There are a million tips I could give you, but luckily I don’t need to bother because Lindsay from Pinch of Yum, one of my absolute favourite food blogs ever, has already written it all out for you in her ebook, Tasty Food Photography. This newly-updated ebook contains sixty-three pages of easy-to-read information, incredibly helpful tips and tricks, and plenty of example photos to demonstrate each point. For more information, example pictures of some of the pages in the book, and to buy your own copy of Tasty Food Photography, head over to Pinch of Yum.
In the beginning, I used an entry-level DSLR camera that cost me around $400 for the body and lens. This camera has an almost limitless amount of ways to shoot awesome photos, time lapses, selfies, long exposure, and night shots.
I knew that I wanted to try to photograph the Northern Lights this year (and I did!) and for that, I needed a camera that could handle low-light situations better. The ISO levels (what helps to shoot better in low-light situations) are literally 100 times higher than what my old Nikon could shoot. Thanks to the WiFi capabilities, there are things like a touchless remote, phone capabilities, time-lapse programs, and all kinds of apps I haven’t even tested out yet that I can download onto this camera. Since this camera is so compact and light, it’s way easier to travel, and especially hike, with.
I bought a bundle package when I purchased the camera which includes filters, a telephoto lens, and extra batteries and chargers. The photos above wouldn’t have been possible without a wide-angle lens to capture the entire scene. I used to wonder what photographers were using that could so naturally drive my line of sight right to the focal point of a photo. Speaking of wide-angles, the GoPro has an even wider, fish-eye lens that is perfect for a natural curve in the landscape like the top photo, or when you need to get a lot into one photo, like the Singapore super trees. Plus, if you’re not sure about photo settings, especially in low-light, the GoPro adjusts for you and takes awesome photos regardless of the light situation.
Out of all the other cameras and lenses I have, it’s the cheapest but also the most resilient. Plus, with the new GoPro app, even with my older model I can still see what the lens sees by taking it with my phone, which makes selfies possible too! Shoot your images in RAW format, aim for golden hour, learn how to get out of the automatic setting, and look for symmetry.
My mom laughed at me the first time we were traveling together and I said, “ah, check out that cloud porn. Golden hour, the hour before the sun sets or after it rises, is an ideal time for photos as well. You can’t always be everywhere during golden hour, but if there are certain places where you know it will make a big difference, try to be there at the right time. If the clouds in the sky are not the exciting kind, or if it’s the middle of the day and everything is super bright, try to find ways to focus on things other than the bright or gloomy sky. The accounts I follow are either good friends of mine, make me laugh, or are photographers whose work is stellar, and the latter makes up the bulk of them.
Whenever possible, walk around wherever you are and climb higher or get lower to see if another perspective makes the shot look better. Watch YouTube tutorials from your favorite photographers, if they make them, read up on photography tips and tricks. Though it doesn’t look like it, my photos are mainly selfies shot with a timer, or are situations where I figured out exactly how I wanted it to look, and asked whoever I was with or a passer by to hold it right in that position and take the photo for me. I don’t really even need them to tell me, because I study their facial expression to see if they react favorably. There’s a YouTube video I love from an amazing videographer, Devin Graham, where he shows a look behind the scenes for a typical video that he shoots. It’s not as simple as walking up to a beautiful place, taking a quick photo with your phone, and watching the numbers roll in. Photography is fun, and art is subjective, so create what looks good to you and don’t worry about anyone else.
The pursuit of a great shot does require more effort, but sometimes requires more patience. I am glad to see that you are using the Sony A6000, because I am thinking about getting one and I wanted to see how great it really was.

I got the Sony a5100 and am new to taking photos with a compact camera, so I’m really trying to find my way around this.
I love you pictures and you’ve inspired me to buy the Sony mirror less camera you use!!
After browsing your several blog posts, I am definitely convinced that you are an excellent photographer. Like you, I would really like to improve my efforts to take better pictures and to become somewhat of a photography junkie. Welcome to Be My Travel Muse, a travel blog geared towards the adventurous, cultural experience-seeking, off the beaten path-loving traveler.
I'm Kristin, a native Southern Californian who has dedicated her life to solo traveling the world in the most genuine way possible, always talking to locals and delving deep into the culture. If you click over to Pinch of Yum to buy yourself a copy of Tasty Food Photography, I will receive a percentage of the cost. I’ve just been reading your other blog posts and I have to say I really like your approach to food – I love vegetarian food, especially if it is simple! If a food photo makes me want to lick the screen, I consider that a job well done :) The e-book offer is so tempting! Food photography can be so tricky to get right so it’s great to have a book on hand to help. In that time my follower numbers have grown from 2,000 to nearly 40,000 – a nice indication that I’m moving in the right direction, but I still have lots to learn! This is a more compact, mirrorless camera and I bought it because almost all of my favorite photographers also use it. It’s worth it if you intend on shooting wildlife, portraits, or long exposure shots during the day. I’ve come to find that time and time again, the wide angle makes photos look way more interesting because it allows for extra detail in the photo that is normally cut off of the sides. When in snowy or wet situations, I leave the other cameras at home and just bring this one. I resisted for years because I didn’t want a heavy tripod along, but then I realized that it let me do so much more with my photography, so I opted for a light one.
Perfect for photos.” now she uses the term, too, because clouds can add so much oomph to a photo!
It is so-named because it paints everything gold when the sun starts to dip below the horizon and creates an etherial look to photos. You can’t always have perfect weather or be at the perfect place at the perfect time. Sometimes you won’t really know what looked best until you get home and look at the photos on your computer screen so take a bunch of photos to choose from.
Usually, if I even have to ask, I already know the answer to the question and elect not to post the photo. If I’m in the photo, I try to do something fun or active rather than standing and smiling at the photo. He mentions hiking 11 miles followed by boating to an area of Hawaii where nobody else had a similar shot, just to film something that appeared for a moment in his video.
Maybe it’s that quick for some people, but the majority will have to put in a lot of effort to get amazing photos. It’s a process, and all of the photographers you love had to get to where they are over time, through diligence, and by practicing. I see so many people leave as soon as the sun goes down, but that’s when the real magic happens. I saw you commented on the Iceland post so hopefully you lift some good tips from that for your Iceland trip!
I know that a lot of my readers have their own food blogs, so if you’d like to improve your food photography too, read on! Seriously, this book will take you all the way from complete novice to expert food photographer, so whatever level you’re at, there will be something in here for you.
Lindsay covers topics like how to use a DSLR camera (aperture, ISO etc.), composition, lighting, props, editing photos, and more.

However, I honestly do refer to this book all the time, and would never recommend it if I didn’t think it was responsible for a huge amount of the photography improvements I’ve made over the last year!
Your photographs are excellent too – I’m still getting the hang of it on my blog! The lens creates a cool warped effect around the sides (that can be edited out later if needed) that makes clouds look like they’re stretching out into space. I put up with it because the camera takes such cool photos and is usable in situations when I can’t use my others, but consider purchasing an extra battery if you intend to use the camera all day without an opportunity to charge (though I have found a portable charger helps combat the issue).
If you’d like a bit more info on each of those, check out this photography basics post where I go into more detail. It shows scale, allows the viewer to imagine him or herself there, and allows you to come home with awesome travel photos. Glad to see that you (and apparently other travel bloggers as well) are using a Sony compact camera. I had a Canon 60D and it was just WAY too bulky for all the traveling I do so I just sold it and bought this one. There are even links to exclusive video tutorials that you can only access if you have the ebook. If I want a photo right away, I can download it from my camera to my phone right then and there. I’m excited to receive this camera and start playing with it as I’m going to Iceland at the end of this month! Thanks for sharing your knowledge about a good start up camera and the functions available. When I purchased my first set of filters, which were Cokin, I really just went for what was the cheapest.
What ND filters do is allow you to have more control over light, and thus give you more control over the image.There are 2 different types of graduated filters out there, hard edge and soft edge. Mostly I use it to balance scenes where one part of the image (usually the sky) is brighter than another part of the image. By using the GND filters it is one less thing that I have to do in post and saves me a lot of time.
Now, with usually a little bit of dodging to the foreground I can achieve a perfectly balanced image.Formatt-Hitech Reverse ND Graduated FilterI use this filter primarily for sunsets and sunrises when the brightest part of the scene is at the horizon line. It differs from a regular Graduated filter, that starts darker at the top and gets lighter at the bottom. By using this filter to hold the highlights in a sunset or sunrise situation I am better able to control the dynamic range of those scenes.
Instead of shooting multiple exposures and reconstructing the scene in post I can come away with a better base image to work with.Formatt-Hitech FirecrestA 6 Stop ND FilterThis is my go-to filter for late afternoon and cloudy conditions. Giving me another tool in my arsenal to control light and add more creativity into my photography.
You can use it to lighten and darken blue skies, get rid of reflections in glass, and water, and saturate or de-saturate the greens and blues in a scene: All in one filter. I also use it in conjunction with my other filters to help reduce the light entering the camera by about 1.5 stops. Because the holder itself attaches onto an adaptor ring, it can be easily rotated to adjust the position of the filter without any effort. They also come in standard and wide angle which are set back a little more to assist with vignetting when using wider angle lenses.
There has been no loss of image quality and lens flares have not been a problem either.Overall I think that if you are looking to take your photography to that next level or are just looking for a quality filter kit, these Formatt-Hitech filters definitely fit the bill.

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