How do you make a plastic bottle sit on top of a Rubik's Cube without a Rubik's Cube?It may seem like a brain teaser, but it's more like something you would see in an Escher drawing.
For an even crazier take on this, check out brusspup's other video below, which is a great anamorphic Rubik's Cube illusion. Or the type in parking structures that are at extreme angles like they were projected from headlights and then painted on whatever surface it touched. August 30, 2011 By Andrea Kerr OK, I wanted to put pictures and stuff but I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Monday we made the foldable graphic organizer that compared the different characteristics of pyramids and prisms as well as cylinders and cones. There were nine nets, so I put the students in groups of three and each student configured three different nets.
December 10, 2010 By Andrea Kerr What an excellent activity for a Friday! They were given five different nets. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Check out the Evaluation Page to see what you need to do to get a great mark from your teacher! To discover all you can about these 3D shapes, click to play with  pyramids and prisms . There are lots of cube nets to choose from, on your own guess as many as you can that will fold into a cube! Write down in your Quest workbook how many times had to you guess until you found them all. Carefully hold the mirror on the flag and see if the image in the mirror is the same as the image on the other side of the mirror. Check out this page, it might take a minute to load! It's a bit like a solving a code! Complete the handout and research the answer to the Bonus Question to keep earning $hape ca$h.
Working in pairs, now go to this website and you will be shown a shape that you know and you have to tell the computer how many lines of symmetry it has. Here's another go at number patterns but this time you are trying to beat the computer by cracking the code to open the safe.

Share book reviews and ratings with Mr Connor's Class, and even join a book club on Goodreads. A little Photoshop experience may be required for this one (or you can just print out his version). Tuesday I gave them nets of different three dimensional figures for them to cut out, fold, and tape. Some of the nets were built to perfection and some look like they had been run through a ringer. These patterns can also be used to create small gift boxes, gift box templates and favor boxes or bags for parties and crafts. There are 2 practice turns, then 10 codes, answer them all and record how many you got right in your Quest workbook. A three-dimensional world trapped in a two-dimensional image, which is exactly what's going on in this Rubik's Cube illusion.All you need to do is take a picture of the Rubik's Cube (or other similar 3D-centric subject) and something beside it for reference, as brusspup does in the video below.
This (along with most everything else I teach lol) is one of my favorite concepts to teach. They were to cut out the cards and match the discription with the appropriate picture and glue them on the colored paper.
So work together on this task, remember to finish the worksheet and write your score in your Quest workbook. Record your answer (1 at a time) by commenting below – include the letters that go together, as well as the name of the shape! Then print it out, put it down on a table, and slap something on top of it for final illusion.
The PASS for sixth grade math says that students should be able to compare and contrast three dimensional shapes. They have limited those shapes to triangular and rectangular prisms, triangular and rectangular pyramids, cones, and cylinders. I made a packet of these shapes and their nets, and have them for sale at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. I then have the students cut out the net and tape it together to make the three dimensional figure.
From looking at the picture of them, I thought the inserts were paper and would fall apart quickly.

Each page in the packet includes the name of the figure, a picture of the figure, and the net of the figure.
In the past, I found a website that had the nets with little tabs so that you could glue it to the other side.
I used these to show them models of the nets and how they fold up to be the different shapes. I use lots of hands-on materials to help them learn, in this case was actually cutting out the net and folding it up into the three dimensional figure. It is much easier to go the dollar store and buy some scotch tape, and have the students tape the  pieces together.
I also try to incorporate visuals such as the geometric shape kit my parents bought for me. I also made another packet that includes a page of difference triangular and rectangular prisms and rectangular and triangular pyramids, with a second page of two columns. Students are suppose to cut out the three dimensional shapes and glue them to the appropriate column. It also includes a worksheet that has a picture of a three dimensional figure, and then asks questions about its characteristics. This packet is for sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers store as well.  There is also a freebie worksheet in my store that I had made a while back that you could download for free. What shapes make up a cylinder?” I was extremely pleased with the number of students who could answer these questions and explain them, when the only lesson we had on them was some notes we took yesterday.
I believe giving them all of these hands-on activities and games have molded them into becoming thinkers.
The only problem is, is that we are getting in trouble for making too many copies on the copy machine.

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