Sure, it’s one step below building your own multi axis simulator, but this dedicated gaming table is still a cool, yet functional addition to just about any serious digital pilot or gamer seeking a little corner to blast away digital bits and while away the hours.
The gaming table is also constructed made with black enameled finish and looks to be adjustable to make room for just about any shape or size. Luxury recreational vehicles (RVs) are as lavish and comfortable as most modern homes and in fact, they could really show up some of the so called ‘luxury homes’ that are out in the market today.
A look at some of these astounding marvels on wheels will leave you wondering if it would be a better idea to hit the road on one of these instead of spending all that dough on your tiny little studio apartment!View in galleryFrom those that are moving homes for Hollywood’s elite to the ones that have been crafted to simply flaunt opulence, here is a look at few of the very best out there on the road today. Buckle up and enjoy the glittering wealth on wheels!VARIO Perfect Platinum.Why not start the journey with a bit of perfection?

Well, if there ever was an RV that could boast of being as perfect as possible, then the VARIO Perfect Platinum would be it. The living room is lit up by halogen lighting and leather upholstery offers a plush welcome.
Surely there can be more than just one amazing and ravishing mobile home and ‘Elemment Palazzo’ designed by Marchi is a contender for the top spot.
Setting its owners back by a good $3 million, this is for those who might not be fond of all the ‘cherry wood’ interiors that they witnessed inside the VARIO. Mobile home to some of the best in the glittering world of cinema (names like Ashton Kutcher and Will Smith), the Heat from Anderson Estates is all about pampering you in the best way possible.

The elaborate kitchen and dining space offer ample space not just for the owners of the vehicle, but also for guests. Simple, subtle and snazzy, this is an RV many of us can not only just dream about, but can realistically hope of calling ours one day.

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