Let’s see here how to change the PowerPoint orientation from landscape to portrait orientation. Sometimes this change is not enough, because the slide orientation change will affect the whole presentation and slides. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
There are plenty of hints out there for Office 2007 and Office 2008 works very much the same way, but wanted to have something out there for people if they do a search for it so here goes. Page orientation worked great–went from portrait to landscape to insert table pdfs, then back to portrait.
I have spent sooo much time trying to figure out how to do this and getting seriously mad with my computer. If you'll be giving your presentation as a screen show, there's no reason to mix portrait and landscape slides in a presentation. You import a long, tall picture onto your landscape slideshow and size it to fill the slide top to bottom as you see on the left. You import a long, tall picture onto your portrait slide and size it to fill the slide top to bottom as on the right.

Either way, when you start your screen show, the same thing happens: PowerPoint fills the screen with the slide without changing its proportions. If the slide is wider than it is tall, PowerPoint fills the width of the screen as you see on the left.
Visit the Multiple Masters section of Echo's Voice, PowerPoint MVP Echo Swinford's site, where you'll how-tos for this and other neat Master-ful tricks.
If a particular navigation icon will appear on every slide in the presentation, put it on the Slide Master. I am printing a document with both portrait and landscape pages, but I’d like the landscape pages to be rotated 180 degrees. We need to open Slide Master from the View tab, then you can change the PPT orientation for the template. Create a new document or go into your existing word document in Microsoft Office Word 2008. To get it back to portrait on the next page, go in after and insert another section break and change the orientation back to portrait.
This is something I get a request for every year or two and forget, so this blog post is more of a reminder for me than anything else.

I have Word in Swedish so unsure of exactly how it’s worded in English but double-click to open the Footer (or Header, depending on where you have your page number) so you can see the options for page numbering.
SA?lo haga esto si usted desea restaurar la orientaciA?n Vertical de vuelta a la normalidad.
In order to achieve this Microsoft and other tutorials suggest to do a mix of PowerPoint presentation files linked together. When I paste my table into the new page I’ve created as per your kind instruction and try to pull out the right hand grid line it just springs back again as though I still had an A4 page.
You can learn more in  A good old-fashioned workaround: Using portrait and landscape orientation in the same presentation or Use portrait and landscape orientation in the same presentation. Puedes consultar las preguntas de otros sysadmin, hacer tus propias preguntas o resolver las de los demA?s.

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