Whether you want to add pictures to Photos app from a folder on your Mac, somewhere else in the file system, or an external drive, we’ve got you covered.
This tutorial is primarily aimed at importing image files directly into Photos app in OS X, but if you’d like to move an iPhoto library or Aperture library into Photos app, another guide covers that with a different migration process.
Perhaps the easiest option to bring new pictures into the Photos app in OS X is to simply use the File menu Import option. The pictures will be imported quickly into the open library and automatically arranged by their date as determined by the images EXIF data.
The drag and drop methods work with individual image files, many image files, importing a group of selected pictures, or even entire folders of images. With digital cameras and memory cards, you’ll find that Photos app opens automatically by default when a camera is connected to the Mac, while you can turn this off if desired, it does make importing pictures from cameras, memory cards, and iOS devices into Photos app extremely easy as detailed here, which makes it a good feature to leave on for many Mac users.
If you’re bringing in pictures from a folder on your Mac, Photos app will make a copy of the imported files, which may or may not be desired depending on your preferences.
If you have imported a very large library of pictures but thumbnails are not displaying properly, you can repair the Photos library to resolve that issue and many other common problems with Photos app. Now that you know many image import methods for Photos app, do you have any other tricks, questions, or comments about Photos app?
I don’t use Photos in the iCloud because I have way too many photos so the storage cost would be expensive.
That said, my iPhone photos go into PhotoStream and so they appear in Photos when I open it. My understanding is that when I open Photos, it imports all my PhotoStream photos, and next time I do so, if any have been deleted, it’s OK, because they remain in Photos.
That seems to suggest to me that I need to open Photos every month or so, to ensure that all my PhotoStream photos get imported, otherwise some will get lost eventually, since PhotoStream has a 1,000 photo limit. Am I getting the maximum resolution I can via PhotoStream import, or am I missing something. I have 3 libraries and can’t figure out what is what and what is actually used by Photos now.
Use the 3rd party application iPhoto Library Manager to merge the 3 iPhoto libraries into a single library prior to importing into Photos or Lightroom or whatever. Lots of questions and issues here with saving photos, but does anyone have a real fix for Transferring photos and videos so you can free up memory on iPhone?
From the Photos app in OS X, how do you open an image in an external photo editor such as PS or PS Elements? The feature of external editing, which was done so well from within iPhoto is no longer available with Photos. The first revision of Photos will reportably support plug-ins which supposedly will allow Adobe or others to provide this feature. The result is that I can’t see my photos listed by order of name anymore on the iPod Touch 5G. You know, it took some groundwork, like grouping corresponding photos together, putting them into right folders etc.
This is a Apple Script Folder Action for autoimport to photos.app the pictures of a folder.
With the new Photos app, I can’t select the destination folder that my photos are imported to. Let me get this straight, when you import photos into Photos, it makes a copy of all the files??? I’ve just been looking for a way to view my photos in OS X, paging through photos from a vacation.
In this article we are going to explain how to import Excel data into VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM.
If you still haven’t done that please follow the instructions: [1] navigate to the “Main Screen” of your VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM System and [2] click on the “Market Icon”. To start the import you should first access the “Lead window” in VIENNA Advantage ERP & CRM. After clicking on the “Import” icon, a new window will open where you can manage all data imports from Excel. Are you interested in importing content into a single folder or do you need for each item imported to go into a potentially different folder? I should clarify that we can import into Folders in a document library, but not in a regular list.
For that scenario, you can use the Replicate File Structure Job feature of the List Bulk Import. Thank you for explaining your use case and you are correct about assigning metadata not being possible when importing file structures.
The product team will definitely take this request into consideration when planning for a future release of List Bulk Import.

Real estate lead generation for agents using advanced online prospecting strategies for websites and WordPress.
We are a marketing agency specialising in real estate agents who know the internet is the the future and want to use it to find clients and provide the best possible service to them. If you are looking to transform your business into the digital age and have clients come to you, and are prepared for the avalanche, then you have found the future. Update This post is so popular, I made a much more detailed and specific guide on my business blog: 3 Ways to Import Products Into China Check it out!
If you have a product that you think would rock in China, but not sure how to logistically get it into Mainland, then read on! There are 3 methods, (a) traditional and legal way, (b) newer, newly developing method of utilizing logistics companies trucking services, and (c) illegal border smuggling. I was in GZ for 4 years and still have an office with a few staff where I export mainly hotel supplies. Now I have an awesome product that I know will do well in China, but not sure how to go about it. I think, again, THINK if you will really marry your gf and you trust her, then that would by far be the fastest and cheapest way.
The best is to mail samples to China…but since this is a high value item, I would think you can’t budget this! Thanks for the clearest information i,ve found so far online in regards to importing into China.
Hi Michael,  I have a branded product made in Canada and would like to sell it into China, I already have orders from Watsons and a distributor. Is it illegal to buy small quantities of items in Us from Stores such as Best Buy or Macys and ship them thru. Just wondering, do you where to start looking for details on safety requirements for machinery in China? Can you please confirm what special rules or regulations apply to importing food products into China, especially breakfast cereals (porridge).
Hi Lisa, I have some idea to your logistic question, how can we contact each other to discuss further? American internet dude living in China (since '07) helping western companies leverage Chinese social media for business. You can use this to access any image files contained within the file system of OS X, whether the pictures are in a folder or several, on an external hard drive, a mounted memory card, or anything else accessible by the Mac Finder.
The actual importation process is practically identical to approaches outlined above, you just select the pictures you want and import them, and it’s done!
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I’m pretty sure this generation of children will grow up with a lot of lost media images due to OS upgrade failures (causing a complete loss of media) and lost or damaged hard drives.
In addition, if you could answer how importing from a camera works with photostream, that would be very helpful.
My photos are now stored on my NAS(es), and from there, they are being synced to my Flickr account automatically.
All I want to do is connect the camera to USB get a finder window and copy the camera files where I want to put them. Is there a way to have Apple recognize the physically connected Android smartphone for import just as easily as it does it’s own iPhones?
I have also used Picasa in the past and it imported photos without making an extra copy, but it’s being phased out. But, before you start the data import into your system make sure that you have installed the Free Excel Data Import Utility from the VIENNA Advantage Market.
You can do that by [1] navigating to the “Main Application Menu”, [2] choose “Sales management” folder from the drop down menu, and then [3] choose “Lead”. Once you have installed the Excel Data Import Utility and accessed the “Lead Window”, you can find the “Import” icon, on the left side of the window, in the bottom.
By using the datasheet view, we can easily import your information into your CRM application.
On the page where you map source columns to target columns, you can specify the folder to import into.
So if the above scenario is what you need, I need to make sure that you need to import into a library.
The files have their origin in some file system folders and they do not have overall unique file names. Unfortunately, this is a limitation with our product and we do not currently offer a suitable alternative for your business need at this time. Love international business & connecting, and working on ways to give hard working people global opportunities.

For most users, it’s best to maintain a single library, though multiple photo libraries is quite helpful for users who want to have a separate private image library, or separation between a work image library and their personal pictures, or other such use cases.
Jony Ive says that having things look like what they are is bad design (either that or he can’t draw), so the Photos icon has been replaced with an abstract Photos symbol.
Tried to fix this by using a View selection, but they don’t even give you the choice anymore.
I thought I would use the photosync app to move the album to my devices later, so I could show them to friends. Find the import Excel Data Utility Pack in the search results and [4] click on the “Install” button to start the setup of this module.
Moreover, in the video you will also find out how to trigger workflow and connect it to the imported leads from the Excel sheet.
I will demonstrate the process by walking through the basic steps of importing your information.Usually, the first step in any implementation is to gather all of your business critical information and prepare it for import into your new CRM tool. Hence, I cannot import them into SharePoint into one flat structure without overwriting them or getting errors. There is so little clarity on the net and we have come across this via a Chinese logistics company. I know some Asians in Us that do so sending it to a family member in China who in turn sells for a profit. It avoids looking like what it is (skeuomorphism) by cleverly resembling a gadget that you’d use at Home Depot to choose a paint color.
I upload to Flickr, Amazon prime photo app, and shutterfly but surely this has to have an easier fix? Well, they ended up in my photostream, which is great for the devices but means they duplicated in photos app without the tagging.
I have to select all, hit open with Preview, and then I can page down with ctrl-down arrow, and it is really slow. Data you may want to import could include accounts, contacts, products, or any other spreadsheet of information important to your business. The solution would be to import them into (the same) folders in SharePoint and by that avoid duplicate names.
I am having a really hard time with this because the manufacturer does not have an import permit.
Is the Chinese Regulations requiring machines to pretty much conform to CE (European legislation) before you can sell your machine into China? What we would like to do is to import the products into China as a foreign entity (have the registered logistics company do all the customs for us), storing our products in the warehouses provided by a warehousing service company.
Similarly, you tap on the valentine for the Health app and the toy balloons for the Game Center. Once the data has been collected and cleaned, it is time to import!The first step is to take advantage of our intuitive, carefully designed templates.
And whenever an order is placed, the warehousing company is responsible for the fullfilment service. These are stored on my NAS and I don’t want to kill my space on my laptop with a copy. You can now begin to match up columns from your spreadsheet to the columns currently in our SharePoint list. Another popular product for sale in china is foreign cosmetics, and the current rate for importing into Mainland China is at least 18 reminbi per kilogram. And, reviewing the SharePoint fields may flag information for you that you would like to begin collecting. Once all of the columns are aligned between your spreadsheet and SharePoint, your Excel data is mapped and ready.Next you can begin the import of data. This standard SharePoint functionality is accomplished by editing your list in datasheet view. By navigating to your Accounts list in datasheet view, we see that we are, in essence, going to be copy and pasting between two spreadsheets. As long as your columns match up between the excel spreadsheet and SharePoint, copying and pasting 100 records at a time will allow you to import the data in chunks and manage any errors with data type conflicts and so forth. When complete, you can navigate to the Accounts link on your BPA CRM application and view all of your imported data in action.By using standard tools like Microsoft Excel to get your data into the CRM application, you are afforded a familiar way to compile, manage and prepare data for import into your system.

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