There's no way around it: renters just don't have the freedom to do whatever they want to the space they call home. These velcro strips are ideal for items that won't hang on a traditional stick-on-the-wall hook.
If you decide to go with adhesive strips, Dana of House Tweaking has these important suggestions: 1) use alcohol to clean the area of the frame you will hang, 2) use more than just two strips per item. Helsinki designer Julie Tolvanen's Pogo collection is touted as a "self-contained room on a pole" and we're intrigued. For a DIY version, make a grid with wood as, pictured in our lead image (found on Poppytalk via 2Modern Blog) and lean it against a wall. If you think you can get away with some small holes in the corners of the room where the walls meet, string some wire across a wall, as in this tutorial from Curbly, and you have a long horizontal space from which you can hang light prints or other art. Das Schlafzimmer als unser privater Erholungsraum verdient auch Aufmerksamkeit bei seiner Gestaltung. Ein der Hauptgestaltungselemente eines Schlafzimmers ist die wesentliche Moblierung allein. Andere beliebte Dekorationsflache sind naturlich die Wande, die endlose Moglichkeiten fur eine interessante und kreative, genauso wie eine moderne und stilvolle Wanddekoration bieten.
If you are like us, it is much more fun to buy art than it is to actually hang it, especially if you are renting and aren’t allowed to put nails in the wall. This list barely skims the surface of books that can found on couples bookshelves who just found out they are pregnant or perhaps those who are already homing three little ones themselves. Not only can you display pictures in a way that doesn't leave holes in the wall, but your display method becomes a statement on its own. Nicht nur die Farben, die wir fur die Moblierung und auch zum Streichen wahlen, spielen eine wichtige Rolle fur die gemutliche Raumwahrnehmung eines Schlafzimmers.
Verschiedene Schranke, Stuhle, Banke, Nachttische und Aufbewahrungsmobel, wie Wandregalen und offene Schranksysteme, die eine funktionelle Dekoration darstellen. Einerseits konnen Sie die Wandfarbe, als auch eine Kombination verschiedenen Farben und Wand-Streichen-Muster als farbige Wandgestaltung ubernehmen.
From beautiful Spring Collections that promise to drive away the winter blues within no time to sparkling pendant lights that promise to enliven your world, it is the time to treat yourself to the latest decor finds. Even if you aren’t constrained by the all-powerful rental deposit, frames can get expensive and a bit boring.
Pant Hangars: Inexpensive and creative, these hangars will look awesome displaying all your bright posters.
Over The Door: We think you could totally make this work with those over-the-door towel hooks!
Lean It: Probably the easiest display option ever, just pull up a wall and lean your art against it!
On A Cart: Create a sweet little vignette with a favorite piece of art set behind your jewelry, perfume and other trinkets.
Dartstrip ($25): A flexible, eight foot strip of steel with restickable adhesive backing for easy installation, Darstrip can be cut to any smaller size, and comes with 16 disc magnets that hold pictures in place. Clothesline Display: We love the use of washi tape on these clothespins for an extra colorful display.
Sticks ($30): Made with wood and strong magnets, this modern little hangers can be customized up to 72? for that really big piece of statement art you’ve been trying to hang. Set On A Shelf: Get a gallery look without the rows of nails by displaying your art on a couple of floating shelves.
Photo Chandelier: This chandelier is definitely a work of art, but we think if you got creative you could totally DIY.

Washi Tape Frames: The best part of a tape frame gallery wall is you can change out the color and arrangement whenever you feel like it without worrying about leaving behind a constellation of nail holes.
On The Grid: Sadly, this Etsy seller is no longer making this awesome wooden “frame” but we’re confident you could DIY your own version with just a few pieces of thin board.
We Montage: Just upload your high quality digital photos to We Montage and they’ll make you a gorgeous self-adhesive collage that won’t damage walls and can be removed and re-used when you find a new place to live! Painterly Easel: Forget the wall altogether and make your art part of the room’s furniture with an easel display!
Wall Molding Hangers: If you’re lucky enough to live in an old house, you may be lucky enough to have picture molding running around the top edge of your walls.
Reading from the opinion of others and what to expect, how to cope and the ultimate preparedness guide to raising and living with children expands on maternal and paternal instincts and can open the doors to an unexpected approach to nurturing and teaching your young offspring.Classy living room with pictures on the wallAs the years pass both you and the children learn, fight and forgive then quickly pose for picture perfect moments even if mere seconds ago a temper tantrum that would breach the Richter scale was released.
Thankfully, there are some fantastic workarounds, solutions that range from nail alternatives to some downright conversation starters. And you could intermingle art with shelves, cubbies, and more — the possibilities are many.
Je nach Materialitat und Farbe der Mobeloberflache erhalt das Zimmer seinen Look bestimmter Stillrichtung. Anderseits konnen Sie die Wande wei? lassen oder dezent in hellen Pastellfarben streichen und sie durch Wandgestaltungselemente, wie Bilderrahmen, Wandspiegel und Beleuchtungskorper verschonern. But never fear, we are here to rescue your awesome art with 20 creative ways to use up your vertical space and not a hammer or nail to be seen. Da das Bett die Hauptfigur im Schlafzimmer ist, konzentriert sich die Dekoration meistens um ihn herum. Mit Hilfe von Wand-Tattoos und Tapeten werden Sie gleichzeitig die Farbgestaltung und eine Wandgestaltung mit Motiv schaffen. While some will serve you well for years to come, others promise to bring a dash of excitement and playfulness that will transform your existing living space.
Sie konnen das Bett in Szene setzen entweder durch eine Akzentwand in verschiedener Wandfarbe oder mit Wandverkleidung hinter ihm, oder durch das Kopfteil. Take a look at the top four decorating trends that will shape living rooms in 2015 –A Splash of Cozy ColorGone are the days of the plush living room couch in boring beige, simple white and unassuming gray. With corner framing that hugs tight the corner of the wall, you can create a hinge look with pictures and captured moments of happy memories in an unanticipated way. Die Dekoration muss naturlich entsprechend der Farbgestaltung angepasst werden, um den gewunschten Stilrichtung und Ambiente zu unterstreichen.
Das Kopfteil ist ein Mobelstuck, das Sie gleichzeitig als Ruckenlehne und Wanddekoration nutzen konnen, besonders wenn Sie es selber bauen. Andere kreative Losung fur Wanddekoration im Schlafzimmer sind verschiedene Wandregalen, die in grellen Farben direkt kaufen, oder als DIY-Wandregalen aus Holz, Kartonkisten und Schuhkartons selber basteln konnten. It is time add a bit of vibrant color to the contemporary living room with a colorful sofa that reflects the style of the room. Mit Hilfe unterschiedlicher Gegenstande, konnen Sie das Leitmotiv der Schlafzimmergestaltung schaffen oder betonen. Solche coole Schlafzimmer-Dekoration mit einem DIY-Kopfteil konnen Sie auf unterschiedliche Weise erreichen.
Eine fantastische Dekorationsidee furs Schlafzimmer bietet auch die Renovierung von Sideboards und Holzmobeln, die sie farbig neu gestalten und bemalen konnen.
Considering how most modern living rooms already use a neutral backdrop, it is barely surprising that home decorators are turning towards bold couches in bright hues to create an instant focal point in the room. Nehmen wir als Beispiel ein Maritimes-Schlafzimmer, das in einer Farbkombination von Blau und Wei? gestrichen wird.

Als Beispiel dafur haben wir einige interessante Varianten mit Buchern, Paletten, alten Holzturen und sogar Kopfkissen vorbereitet. Wenn wir die See als Gestaltungsthema fur dieses Schlafzimmer gewahlt haben, konnen wir es mittels einer Dekoration mit Bildern von Schiffen, mit Seilen, oder mit anderen fur dasMeer typischen Gegenstanden unterstutzen und erweitern. Au?erdem bietet ein selbstgebautes Kopfteil die perfekte Gestaltungsflache fur Wandlampen und –leuchten, die neben jedes Bett erforderlich sind.
Also die Dekoration und die Farbgestaltung gehen Hand in Hand miteinander. Um Ihnen bei der Schlafzimmergestaltung zu helfen, haben wir verschiedene Beispiele fur coole Deko-Ideen und Farbgestaltung vorbereitet. Eine weitere Dekoration mit Bilder und Fotos lasst sich an dieser Stelle auch gut passen und einbringen. It is this personal touch a gallery wall brings to the living room that makes it a must have in the contemporary home filled with glazed surfaces and simple, straight lines.
There are plenty of ways that you can compose a gallery wall without actually investing in an expensive art collection.
Going up or down, follow the steps of your precious children by creating a picture story as they grow up by keeping the pictures in sequence.4. Use your favorite family photographs to shape a truly ‘memorable’ accent wall in the living room. ShapedPicture wall fenceTake a whole wall and plan out a shape, like a heart for example, and arrange your frames horizontally and vertically until they represent your desired shape. Not only will they memorialize your life, they will offer a secondary division of art from the photographs to the wall art shape.
This spring, add a colorful backdrop to the framed collection to let it stand out visually.
Headboard HappinessShowing pictures over the bedroom headboardWake up and go to bed every night with your loved ones right above your heart…and head. But considering the wide array of options you have in regards to stunning, sculptural bookcases and exquisite wall units, it can get a bit overwhelming. With an even amount squared above your mattress with room for your pillows to be fluffed to appropriate sizes you can sleep well at night knowing that you are wearing your heart on the wall and that all is well in the world when your headboard consists of family mugshots.With these great ideas in the back of your mind, you can be carefree and throw your camera shyness out the window. Irrespective of the choice you make, ensure that the bookcase becomes an organic and integral part of the living room. You see, being photogenic doesn’t capture your expressions of anger, your crooked eyebrows, the pinch you snuck your toddler right before the photographer advised you to say “Cheese!”Live joyously with your family; love the crazy moments they inspire and always keep a camera on hand for every wacky position they take. Magnetized to your fridge, imprinted on a mug, your wallpaper or screensaver, your avatar, your family photomontage has many avenues to display its purpose. Give yourself the time to build a collection and use other decorative pieces in the meantime to fill up the empty space.
So let yourself be shot and it wouldn’t hurt you to smile during the process so that afterwards you can be hung up proudly as a member of the family that thought they knew what to expect when they were expecting. Standalone bookshelves can also be used to demarcate space in an open-floor living area without actually using half-walls.Snazzy bookshelf draws your attention instantly despite bright red decor! This is set to continue through the next year, and you will do well to add one of these cool lighting fixtures to the living room.
Clear out a cool corner or make some extra room by moving the side table at the end of the couch for one of these.

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