Please watch the video if you’d like to learn how to create your own customized timeline cover photo (in less than 10 minutes). I was wondering what that was on FB, but haven’t taken the time to figure it out myself. I saw someone else doing this on pinterest but I was stumped so this looks so much easier and I use Picnik all of the time. I just watched it and I do have Premium Picnik but I didn’t see how you added the background of the wooden boards (before the Polaroid frames) .
Im having trouble finding a background image and i really love the one you used…could you tell me what you typed into google to pull up that image? This is for those that like things a little bit on the vintage or pretty side, and for those that have Photoshop. Thanks for sharing i tried the Pic Monkey but then wanted to use as my cover for facebook and couldn’t get it to go there?? Which program did you use to create the cover photo at the top of the page with all the little photos? Yes, exactly, how did you make the cover photo at the top of this page here, I love all the photo squares too?!! I just updated my cover photo last night with a photo from our beach trip that I edited in picmonkey. Thanks for the info, I make my coverflow page with Instagram, they create great photos with what you have in your library.
I have one for my Style profile, which is the header I use at my blog, and one for my business page which I just used the same pic as on my home page of my website and added my name next to it. I used PicMonkey (as I don’t have photoshop) and I now have a nice and inviting cover pic on my fb business page and my profile pic is no longer blurry!
Have you ever wondered if you can populate your Facebook photo album with a combination of photos that is so well-organized that it forms one big picture like a finished puzzle?
It would definitely look cool to have a set of well-organized photos looking like the main photo that sets the theme for your whole album, wouldn’t it? When you have Photoshop installed on your computer, you can now proceed to download the preset PSD canvas to start with this tutorial.
Unzip the downloaded file, open the Cool_Facebook_Album.psd file and this is what you should see.
Copy and paste the photo to the canvas; make sure your photo layer is positioned on top of all layers. This is what you should see on your canvas, and this is also how it will look like on the Facebook Album page.
A small window will prompt you, so you can change the name and location you want to save the file in. A Cool Facebook Album is no longer impossible to make and as you can see now, it’s actually pretty easy. Reproduction of materials found on this site, in any form, without explicit permission is prohibited. Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, especially if they are interstate or overseas.

How do you share photos with certain friends or family members without all your Facebook friends viewing it? As you can imagine, we all had our smartphones, and lots of pictures and selfies were taken on the trip. We needed a way to share our photos with each other, but keep them private amongst those who were on the trip. Enter now for your chance to WIN $1,000 worth of groceries from Woolworths, thanks to Sanitarium! A private album on Facebook, where only those invited to view that photo album can add photos and view photos. Facebook will prompt you to choose a photo from your device to add to this album, so choose a photo or multiple photos to add. Click on Make Shared Album, and a field will appear. Type the names of the people that you would like to share this album with. Now you can try creating private albums, and invite certain people to share that album with! I think you need to be very careful that those you share with can be trusted to not share with others. It doesn’t matter whether you have a business page or a profile account- cover photo is the first thing that viewers see when they visit your page. Have you tried good old PowerPoint, the most user-friendly tool to create breathtaking slideshows?
Create a picture quote: Place your favorite quote on an image or a textured background in PowerPoint, apply some cool text or image effects and you’ll have the cover photo you wanted. Create a picture collage: A personal collage capturing the most special moments or a professional collage showing people running your organization is heart-warming and endearing to all. Highlight a new feature or an achievement: Cover photo is ideal space for businesses to inform their customers of a new feature, an update or an achievement (say the first 1,000 likes).
Go ahead and make a splash on social media with your Facebook cover photo designed exclusively in PowerPoint! Share presentations on the web, with all your hard-worked animations, narrations and in-slide videos retained.
I just have a regular pic up there right now, but I’m definitely going to work on one like this right now! Maybe this will help me create some cool things for my blog to ?? Looking forward to watching the video ! Cuz I love this look but I don’t want to buy the premium just for facebook, ya know?! I’m asking because this picnik tutorial will also help me create a new fan page profile picture.
If you have something like Photoshop or Paint you can crop a photo you like, add some text if you are a business page. I just cropped an Instagram poster that I’d made (in Printsgram) and then added the banner. There are quite a few settings and you can make it the size you need (850×315) by choosing the custom option.

Just tried PicMonkey, sooo cool, made a new header for my blog with it, off to try Florabella now! I like to be inspired, hang with my beautiful girls, laugh at my husband {I mean WITH my husband}, explore, sing car karaoke {not very well} and don't tell anyone, but I have a rather unhealthy Real Housewives addiction . The normal Facebook photo album will use thumbnails based on photos you uploaded and then organize your album randomly so it will turn up like, well, a mess. Ensure that the photo is not smaller than the combined 16 boxes on the canvas for a better result.
Many of our clients enjoy Facebook, as they can see photos of their children and grandchildren. Even though you can choose who sees the facebook album its still been uploaded to the internet on a whole big database. I generally post pictures visible to my friends, but sometimes I needed to show something more private and so I restricted the visibility to a limited amount of people.
You have a great chance pulling in a lot of ‘Follows’ or ‘Likes’ if your cover photo is something that others just can’t take their eyes off. Write down your special message in the PowerPoint slide, spice it up with festival colors and use it as your cover photo. I like it because you can easily go back in time and see everything you have ever posted on your facebook wall.
Just upload the photos you want, click on basic edits, click crop and make sure you pixels are both the same exact number (this will ensure a square). I can’t wait to use it to 1) create a new header for an old blog of mine and 2) update my Facebook timeline image.
You’ll need a fairly large photo and you will stretch it across the screen until it fits. Jodi at MCP {who I holidayed with in June and adore!} has a whole host of other designs too, all beautifully stylish.Visit here for more information and to download them for free. For my photo I cropped an Instagram poster and added a banner and some text with my tagline. I just found the site online, now to figure out how to actually make one, what size A1, A3, A4, oh the possibilities are endless – thank you for all the cool ideas, who knew all of this was out there, I love it?!
An easy way to share all the photos from a Family event without all your Facebook friends being able to view them.
Pic Monkey is a free photo editing site that lets you upload your photos in a jiffy, edit them and create collages. My profile pic is of my family running around our front yard taken by the local paper hehe… Thanks for the inspiration girl!! Today I’m sharing some fun and most importantly, FREE, ways to make your cover photo all fancy-like.

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