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ClipPix ETC is a part of the Educational Technology Clearinghouse and is produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida. Ma Yansonga€™s extraordinary cultural complex in the Chinese city emerges from the wetlands of the Songhua river like a coiled reptile, says Julian Worrall.
The latest and most spectacular project by MAD, the Beijing-based practice founded and led by Ma Yansong, the Harbin Opera House (also known as the Harbin Cultural Centre) is the centrepiece of an ambitious new a€?culture parka€? in the city of Harbin. Architecture Lab is the best source for architecture, competitions, videos and news coverage. When we first decided to do a winter inspiration shoot, it was important to us that we captured the unparalleled beauty of this magical season. Just before we were scheduled to shoot we had a historic blizzard that was quickly followed by a few days of unseasonably warm weather. Just as young love promises, winter thaw promises the return of vitality and warmth to our landscape.
The winter thaw scheme works beautifully with all your thoughtful details… stunning from every angle!
Hey all, when you print out the cards, I’d recommend printing 1 set of the note letter cards (not the instruction cards tho) for each player. If you have downloaded material from this site, please consider making a donation to help maintain the website.
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A white, undulating form condenses out of the haze, dully gleaming in coiled repose from across the wide banks of the Songhua river, like some alien craft or gigantic reptile, complete with head, limbs and tail.
Brook Events: As the last of Winter falls away, signs of green and warmth start to make their way through. Living in the Northeast, particularly Maine means that winter sometimes lasts for what seems like forever.
It was such a pleasure to photograph such winter reverie, thank you to all the amazing artists who were a part of making it all come together. Decide who’s to start with that player drawing the top card and placing a Skittle as directed by the card or following whatever other direction is given. Something seems to be wrong with the scale a€“ perhaps it is the little trees planted around the base that make it loom impressively over the landscape; perhaps it is the mist that makes its volumes seem implausibly extended into a soft middle-distance. The former offers all the usual paraphernalia of fly tower, deep pit and cavernous backstage spaces for large-scale musical and theatrical performances; the latter has flexible seating for a variety of productions, from stage plays to chamber music. Welcoming Spring with a ridiculous amount of beautiful images, the inspiration behind this late winter wedding is just the perfect way to bid winter adieu. We wanted to highlight this time and accentuate the thaw of winter and awakening of Spring with soft pops of color, rustic knits and vintage props. Usually by March, many people are fleeing the state to warmer climates to escape the seemingly never ending frigid temperatures and the isolation that winter brings. Melting snow, moss and the first pops of grasses through the snow all combined to highlight the pale green and blue palette of our design, while also giving a new sense of romanticism to our shoot.

Pale blues, teals and green are reminiscent of our coastal landscape and appear much brighter amidst the pale white canvas of snow. She thought it best to have a black and white staff because the game is colorful enough when the boards are covered with Skittles.
Our idea to include peach David Austen roses highlights the romantic blush that winter and young love bring to our cheeks. And, as we make our final approach towards the head of the beast, the form appears to rise up, sweeping its arms around to embrace our vehicle, beckoning us down into the dark gullet of the parking garage. Be sure and  laminate the game boards with clear book covers or Contact paper and I highly suggest using card stock for everything. We wanted to keep the flowers & styling soft and aery but also include darker elements with a few blacks and silver in contrast. I made the game cards so there would be less cutting on your part but  you may have to adjust it for your printer. Print one game board for each student.   These cards are not hard to make, so you might want to make your own, with your own variations.

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