Putumayo gives the holiday season an international flavor with Christmas Around the World, a collection of familiar Christmas songs performed by artists from all over the globe. Putumayo CDs are also sold in thousands of gift, book and other specialty stores worldwide. In a world that is constantly changing, Christmas is a time for revisiting the familiar customs and rituals that connect everyone to generations past. Most of the songs on Christmas Around the World will sound familiar through a few are traditional melodies from a region or culture. Swing into the holiday season with this festive collection of jazz and blues Christmas songs. A collection of world music for kids that takes children and their families on an inspiring musical and cultural journey around the world.
Beautiful voices and entrancing Celtic instrumentation provide an uplifting soundtrack for the holiday season.
Putumayo’s French Christmas provides charming and joyful music from France and French Canada to accompany your holiday season. My teaching partner and I were beyond excited when an interactive projector showed up in our classroom after the holiday break last year. Many teachers build PowerPoint units to do with their students, which make it possible to create games like Bingo and Jeopardy! Whether you’re teaching kids how to use a new app or want to play a familiar game with the whole class, either is possible when you have a projector.

Angela from Just Love Teaching created this fantastic interactive chart to manage her morning Daily 5 time. From a Cuban rendition of “Joy to the World” to a flamenco version of “White Christmas,” Christmas Around the World adds a unique twist to the classic carols that enliven the holidays. While Christmas is celebrated in different ways around the world, among the unifying elements that help create holiday spirit are the songs, hymns, and carols that serve as the soundtrack for the season.
All conjure up the Christmas spirit and add a special, international flavor to the holiday ambiance. You can throw out that towering stack of big books from the ’90s that are taking up valuable space in your classroom. Check out this website with lots of free PowerPoint slide sets that you can use to take attendance. All you need is a digital AV adapter (they’re not that expensive and your tech department probably has a few on hand) to connect your iPad.
Can you imagine how many trees you could save if you converted that message to a projected version? And, though every country has its own unique songs, there are certain melodies that have crossed every border. You can touch the wall or table with your finger or a special pen, and it responds just like a finger on a phone, tablet or other touch-screen device. Some teachers have designed PowerPoint units that invite children to collaborate on the big screen.

You can actually buy pre-made PowerPoint lessons for interactive projectors on Teachers Pay Teachers and other lesson-plan sites. Since an interactive projector lets you write directly on your projecting surface, you could have your kids writing their numbers and words in digital ink. Can you imagine pausing a video on an interactive projector and then using your finger or digital pen to draw directly onto the screen to highlight a point or concept? We are dying to teach our next social studies lesson with an interactive map projected onto a table. This does an excellent job at visually showing students what the Colosseum looked like in ancient Greece.
It is difficult for students to picture this on their own because of the city life that currently surrounds the Colosseum. A game on an interactive projector that lets them move around while they’re learning is icing on the cake. I hope that overtime additional 3D tours will be added like the pyramids and tombs of Egypt.

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