The classic white van reimagined as our new retro GIF photo booth Camera Van, the latest immersive photo experience for festivals, experiential tours, corporate events and weddings.
When Facebook and Twitter finally caught on to GIFs, or ‘Graphics Interchange Format’ for the techy geeks out there, it wasn’t long after we developed our photo booths with a fully integrated GIF animation option complete with instant social media sharing. Double sided photo podHave you waited patiently in a photo booth queue only to get to the front and be told it’s closed?
Eco Photo BoothThe photo booth is based on Megabooth’s classic open-air photo pod but has one distinct difference, it’s made from cardboard… and not just ordinary cardboard.
You can’t really use the words ‘brand new’ and ‘vintage’ in the same sentence, but that’s exactly what our new retro photo booth delivers. We’ve brought you a jungle themed taxi, flower power Beetle, union jack Mini Cooper and the enchanted forest taxi photo booth, the latest addition is a hallucinogenic mash up of all of its siblings.
The hippie van is play on your senses, from a whimsical fairy tale wonderland filled with peace, love and happiness to trippy mushrooms, a psychedelic skull and… my little pony.
Thanks to innovative engineering and ground-breaking design, the 360-degree panoramic video booth is set to be the new accessory to red carpets all over the world. Set to capture the entire experience with one-button, the 360-degree booth creates seamless videos in ultra high definition that can be shared through Social Media or your website.. The all new hashtag printing station is bigger and better than ever before with the latest social media technology to help promote your event in real time and online.
The festival flower power booth is set to take the summer events by storm, the exterior is awash with colours and looks like an advert from the 1960s and early 1970s. The summer loving’ festival photo pod creates a lively, interactive element to your event and helps add a vibrant atmosphere to a party. We’re always searching for the next big thing in the photo booth world and the Social Pod delivers just that.
No matter what your project or event requires, if it demands or deserves a special approach, the remarkable chrome photo booth cube delivers everything and more. Megabooth prides itself on the authenticity of its booths and the original vintage Austin Mini photo booth epitomises that.

From the iconic body to the seats, through to the wheels and the dashboard, nothing screams British quite like the instantly recognisable London Fairway Black Cab. The stunning White taxi is finished to beautiful standard for that most exciting day of your life. Another London Black Cab for your event, this time inspired by colour and craziness with its swirling and surreal paint job and psychedelic 60s vibes. Megabooth creates the complete photo experience for guests to enjoy at the event as well as going home with a lifetime memento.
The app is pretty much a plug-n-play port, meaning that once installed you are ready to go. We now have the GIF photo booth available with prints, Boomerang GIF booth and the dedicated social media GIF photo booth targeting retail outlets and experiential campaigns.
Has your company gala or award evening overrun leaving only 10 minutes for 1000 plus people, including you, to bundle into the booth?
The cardboard photo booth is manufactured in the UK and is made from a lightweight and durable material, which is 100% recyclable and sourced from a sustainable forests where, for each tree chopped down two new trees are planted to protect the future of forests and timber supply for years to come. The most advanced social media photo booth is a beautifully simple, sleek printing station that only requires a unique hashtag from you to elevate your campaign, increase exposure for your brand or spread awareness for your event. A symbol of the free spirited and non-violent ideology many people adopted during the decades of flower power, peace and love. A modern twist on the traditional photo booth that you can find in your local supermarket, the stylish photo pod offers a fully interactive service with social media capability and hilarious on screen props to spruce up your image…if necessary, of course. The Mini oozes style with it's British themed interior and exterior and a faux glass floor.
Fully decked out with a vibrant and vivacious flower power theme, it has flowers all over the roof and a faux grass floor. Hailing a cab on the streets of London is notoriously hard but our signature black Taxi Photobooth will drive straight to your party wherever you are in the UK. From the wheels to the dashboard, seats to iconic bodywork, this booth is a fully authentic London Fairway Black Cab with room for plenty of people to pile in and pose for the camera.

What better way to remember it than with thoroughly unique pictures of all your guests enjoying posing in the cab. Flowers adorn the roof and AstroTurf grass lines the floor for extra sensory surprises to really engage your guests. Do you go to parties where a particular group or even a particular person treats the booth as their own vanity mirror?
The Photo Pod comes with a selection of 15 funky backdrops to choose from or alternatively we can provide custom backdrops. Its internal oak dashboard is a touch of luxury, making it a popular talking point amongst guests of all ages. The Beetle's vibrant exterior is an irresistible lure for festivals, weddings and corporate hire, and for anyone passing by. Each one can be customizes to your liking with Just Married plates, wedding props and a whole lot more. Graffiti Taxi 2 Just like Graffiti Taxi 1 but with a different design, colours and interior, this taxi is for the most eccentric people out there. Branded Taxi In the past, clients like Ray Ban, Universal, Stella McCartney, Hackett, Boots, River Island, Time Out, and the Brit Awards have seen the potential in our London Fairway fully Branded Taxi. The symbolic White Taxi is also perfect for any themed private event, product launch or corporate party and always a massive hit at White Themed events. Covered in hand spray painted monkeys, flowers and other animals it has a fly urban edge that will go down well with younger, graffiti appreciating crowds.

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