President Barack Obama’s half-brother is coming out of the woodwork to let everyone know he’s voting in the 2016 U.S.
In a  New York Post  story published Sunday (July 24), Malik Obama (who says he’s allowed to vote in the state of Maryland where he once lived) announced that he wants Donald Trump for president. Nonetheless, Malik’s ready to sway from the Democratic party to the “party of Lincoln” due to his “deep disappointment” in his brother’s administration.
To summarize, if President Obama decides to throw a family cookout, Malik probably won’t get invited.

Phil Powell saw a barefoot homeless man walk into Walmart and having endured homelessness himself, gave him the converses he was wearing.
Dwayne Stafford supporters raised $100,000 after learning he attacked Dylann Storm Roof near a prison shower. Obama has commuted the sentences of 562 federal inmates and two of those inmates were people very dear to the heart of Denver Broncos' Demaryius Thomas.
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The 58-year-old has blasted him before, sold an old letter that he received from the POTUS.
On a more personal family note, Malik is a legal polygamist and married a teenager after her mother finally gave him permission.

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