This is a guest blog post by Erin Potter, owner of Captures by Erin located in Fort Worth, Texas. When creating an inviting space for your littlest clients, you should thoughtfully consider several factors. Medal Stand – If a PVC made stand is not professional looking enough for you, then the other option is a medal stand. This is my favorite thing to use as you can use it with a beanbag and have the backdrop fabric pulled nice and tight or you can remove the beanbag and have a basket set-up (see image). When I started my business I had already known that I wanted to specialize in newborns so of course I had to beg all of my friends to let me take photos of their newborn.

My personal opinion is you don’t need to spend a ton of money here, just get something that works for you.
The one drawback to using a regular photography stand is that you have nowhere to pin the sides of your fabric to. Now unlike some, I did A LOT of research on Newborn photography before I had my first session. I remember oogling over Keri Meyers’ beautifully perfected photos and wondering about all of the technical things such as which lens, natural light or studio light, what do you put under blankets, ISO settings?? There are three important unseen newborn props that I bring to every session – backdrop stand, beanbag, and heater.

And yes, I have no shame in admitting that I was even one to ask big photogs silly questions that they had been asked 14 times per day, we’ve all have been there right?
Now I’m not going to sit here and say the WHOLE session looked like these two, (and sure his lips were a little mushed into the blanket) but I was pretty proud and I WAS HOOKED!

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