Right now through April 26th you can get a photo brag book for only $.99 plus shipping from Walgreens. You can order up to five of these per account and you could have them shipped directly to your loved one if you have someone long distance in mind to gift this to. Head over here to create your brag book and use code BRAG2ALL at checkout for this great price! Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links that help support our site with no additional cost to you.
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To personalize these brag books you can find a paper collection or scrapbook paper and stickers and turn this brag book into something very pretty. Yesterday when I shared my Fall Mantel I told you that I would tell you how my husband made us our new fireplace cover.
In today's post, I want to share with you a Pinterest inspired project - DIY House Number Yard Post. This is such a great deal and great timing as well since these make lovely Mother’s Day gifts. When she isn’t clipping coupons and scouring deals, she can be found with a can of spray paint in hand or treasure hunting at thrift stores.

I bought mini photo albums forever ago (seriously, probably at least four years) intending to make brag books but never got around to it.
For the inside I cut some of the 4x6 element pages from the collection and added my pictures.

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