Originated by Native American cultures, the dreamcatcher was traditionally made from a bent piece of willow formed into a ring to symbolize the earth and moon. Traditionally, the materials included willow, leather and animal sinew but nowadays range from modern store-bought brass rings to makeshift embroidery hoops to upcycled holiday wreaths and a variety of fibers. Begin by making a 2-inch loop with your yarn, and tie it to what will be the top of your hoop. Wrap your yarn (or leather strips or ribbon) in a tight, uniform layer around the entire circumference of the hoop. When the ring is wrapped completely, knot the yarn tightly under the hanging loop you first created and then snip off any excess yarn tail, leaving your hanging loop intact. Grab a different weaving material than you used to wrap your hoop, such as leather cord, which is what was used in this project. Loop the yarn through the center of the next leather loop, pulling it over top and then underneath. Continue looping the yarn through the leather loops in this over-under weaving pattern around the entire hoop. Traditional dreamcatchers leave a small hole in the center to filter the bad dreams out, but the size of your center hole is completely up to you. Although there is not an exact science to making a dreamcatcher, you'll see some have bigger holes left in the center to allow bad dreams to easily pass through. Attendues avec impatience par les uns, redoutees par les autres, les festivites de fin d’annee approchent a grands pas. Pour les couronnes de Bienvenue Fait Main que vous accrocherez a la porte d’entree pour accueillir vos invites, rien de plus simple. Si vous aussi avez de belles idees deco a partager pour noel, n’hesitez pas a venir en parler sur ce blog? Ce contenu a ete publie dans Tendances par sylvieblog, et marque avec deco noel, fait main, fait maison, noel.

Keep everything in easy reach when you're cooking up a storm in the kitchen, including pitchers, pot holders, and cutting boards. Snap off smaller twigs and tie them with a strand of raffia to make a charming holder for a floral bouquet. In the bathroom, mount a piece of weathered driftwood to the wall above the sink, letting it serve as a shelf.
Hang a bough from the ceiling for a makeshift chandelier -- complete with dainty little lights. When she's not in the offices of MSLO, she can be found tending to her tiny terrariums, collecting antique bottles, and filling her bags at the farmers market (she never met a tomato she didn't like).
Several legends surround how the dreamcatcher was created, but most agree the woven web would catch good dreams. If using an embroidery hoop, you may want to wrap the top portion of the ring to hide the closures. Wrap the leather cord over the hoop, and then pull it underneath and back toward the front of the hoop, crossing over itself. Space the leather loops evenly as you work, about an inch apart, so that your last leather loop ends roughly where you began. Then repeat the weaving pattern by looping through the yarn loops, going around the entire hoop again. Tie the yarn in a knot in the center of the web and cut off the excess when you are ready to stop weaving.
While making the tail of your dreamcatcher, use items that you hold dear to help influence sweet dreams.
Les vitrines des magasins se parent de leurs plus beaux decors pour nous faire rever (et surtout nous faire acheter). The good dreams would then slide down the strings and feathers into the minds of the sleeping children below.

You can wrap several inches at a time and then tighten it up before wrapping another few inches. The example shown was strung with more tension on one side to place the center circle off center and then left with a wide opening at the center. Vous aussi vous voulez faire entrer la magie de Noel dans votre interieur mais en ces temps de crise, vous aurez peut etre envie de decorer votre maison sans vous ruiner alors pourquoi ne pas faire vous meme votre deco de noel. Vous pouvez confectionner un sapin en le dessinant sur le mur, en utilisant des stickers, en collant ou en empilant des objets, vous pouvez egalement utiliser de simples branches de bois.
The bad dreams, which also flowed freely throughout the night, would pass through the holes of the web. Unless you are using a willow ring that you've bent into shape, wrapping your craft store ring will not only look better, but it will also make the subsequent weaving steps much easier, as the yarn will slip less on a wrapped hoop. Tie as many colors and textures of yarn, beads and feathers onto your dreamcatcher as you like. You can also experiment with the various weights and colors of yarn and string to give you a customized look every time you make a dreamcatcher. Whether you are trying to ward off bad dreams, teaching about Native American culture or just looking for a fun craft, making dreamcatchers is a beautiful and rewarding project for almost any age. The tail length can vary depending on the diameter of the ring you use, but generally they are twice as long as the height of the ring. Add any personal touches that will make your dreamcatcher tail a gateway to a peaceful night's rest.

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