Ronn is the CEO of 5WPR and author of best selling PR book, For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations, and a regular contributor to Fox News, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Insights Wired, Everything-PR and more.
When polling college recruiters, 40% cited image as the reason they reject qualified candidates. One pair of earrings, one ring on each hand, one necklace, professional-looking watch, one bracelet (Nothing dangling or distracting). 1) When you get back to your office, or within 24 hours send an email to each person you met.
3) Within one week call each new contact to set up a meeting to learn more about their business and how you might help each other.
4) On the second week, contact the person again with a call and email if you have still not connected. 6) I make it a point, after meeting with a new contact, to give them a referral within 30 days.
The key is to have a set follow up system in place for each networking event prepared in advance. I’ve found more success in my business simply by following up than any other single thing I do.
When I first got into networking I could hardly believe that most people don’t follow up. You really should subscribe to our RSS Feed before you read this awesome post.Have you ever heard the phrase that the clothes make the man?
First misconception about looking professional is that an expensive label is what it’s all about.
To learn more about how to get an "unfair advantage" over your competitors, grab a FREE copy of my new resume course that can help you succeed where other job seekers have failed.

Determination, drive, health, strength and the opportunity to learn from other people’s mistakes.
The intention was to open a dialogue with consumers in order to win back trust and respect. At least, according to its founders, who said the company grew until they reached a level where they could no longer reach people “effortlessly.” They needed marketing savvy. Those who stopped here just for entertainment are likely to miss the lesson and learn the hard way anyway. If you are looking for a job or networking for next year, your appearance may be helpful in securing an interview or may be a strike against you. Mattis is a United States Marine Corps general and the current commander of United States Central Command. If you are attending for class credit, please remember that you will be a job seeker in a year or two and the recruiters may remember you.
I just have a question and for a college student who attended a networking event and received business cards from distinguished persons like CEO, president or chairman of whatever it might be, would it still be adequate to ask for follow-up meeting with them? What I will do is tell you how to dress professionally while keeping your shirt, so to speak. A big strike against college grads when entering the job market, especially today, is lack of prior experience and a perceived lack of maturity.
In fact, depending on the job you might look a bit pretentious showing up for an internship in a several thousand dollar suit. The same applies to overstock stores that carry items that the main retailers have too much of. Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, looks at 4 business failures and breaks down the lessons you should learn.

The developers didn’t know how to explain it to consumers until AFTER other microblog services were released. Be the person who takes your potential and adds it to the wisdom of those who have made the mistakes you don’t have to. Don’t just stand on the shoulders of giants, watch out for the potholes that tripped up anyone who has traveled the road you’re on before you. I mention the current job market because more senior workers are taking up the jobs usually reserved for incoming grads because their usual occupations have gone the way of the dodo. All that matters is it shows that you’re prepared to get this job and you’re serious enough to not wear sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt to do it. They completely refused to adapt to what consumers are looking for today and they vastly underestimated the crossover appeal of business applications for consumer smartphones.
You can’t just be great at ideas or tech or development or distribution; you have to be equally good at all of those things.
I’m sure some can be but for the most part they’re interested in what you can bring to the table. But, you also need to understand that the workplace is a different environment compared to the dorm or classroom.
The lesson here is to be sure your team is strong in all areas before trying to build something. Otherwise it will just fall down around you … no matter where the “weak” link happens to be. So, suck in the gut, tuck in your shirt and follow along on this rundown of how to look professional on a college graduates budget.

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