Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Removing a load bearing wall in your home is not considered a DIY project, since it can result in injury and structural damage if not done correctly. Studs on each end (called king studs) are nailed to the beam, while studs under the beam (known as pack studs) carry the load.
The three two by fours under each end of the beam are called pack studs, because they transfer the beam’s load down to the floor. Now all of that hammering is to make sure that the beam is flush with the rest of the wall so this change will be undetectable once the drywall is added. Our beam is in place, our case opening is complete; and you can see how much it opens up the new area that we’re remodeling into the old area that’s also being remodeled.
Sign up for Danny's Monthly Newsletter and stay up to date on tips and tricks for the home. One of the most important things about owning a blog or website, is the amount of time it takes for your pages to load, primarily your main page. There are a number of things that maybe causing this and you might have to make a few adjustments in order to improve your loading time. Although I think we’ve all experienced this at one time or other, we sometimes feel that our pages are not loading as fast as we want them to, and in some cases you maybe right. I’m going to list a few things I think you need to consider if your website is not responding correctly and your pages are loading slowly.
It would be simple to say that we sometimes experience slow loading pages do to a server problem right?
If you are using a hosting service that has slow servers, this could be a good reason your blog is loading slow, make sure you do your research before you choose your hosting provider. A hosting service will never admit that their servers are running slowly because that’s bad for business, but if you see your pages are constantly loading slow then you know it must be the servers that are hosting your pages.
The number one cause of slow loading websites is caused by over loading your pages with open graphics, that’s right.
Some of the pages I’ve tested have very large banners at the top of their pages, this is one of the first things that will load when a visitor lands on your blog or website, so if the graphic is too large and takes a long time to load so will the rest of your website. The good thing about WordPress is it allows you to format all your images when you use their media library and will add the correct width and height, which is very important and I will explain why. Adding the correct width and height, to the images you upload and adding then to your blog post is very important because it helps your server retrieve your images quickly.
The reason for adding the ( Width and height ) is to help speed up the loading of any image you add to your blog or website. If you’re using Google AdSense, you may try using ( Text ) ads instead of image displays because it will help your pages load faster using a text link. Affiliate marketing is a primary tool used by many bloggers and can also be the cause of slow loading pages.
But I think its safe to safe most people have more then 2-affiliate banners displayed on their blogs or websites.
WordPress developers provide some very helpful plug-ins that will also increase the performance of your website and improve your loading time. If you would like to know what other people are saying about this very effective plug-in you can read about it here, w3 total cache reviews. Hello Ryan, Yes I think there’re a lot of bloggers that are experiencing this problem and might need a helping hand to correct it. Thanks for the helpful link and for taking the time to stop by it’s always a pleasure. Rob, I was a little shy of installing the WP-3 total cache plug in because it could change permalinks I believe?
Hello Lisa, This may be correct if you already have your blog or website, established already and could effect your permalinks.

How every, I do know a few people that have it installed and I don’t hear them saying anything about their permalinks.
Hello Sai, I think if safe to say you’re correct because Google had such a impact on most website including ours.
Hello Joy, yes placing images and ads on your blog will sometimes slow things down I have re-framed from using so many unwanted ads or images. This article covers some really important items that I think will help you speed things up a bit. I do the correct way of hyperlinking all my images including the width & height inside the variables.
That has always been a primary focus for me and I’ve always try my best to make someone that visits my blog a pleasant one.
Thanks so much for stopping by my friend and giving us your view on this topic always a pleasure.
Hello Babanature, yes you are correct plug-ins are also the cause of low performance loading time.
This as really a great post and even though I was aware of some of the things you mentioned here I still learned a lot. I actually just got rid of 6 mini banners that I had on the margin of my blog because they were not getting results anyway, and I could see that my loading time was slow according to Alexa.
I will difinitely check out the plugins you mentioned here and see if I can find out some valuable info about my blog’s time to load. Hello Sylviane, That sounds great I’m very pleased to know my tips has been effective in one way or another. I prefer a clean and easy to navigate blog were people can come and comment and engage with me with out having to wait for my pages to load because that can be frustrating if you know what I mean…. If you find out any info on the the plug-ins I mentions please do come back and let me know ok?
Adding the correct width and height is so important, and thanks for letting everybody know this fact. There’s a plugin called P3 Profiler which can check for you which plugin is consuming more of the resources and needs to be discarded.
One crucial step that can speed up your blog a bit without any additional expenses is having a self-hosted CDN. I think it’s great to know which plug-ins are consuming your resources because it will slow your blog down tremendously and will cause other problems as well as time progresses.
Aw CDN, Content delivery network, I’ve read a few articles on this but would not declare my self as an expert in the field. Hello Harleena, Thanks so for the info anything to improve the performance of your blog is a good thing. I mean my blog is doing just fine so I don’t feel I really need to make to many changes.
Hello Sherman, First let me say it’s great to meet you, and yes to many plug-ins can and will cause problems. I’m using Yslow for checking the speed of the website, it really gives me detailed stats, while reading the post I trying your pingdom as well, the result was very quick. Hello Sapna, Yes you are correct using too many plug-ins is a concern and should be considered when you’re building your blog or website, because some of then can become a resource hog. Thanks so much for stopping by and adding your comment my friend it’s always a pleasure to see you. When removing a load bearing wall, the load must be supported temporarily while the wall is removed and a beam strong enough to carry the load is put in place.
The beam that will carry the load that the wall once had is made from two, two by twelves with a piece of half-inch plywood between them. The studs outside the pack studs are called the king studs, probably because they control the beam and the pack to keep them from shifting from side to side.

In addition to posting comments on articles and videos, you can also send your comments and questions to us on our contact page or at (800) 946-4420. If you have too many ads or open images, on your pages it will slow your page down tremendously.
If I don’t set a particular Width and height, it only makes it harder for your server to retrieve those images. This is also a reason for slowing down your page loading time, if you’re using too many ads on your page I would recommend limiting how many ads you place on your page in order to speed up your loading time. I only use 2-affiliate banners for my blog and for the most part I don’t have any problems with my page loading slow. If you think you’re going to use a large number of affiliate ads on your blog I would suggest using a separate page for those ads to help your main page load quickly. This means your hosting provider and servers has to work a little bit harder each time you install a new plug-in. Plug-in that will Optimize your blog and works while you’re sleeping, it will help your blog or website run more efficient, just set it up and it will do the rest. Whether you're a novice or advanced developer, Genesis provides the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to incredible places. It’s their developer tool that provides lots of useful data to help speed up the site. Some good points for me to consider on my blog (NOT this one) as I have one blog with a VERY slow home page load. I was talking about the self-hosted CDN, which isn’t a real CDN but just helps to create static content for your images etc. I know I had a problem with having too many plugins and I had to deactivite and uninstall the ones I wasn’t using and causing problems. A real house works the same way, except that the load-bearing walls aren’t so easy to locate.
Your house’s load bearing walls transfer their structural strain into a sturdy concrete foundation, so any walls that interface directly with the foundation should be assumed to be load bearing walls and should not be removed. You should see this at the foundation level – whether wood, stone, or brick, nearly all exterior walls will extend right into the concrete. For example, the addition of exhaust fans and attic stairways often requires cutting of ceiling joists, which can also transfer loads from the original walls… the main (center of the house) beam and the outside wall, onto non-load bearing walls that are in between them. If you have a project in mind, like Removing a structural wall or a post or a project that involves skills (and tools) outside of your knowledge, turning to professionals is a good choice, likely we are here to help our prices are competitive and we will get the job done right, It is best to be safe and stay on the side of caution and consider every wall as load-bearing until it has been confirmed by a professional. It’s persuaded into position with more than a little force and then it supported by several two by fours. That is the sad part of wordpress, I’m not in control of source code, otherwise I could have easily optimized the website, if not fully at least to my satisfaction. Identify these important walls using a few rules that apply broadly to buildings before starting your project. Always remember, though, that even if it doesn’t fit one of these categories, it might still be a load-bearing wall. W3 Total Cache confuses me, I don’t really know how to use this or how to empty my cache here.
But Wp Super Cache makes it easier for me to do this, and so I just empty my cache on this plugin.

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