Als u uw iPhone contacten naar computer wilt overzetten in een algemeen formaat bent u hier op de juiste plaats. Klik op "Contacts" aan de linkerlant om een lijst met contacten van uw iPhone geheugenkaart en accounts, als iCloud, Exchange en Yahoo te openen!. Opmerking: een ding waar u aan moet denken als u contacten van iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo!, etc wilt overzetten naar computer voor backup is, dat u eerst moet inloggen op de accounts op uw iPhone. Beide versies van deze tool stellen u in staat om uw contacten van iPhone naar computer over te zetten op twee manieren, maar er is een verschil. Download de gratis probeerversie hieronder om uw iPhone contacten te kopieren naar computer.
Als u het scherm hierboven ziet, volg dan de beschrijving die het geeft en start met de scanning mode. Laat na 10 seconden de "Power" knop los, maar houdt de "Home" nog ingedrukt voor nog eens 10 seconden. Na het scannen kunt u al uw iPhone gegevens vinden, netjes gepresenteerd in duidelijke categorien. Nu moet u "Contacts" markeren of alleen de gegevens die u wilt en daarna op "Recover" klikken om ze op uw computer op te slaan. Verbindt uw iPhone met de computer en synchroniseer met iTunes om een backup bestand te genereren. Als u Wondershare Dr.Fone voor iOS (Mac) gebruikt, switch dan naar "Recover from iTunes Backup File" optie boveaan. Als het ophalen is gebeurd, wordt alle inhoud van het iTunes backup bestand dat gevonden is in detail gepresenteerd.
Herstel iPhone berichten: Deze handleiding laat u zien hoe verwijderde tekstberichten op verschillende manieren kunt herstellen van iPhone.
Herstel verwijderde foto's op iPhone: Dit artikel laat u zien hoe u verwijderde foto's van iPhone op verschillende manieren kunt herstellen. We waarderen uw privacy en beschermen uw financiele en persoonlijke data met volledige encryptie en geadvanceerde fraude bescherming.
Exportar los contactos que tenemos en nuestro iPhone, iPad o Mac puede ser una tarea complicada si por alguna razon no tenemos a mano o no podemos acceder al dispositivo.
Suponiendo y teniendo en cuenta que tenemos los contactos sincronizados y en una copia de seguridad dentro de iCloud lo cierto es que recuperarlos no es nada complicado. Se nos generara un archivo que podremos descargar y guardar en el escritorio o en cualquier otro lugar del equipo. El archivo generado tiene como extension .vcf, que es un estandar dentro de las aplicaciones de contactos o de correo para identificar cuando se trata de una lista de contactos. Gracias a esto podremos trasladar todos nuestros contactos facilmente a cualquier otra plataforma, como puede ser un telefono Android, una lista de contactos en Outlook o una aplicacion de agenda.
Escribo sobre tecnologia y cultura contemporanea en varios medios especializados siempre teniendo como objetivo final aportar algo realmente util. Se possediamo un Mac, abbiamo la possibilita di importare le immagini dall’iPad semplicemente utilizzando il software iPhoto. Nel caso iPhoto non sia installato nel PC Mac, possiamo comunque importare i file multimediali dell’iPad tramite lo strumento Acquisizione Immagine, disponibile nella cartella Applicazioni. Ho bisogno di scaricare video da IPAD 2 a PC ma quando li scarico mi risultano capovolti come posso fare?
Ciao, e possibile anche importare gli album salvati nell’Ipad o solamente le foto presenti nel rullino?
Chi mi spiega come trasferire foto da pc a ipad II senza cancellare altri album ?o meglio senza cancellare le precedenti ? Per scaricare le foto da Ipad a pc basta connetterlo con il cavo e poi aspettare un paio di minuti che si attivi l’autoplay, a quel punto si naviga nelle cartelle Dell Ipad che contengono le foto. Salve, io sono riuscita ad importare tutto, ma le foto non riesco a ruotarle, a modificarle, eliminarle una volta nel pc. Anch’io come tanti altri non riesco a scaricare su pc gli album di iPad , ci sono le foto dei due viaggi piu belli della mia vita. Ora mando a ripristinare un vecchio PC con xp o vista e contemporaneamente mi faccio installare un altro sistema a distribuzione libera. Nowadays there are more and more apps for Android and iPhone can help us transfer files from a Mac or PC to our mobile phones over Wi-Fi.
In an earlier guide, we demonstrated how you can transfer photos, videos and music between computer and iPhone over Wifi using the iPhone file master app. After that you can access all kinds of data types in the Folder Lock app on iPhone or Android, such as photos, videos, music, audios, documents and so on.
Go to the Photos tab, click Add Files button, browse to your folder and albums on computer, choose the image files you like to send from computer to mobile phone.
If you have enable the security lock on the phone, all files transferred to the phone through Wifi file transfer of the Folder Lock app will be protected by its password, PIN or pattern.
Photos app is a great app to manage and browse large collections of pictures on a Mac, but some users prefer to manually sort their pictures using the file system of OS X, which means that if you add those pictures into Photos app they will be copied into the Photos library. It is not recommended for most users to turn this off, Apple leaves this feature enabled by default for good reason.
This has no impact on duplicates of pictures found within the actual Photos app, it simply prevents copying the image files at the file system level. With Importing turned off, you’re now free to add pictures to Photos app with the import function or drag and drop as usual, but the newly added images will no longer be copied to the Photos Library. This means the picture will stay in it’s origin location but basically have an alias in the Photos app (with thumbnails generated too, of course), rather than being copied into Photos Library files.
If this sounds confusing, then chances are good that the setting is not intended for you, so you should not change the setting at all, keep the default Importing choice enabled.

This is true, but I’ve found that the thumbnails can take up a considerable amount of room. Great tip, I don’t have enough hard drive space to allow Photos to duplicate all my files here plus iCloud, so this is perfect for me.
I prefer Macs, but as a user of PC’s also, I KNOW that users are not running defrag all the time. I hate to say it, Paul, but your post is just as confusing as the process you are trying to describe. Photos is really confusing unless you just let it down its thing from iCloud, which eats up so much disk space that you’ll have no room for anything else on your Mac.
I have used up all space on my 2 TB new computer, all of my icloud storage space months ago, all google photo storage, dropbox storage, so, do I defrag my HP computer, or how do I ensure photos of my children from 2003 don’t get deleted on my hard drive? Yes, I’ve tried to disable the auto import feature, thus keeping my files nicely organized by date in Lightroom, but when it does create a thumbnail, nearly the same size, (what part of don’t import is hard to understand), whats the sense? Have tried the right click method of converting each album to name sorting, but it’s not doing the job. Mike, I am in Photos app right now, I am in the Preferences and trying to see what you’re talking about, but as I try to find the apostrophe and possessive you speak of, I do not see it in the Photos preferences?
I do NOT want my pictures imported into Photos — I want to manage the folder structure as I see fit, and be able to browse them and upload to Flickr with a photo management app. I wanted to import my 5Gb photo folder into Photos without duplicating them, just leave them into place. Followed the instructions to turn off the copying feature, but the thumbnails still take up an enormous amount of space, its almost not even worth using the app. Well, you’re moving from software built in 1995 for Windows to software built in 2015 for Mac, things are probably quite different indeed! Now, both libraries appear to have the same file size (for example, my libraries show up at about 350GB each) — which means that to most people, it appears that Photos duplicated the library, taking up another 350GB worth of space. However, that is not the case — because the new Photos library is only a hard-link to the original, there is no additional storage being used, even though Finder shows each library at 350GB.
This is an article about preventing Photos from making a duplicate of each picture that is separately used. Unless you want to delete your pictures, you should not delete the folder with all of your pictures. I am so frustrated with the new Photos, I cannot organize my albums as easily as with iPhoto.
If one single thing is going to force me to return to Windows after 3 years on OS X, it is this insane Apple madness that duplicates all my files (music and pictures)!!! I didn’t know about this garbage when I crossed the great divide, and if someone had warned me I would not have believed them. If this process probably isn’t for me if it sounds confusing…what would be for me if I want to be able to find the original files on the hard drive? Ik hen al mijn contacten op mijn iPhone en wil ze overzetten naar mijn PC, zodat ik ze kan importeren op mijn andere apparaten. De contacten worden opgeslagen in een enkel vCard bestand of verschillende vCard bestanden. De ene manier is om iPhone contacten direct over te zetten op uw computer door het scannen van uw iPhone. Wat u dient te weten is dat de gegevens die u hier ziet niet de enige zijn op uw iPhone, maar tevens degenen die pas van uw iPhone verwijderd zijn. Sin embargo, no es algo imposible, y es que gracias a iCloud las cosas se vuelven mas sencillas y nos permiten disponer de nuestros contactos en un documento aparte.
Queste non sono ne in ordine di album come raffigurati in Ipad ne con un altro ordine specifico.
Per poter postare commenti, assicurati di avere Javascript abilitato e i cookies abilitati, poi ricarica la pagina. You can find scroll up to the first paragraph above and visit the linked page to see more details of the app and download it from App Store from there. You can add all types of files from PC or Mac to iPhone or Android using the Wifi transfer function of this mobile phone data protection and lock app.
Since the data will be exchanged within your local network, the transfer speed will be blazing fast.
You can also import files and data from iPhone or Android to this app to lock them and prevent from unauthorized access.
This is really aimed at more advanced users who like to manage their pictures through the Finder or another file system based approach, and who simply want to use Photos app as a means of browsing through a complex existing hierarchy of pictures, perhaps as a new and separate library. Instead, the only things stored in the Photos Library directory will be alterations to images, thumbnails of pictures, and iCloud data.
It’s hard to overstate that, because this is really aimed at users who manually manage pictures through other means and simply want to use Photos app as a means of browsing through those files.
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Windows has the worst file management system on the planet, which is why users have to defrag constantly. But in fact Photos still creates a library that is way too large, possibly because of the thumbnails. After importing into the Photos app (with the copy photo option deselected!), the newly created Photo library was 89 GB large.
In other words: those among us who don’t want to abandon the original photo collection hierarchy will be thinking seriously whether or not to use the new Photos app at all! I have over 10,000 photos on my iphone 6X plus, and it keeps importing those same pics over and over.

Aperture gave you the choice of importing images and storing them in Aperture or creating a folder to store them in.
Allow people to manually handle where their pictures are stored but continue to add them to photo using more? If I delete a photo while in the Photos app, will it delete the original photo from the original spot?
So, in essence, through Finder you will see TWO photo libraries (one from iPhoto and an exact copy that gets migrated to Photos). I have to keep scrolling every single category by date, and with iPhoto I was able to see all my albums all on main screen, why did they change this?
When importing from an SD card, Photos will treat it as a device and will AUTOMATICALLY COPY all the files to your library. Ik weet dat iTunes een backup kan maken op mijn computer, maar ik kan het backup bestand niet gebruiken door het formaat. Het is daarmee heel eenvoudig voor u om contacten naar Gmail, Outlook en andere over te zetten. Als u in de scanmode zit, zult u zien dat Dr.Fone automatisch begint met het scannen van uw iPhone naar gegevens. Om ze te scheiden, kunt u de schuifknop onderaan gebruiken: Only display the deleted items. Markeer "Contacts" en klik op "Recover", u kunt nu iPhone contacten op de computer opslaan.
L’unico modo per importare tutte le foto di interesse e aprire tutte le cartelle una ad una e poi copiarsi le foto dove uno vuole. E dire che l’ho sempre fatta… Forse dipende dal fatto che ho xp sul pc che ora non ha piu aggiornamenti????????????? These wifi transfer apps are always built-in other file management apps on the phone, such as the iPhone File Master and the iPhone folder and data lock app. It can help you securely transfer files and data from computer to iPhone and Android, and then protect your files and folder on the phone with a password, PIN or pattern. You can use any web browser on the computer, such as IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.
In this demo however we will show you how to transfer photos from computer to iPhone over Wifi. You do not have to worry about bulk file transfer or heavy media files transfer, such as HD photos or videos. By disabling the Importing feature, you will be able to use Photos app as a front-end photo browser to an existing folder hierarchy of images. Understanding this feature is important, as the copying image file function does not occur when importing from an iPhone or digital camera, nor does it happen when migrating an iPhoto or Aperture library into Photos app. That means that Photos, while not copying the original photos, still is creating thumbnails that let you end up with a library about 65% the size of your original photo collection, only that in this case that new library is occupying the space ADDITIONALLY to your still existing original photo collection. Most of my photos are in Aperture but a significant number are in accessible named folders.
What I could see in the package content of the library, folder Resources still contained many photos with the same size as the original images. Also, when adding a photo from desktop into Photos, editing it, then dragging back onto desktop, it copies both, which is unnecessary. I’m a long time Mac user, and since Johnny Ivy is software director too, OS X is going down.
And there’s no way out from there, unless you want to miss all of your years of editings, or tags, or starts, or notes on your photos.
Get helpPassword recoveryRecover your passwordyour email A password will be e-mailed to you.
Is er een mogelijkheid om mijn iPhone contacten over te zetten naar computer en ze gemakkelijk te gebruiken? Naast contacten kunt u ook muziek, speellijsten, foto's, SMS, podcast, audiobook en meer naar PC overbrengen. Synchroniseer en backup uw iPhone met iTunes en gebruik dan Wondershare Dr.Fone om de backup op te halen en uw contacten selektief op te slaan. Today, we will introduce how these file manager for mobile can also help you easily copy data between mobile phone and computer.
You will need to enter the Folder Lock app password in order to access files and data protected by the Folder Lock app on iPhone or Android. Given that photos are perhaps some of the most important personal data many users have, it’s always a good idea to store a backup of all of your photos and personal pictures, at the very least through Time Machine, if not a cloud provider (or even iCloud Photo Library).
See also this guide to enable Password Pin protection of data on iPhone using Folder Lock app.
Naast het overzetten van contacten van iPhone naar PC, helpt deze tool u hoofdzakelijk met het herstellen van gegevens op uw iPhone. Seriously, if you choose to make such dumb statements, give some evidential facts to prove them. Get info For EU Cookie Consent -> Privacy PolicyThis website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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