Pictures of eye makeup for green eyes can give you inspiration and ideas to make you eyes look their best. Gorgeous green eyes don't need a lot of makeup to make them stand out; only a small percentage of the population have this eye color. Show off your great green eyes with a simple eye shadow and some mascara for a simple look, or have fun with more elaborate eye makeup. There is an incredible range of purple shades in today's beauty market place, so experiment to find the shades that work for you. Purple eye liner is another great way to draw attention to green eyes; shades range from pale shimmer purples to deep grape purples. A single layer of peach used alone with a coat or two or mascara can be a gorgeous natural look, as shown with this model.

A darker peach shade, shown here, is combined with a medium purple smudged liner under the eyes and finished with dark mascara to really make the model's green eyes pop.
To achieve the versatile eye makeup look in this photo, used a warm brown eye shadow in the crease and outer corner of the lid, and a black brown liner shade on the top and bottom lash lines. Although grey eye liner is no typically recommended for women with green eyes, those with cool complexions may be able to pull it off.
The model's green eye makeup look here, a dark grey liner along the lower lash line paired with a hint of nude apricot shadow and a lengthening mascara, proves that sometimes it pays to break the rules. Try different shades and intensities of the eye makeup colors discussed here to add super sexy definition to your green eyes for evening. In this photo, a deep taupe shadow is paired with black brown liner and purple mascara for a stunning and original look.

USE OF MAPS: All original maps on this site may be reproduced on other web sites without modification, provided a link to this website is show alongside each map. With waterfalls running at full flow, this painting has a fresh, crisp look and would make a great addition to any wall in any room.Don’t miss out, purchase this stunning Waterfall painting today.

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