Being outdoors and taking lots of photos with exposures to suit eats up a lot of power in your charge. Take the biggest size capacity memory card or memory stick (if it’s a Sony) because believe me, you’ll need it. When taking pictures of fireworks with your tripod, one trick to use is to keep the shutter button down for the entire time the fireworks have exploded in their array of colour. If your camera is an SLR or has some good manual controls then you can choose how you want the fireworks to come out. Once you feel confident to start learning how to take photos of fireworks, try an event and good luck! Love your articles Amy, they’re extremely interesting, especially since I am new to photography.
We have fireworks in my street this time every year, even though they are small, I can still apply the principles.
Could you message me with a few pointers about how you made this site look this cool, I would be thankful. I absolutely love this site, information like this is so important to my digital photography. I haven’t really seen any truly striking black and white fireworks photos, are you sure you want to do black and white?
In the future if you want to switch back to posting Instagram photos on your personal account, you’ll just need to follow these steps again and select your Timeline instead of a Page.
This entry was posted in Android, Facebook, How-to's, iOS, Social Media and tagged Android, Application, iOS on January 26, 2013 by vipin. A great photo will be taken from an unusual angle, a time of day when the light is softer, or during moody weather. Monochromatic photographs work because the lack of colour means the viewer has to concentrate on the content of the image. Submitting the photographOnce you have got all the great shots you want, you will need to select the very best image in your set. Competitions will change judges, and judges will change what exactly they look for in an outstanding photograph, but it still remains true that the best way to figure out what kind of photograph will win this year is to look at past winners. For a start, understand that fireworks are short lived, explosions of colour which have an intensity lasting for just a few seconds.
Once captivated and determined to get a really good picture, you’ll be there for as long as it takes snapping away and will most likely loose track of time. The picture will be compressed when you get it onto the computer and email it anyway, so chose the highest resolution so the image does not loose clarity and so that even some of the noise from the night sky will be compressed. It’s not until they are in the sky that you can really tell where to focus, what to focus on, how to set the camera, and you can’t do all that in a few seconds.

The moment they show signs of fading, release your finger and let the camera close the shutter. But not too long: I recommend holding the shutter button down, or release the cable after about one and a half seconds up to five seconds.
Now that I’ve given you something to think about with your exposure why not try altering your angle?
Make sure it’s a good clear shot without street lights getting into the camera to detract from the beautiful images on your photo, or passing cars that may potentially create light streaks in your picture. She teaches enthusiast photographers how to take beautiful, professional photos in easy, plain English. On Android, you can find the Options page by viewing your profile and then tapping on the Menu icon in the top-right corner.
Choose and select your preferred Page and then it will be default for any future Instagram sharing on Facebook. Judges, who are people with their own preferences and biases, compare one image to another and decide, often with very few guidelines, that one is better than the other.
Below are some tips and techniques that will take your photographs from fun snapshots to outstanding works of art. If you are willing to go out rain or shine, roll around in the mud and get really uncomfortable just to get the perfect shot, that determination will show. You will be able to capture unexpected moments, unusual subjects or uncommon perspectives, and these are the creative elements that judges look for.
Unfortunately, not all images are bold enough to make a big statement when converted to black-and-white. Judges will look at all the photographs in large groups, selecting the ones that stand out for their shortlists.
Compare your work to former champions, and you should be able to get an idea of which of your shots will be most successful. Similarly, many people miss out their chance to win just by submitting their photo in the wrong file upload size or print size.
We enable you to design and print your most important memories, in the most beautiful ways, at the best prices.
Taking pictures of fireworks involves a little bit of planning, not just point and shoot and hope for the best. They need the depth in a shot, so make sure the composition is in keeping the appearance of being ‘big.’ After all, you want to convey their majesty and power in the photo. There is nothing worse than the camera running out of power at the crucial moment or the thing blinking at you, saying you have one shot left and you haven’t finished! What you are doing here is keeping the ‘eye’ of the camera open long enough for the light and colour to get into the lens, senor and create a grand image for you.

Also choose a spot where people won’t constantly walk in front of the camera, stare at it and wave whilst you are trying to take the picture (pet hate). This can enhance the creativity of your angle and shots by simply using a different movement on your camera.
She has a monthly photography emagazine and ebooks to help you create stunning images every time. But now you’ll learn how to post Instagram photos to a Facebook Page, if you are a Facebook page owner and want to share pics on that page then you just need to make Facebook page as default. Don’t worry about whether or not there is a competition running that you can submit to.
If you are going to submit a black-and-white image, make sure the intended effect is in fact happening. If you do the same when selecting which shot to submit, you have a better chance of picking one that grabs judges’ attention.
And it almost goes without saying that you must have it submitted by the deadline.If you keep these tips in mind, you should be able to find more success in the photograph competitions you enter. Getting good digital shots of fireworks is about using your settings properly to expose the picture without getting too much noise in the picture. Perhaps even pick something in the distance that you think might be the same distance away as the fireworks would be, and set the camera to that.
Longer exposure times do indeed compensate for the lack of light, but the only draw back with digital is that the longer the aperture stays open, the more noise creeps into the photo. If you’re not sure, try both types of exposure and a something in between and see what you like best. There are certain things they look for, particular criteria that they expect the winning photographs to meet. If you choose auto focus you’ll find your shot will be gone as the fireworks evaporate into the blackness of the night sky. Open both pictures in PhotoShop; select a rectangle or freeform part on the sky of the second photo, copy that as a layer on top of the first photo, then merge the results. By taking the best photograph you can and submitting it, you improve your chances of winning drastically. Angle it so that the shot is 90 degrees vertical, and even whereby the bottom of the picture is at an angle.

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