first foray into digital photo books back in 2005 was of a family trip to Hong Kong – a gift to my mother, motivated by my never-ending quest to make my mother happy.
For complete customization, use your own design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Aperture 3, or Adobe InDesign (free trials are available for download at the company’s sites). The author is the blogger behind Photo Book Girl – a resource for finding the best photo book companies, the latest photo book deals and helpful tips on designing your own photo book.
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There are also quite a few companies that have software that you download and create the photo book on your computer instead of uploading your photos to them. I wanted to do this for my 365 project but could not find any photo book that would accommodate 365 pictures. I especially like that most services I’ve used offer, not only templates and customizations to use but also full page options if you want to create a more creative layout in Photoshop first then import that as one big photo for a full page. First, you should turn off the automatic picture correction because if you’ve already sharpened the picture or processed it at all, it probably looks like you want it to already. Third, with the one-click placing options using the templates provided, your pictures will be mercilessly cropped.
We chose to make our own photo book for our wedding, to send it to all the relatives and friends who did not make it to the event, and it worked out absolutely great. This photo book idea I know is becomig more popular, and maybe it is time to review my practice and move on. I also have a Photo Book Software Wizard which you can use to sort through software features. I have to agree with Photo Book Girl that creating a photo book is the way to go and can become very habit forming. Love the do it yourself books have a few at home now and have handed a few out for different occasions, another way i like sharing my digital moments is with the new digital photo frames available loaded several shots of the family on one for Mums birthday. I scan in ticket stubs, maps, brochures from my trips as jpegs and then have either laid them out in QuarkXPress or Photoshop and then used the shadow tool to create depth. I made my first photobook as a Christmas gift to my father-in law who has never seen his great-great daughter and from there I became hooked.
My family is always ridiculing me for snapping random pictures in and outside the house, or of what I eat. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage? Whether you’re looking to create your own photo book to sell or looking to make a book to remember the special occasion like a wedding, you can find what you need using Lulu’s photo book service.
If you have a digital camera, then you have hundreds, maybe even thousands of digital images stored on your computer.
The MyBook Photobook Kits are the perfect way to preserve and protect your family’s memories in a beautiful hard-back book you can make in your own home.

You never know when your computer may crash – causing you to lose all those memories. The MyBook Collections and PhotoBook Kits allow you to create professional-quality bound books without the use of expensive binding equipment.
At Ink2Paper, we  promise to supply you with the highest quality photo paper products at the best prices, with quality of service to match: free next business day delivery and a money back guarantee.
This entry was written by ink2paper, posted on March 14, 2012 at 4:00 pm, filed under Inkjet Photo Paper and tagged DIY photo album, photo album. Slipping photos into plastic sleeves had long lost its charm and my photos gathered virtual dust, hidden away in some long forgotten folder. However, having your own software isn’t necessary to make a customized and professional-looking book. I had no choice but to print them and insert them into the plastics sleeves and I had to find a 500 photo album to do it and that was also hard.
Same for one of my girlfriend’s wedding shower, though for her I did a bachelorette party mini-book for her and gave it to her with all the girls the night before the ceremony. Plus you can find great free template downloads (psd’s) for photo books thanks to all the photography and digital scrap booking blogs out there. One thing I learned in making photo books, as compared to printing your photos and keeping them in albums, is how less expensive it is. The photo papier looks better, is more robust (no finger prints, you can wipe off the saliva of those who drool over your pictures – really!) and is worth the little bit extra that it costs. What I do when making a big book is to print out contact sheets and place the pictures on the floor according to where I want them to go in the book.
Some companies have that option show up when you upload your photos to their service, while others have you select it at checkout. For instance I’ve become a big fan of portrait oriented books (the most common orientation offered by companies is landscape). I have a tool on my site with a searchable database of 29 (and more added from time to time) photo book companies (there are a ton out there!) I found two companies that will hold that many pages: Blurb and Viovio. I work at a small photo book place on the east coast in the states and can ship WORLD WIDE if need be.
The best part, and the main reason we wanted to do it ourselves, was that we were able to use photos that a lot of our friends and family took that the photographer didn’t get. I actually build it along throughout the year so it’s not a daunting task all at once. I have looked at producing photo books a number of times but have been put off by the less than inspiring examples shown by the photo book companies. They are great gift and also great update to the traditional photo album, hopefully, they will withstand the test of time, so that my granddaughter will be able to appreciate them and share her baby pictures with her family. However, you never know when you may want to use that photo for a cookbook, a calendar, or anything.. I wanted to also pass along my own guide for creating a good photo book and I thought you and your readers would enjoy.

My blog site is in the very same area of interest as yours and my users would truly benefit from some of the information you provide here. They even let you upload your photos from sites like flickr, photobucket and facebook, so you don’t even have to dig around your hard drive looking for photographs. The MyBook Collection and Photobook Kits allow you to print the images out and preserve them permanently in a hard-back book.
My poor mother lamented that she never saw any family photos, and squinting at a tiny LCD screen wasn’t very satisfying.
My annual family album has about 100 pages, of which, there will be at least 30 full page pics. Really, who knows you better than friends and family so, aside from the formal posed shots, we thought the F&F photos captured more of the quick moments that they were probably looking for. I’m now on my 14th book and plan to do some free for kids of umemployed single parents. By adding my favorite photos each month, the book also goes in a chronological order which makes it easy to see how much my little ones have grown from the beginning of the year to the end. She also has a lot of great tutorials on putting pages together and a monthly subscription program where you can get lots of great artwork from digital scrapbook designers to help you build your photobook pages. If you go to my Photo Book Software Wizard, you can plug in the features you want the company to have and it will narrow down which sites offer those features. Fortunately there’s an amount of good material accessible on various websites to help those who are wanting good assistance regarding where to start. You can also add your book to the market place, so other people can buy it while you get a commission for every book sold. Just the cost of printing the 30 pics at Walmart would be over $100, which is double what the whole book costs! I love DPS and just found Photo Book Girl and hadn’t checked my RSS of DPS and found this article through PHOTO book girl. By the way, being an Aussie I love the pic in your post of the Great Barrier Reef photo book. It shouldn’t have to be all that difficult, its about utilizing achievable relationship guidelines.
Well I published a 440 pages book for less than $100 that covered over 60 years of my life with photos going back to when I was a baby.
If you have your own design software you can upload your completed layouts as jpegs and then use any company that is running deals or promos.

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