Once the chipboard and patterned papers are ready to go, move forward creating the pages of the album.
While carefully holding the album, and with a medium size brush, apply an even, thin coat of adhesive to it's spine.
After the glued is readily dry, the next step is to add cloth to the spine so that it's covered and fully secure. For added security, and to protect the album further, wrap the spine with a thin layer of cloth and attach it with book binding glue. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below.
Position the final piece of cloth as desired, and adhere it to only the front and back of the album.

The final layer is thicker, and stiffer, so adhering it to the spine would give it less flexibility. A great way to make your own album using that kind of glue instead of having to use a book binding machine. If you're without chipboard and would like to know where to find it, I suggest visiting your local art supply store or where ever book making supplies are sold. Try to stick with flat elements like I've done - this is where stickers are most handy!
After the first layer has dried, apply a second, and then a third - each should be fully dried before the application of the next layer. The benefit of using cloth is that it's cleanable and flexible, which makes working with it a lot easier than paper.

The second layer is also added as adhesive will sometimes work it's way through the fabric. Inside is lots of room for for photos, large swatches of patterned paper, and a cohesive, graphic look that unifies the entire album, including the cover. And the best part, it's self-constructed, which means there's not another album out there like it!
Allow the album to sit a total of four hours - make use of this time by finishing up some housework!

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