I used Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore to paint the other three walls in the bedroom, but created a random raggedA edge where the two colors meet. Apply painter’s tape onto the ceiling and window or door casing to protect them from paint.
I’m going to try it where I have to paint a wall that goes into another wall where I would never be able to match the color! I didn’t like this when I first saw you post about it, however I was lucky enough to see it in person and it looks fantastic. I like grey, and I think the ombre technique would be cool with different colors, but this combo doesnt work for me. Seal and send peacock wedding invitations to set the right tone for your themed wedding and tell your guests it is a peacock theme wedding!
To carry on the peacock wedding theme, you should opt for having a peacock bouquet instead of the traditional flower bouquet, or decorate the bouquet with some peacock feathers fixed in between theme for an extra special effect.
We can use blue and green as the main color of the decorations, together with some peacock feathers. Wedding favors can be wrapped with bright blue paper with a small peacock feather attached to it, or chose a well decorated wrapping paper with peacock feathers. 23 Interiors With Wallpapers That Imitate Books - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.

Use the sponge to pat the paint around and out from the brush strokes.A Use the dry brush to feather the edges.
I learned in art school that when you like something, it’s bestA to stop before you over do it.
I don’t know if i will use this, but i like to learn new methodes and it will be helpful some day some how. It reminds me of one of those horror movies where someone spontaneously combusts and leaves a scorched wall where they were standing.
I have been looking for something different to do in my master bedroom and now I have found it.
I was a bit skeptical at first with the dark charcoal color scheme for your wall but honestly I was surprised with the outcome of the foggy effect.
Then I am here trying to plan a peacock wedding, which includes nearly all the important stuff we need on a wedding.
You can either use a real peacock feather, or printed peacock feather with the wedding invitation cards. Buy some good quality peacock feathers, and make sure that the feathers are arranged in such a way on the cake that they do not interfere when you cut the cake. The feathers are always being painted with dream-catchers and will remind us of the boho-chic style.

I agree, it would not have been good to paint the whole room in grey, but the way you did it looks great!
Your bed is a king and much wider than it looks in the pictures and the walls frame it beautifully.
And if you have limited time, there are thousands of peacock themed wedding invites provided online and offline. You can also arrange the feathers separately from the cake, or using the same theme color scheme, such as blue, green and gold. Today, let’s take a look at 15 mysterious feather nail designs for 2016 with our pictures below and hope you will like them all! In general, the blue, white and turquoise color polishes will work best for feather and dream-catcher nails. You can also experiment with bright pink, orange and purple shades to create your very own nail design.

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