This picture is a bit graphic BUT I think it does a great job of demonstratinghow our bodies function with healthy food and with unhealthy food. Amanda was one of those Brides that Charlottesville Makeup Artist LLC just couldn’t wait to meet!  When we spoke initially, I knew that this Bride wasn’t looking for just “ordinary” wedding makeup.  She was looking for WOW. While the basics can be learned by anyone, TRUE ARTISTRY, in my opinion, is something that few people can truly MASTER.  Not only does an Artist have to master the basics, but they’ve gotta be an ARTIST…which unfortunately is something people are either born with or not. Despite her horrific experience with a previous Artist, Amanda was not afraid!  Even over the phone she said, “I am SO excited about what is to come!”  When we first got started, Amanda exclaimed, “I am SO EXCITED for you to do my makeup!”  For a Bride that had a negative experience, I was happy to hear how optimistic she was!  I told her I was excited too! Imagine, a Bride who goes to a random makeup counter on her wedding day (the morning of), and when she leaves the makeup looks fine…  But weeks later, after she gets her wedding photos back, she just bursts into tears!  It makes me want to burst into tears just thinking about it!

What Amanda did right, was to get a TRIAL, rather than leaving it to “chance” the day of.  The great news is that her story can now be shared, and can be used to help educate others.  Rather than getting back from her honeymoon and seeing crazy wedding photos, she can now look back and laugh at the silly “white shadow” photo!
Not only did Amanda “LIKE” Charlottesville Makeup Artist LLC on FaceBook, but was kind enough to share her positive review online! PS:  Who do you know wants an MUA (Make-up Artist) that is truly an ARTIST, and who wants to turn YOUR FACE into a masterpiece?  Get involved!  “Like” us on Facebook for more access to tips, and tricks, on makeup and all things wedding. I greatly enjoyed my bridal trial that I had with you, and so excited to see how it all comes together on wedding day. Just uploaded a new health video talking about 3 ways to stop craving bad unhealthy food, like fast food and sweets.

I LOVE doing these types of videos because I think feeling good in your own body and being proud of your body is such an important thing.
And it seems like you guys like them too, so that makes me happy :) Feel free to leave more health-related video requests down below in the comments - as well as any others you may have.
If we fix this crave the first time with fruits and veggies, even though it might not be as mentally satisfying at that very moment, you will start to notice the difference long term.

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