We did a double take when Taylor stepped out in Beverly Hills on April 23 wearing a tight, striped dress!
Taylor Swift has always impressed us with her easy-breezy style and down-to-earth attitude, but it seems the Hollywood lifestyle may finally be rubbing off on the country cutie. Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. A l'occasion de la deuxieme demi-finale de tennis de table des Jeux Olympiques de Rio, le Bielorusse Vladimir Samsonov a signe l’un des points du tournoi. D'apres plusieurs chercheurs americains, des resultats "sans precedent" ont ete obtenus grace une reeducation cerebrale et physique innovante. Afin de souhaiter la bienvenue a Usain Bolt aux Jeux Olympiques de Rio, un journaliste a fait un rap a la gloire de l'athlete jamaicain en pleine conference de presse. Face a la Serbie, Tony Parker a signe le shoot de la victoire avec un joli panier a 2 points tout en reculant.

Recent photos of the 22-year-old singer suggest she may have undergone breast augmentation — and experts agree!
That's not to say there's anything wrong with embarking on a rap career if you didn't grow up in a gang.
On April 21, Hallandale Beach Police say they observed Black and a friend named Wisdom Williams buy a bag of marijuana from their car. After police approached, they say Black zipped away at 60 mph (in a 30 mph zone) only to be ultimately arrested in Hollywood. According to an arrest report obtained from the Broward Sheriff's Office, Black had been out on bond after he was arrested in 2015 for robbery, false imprisonment, marijuana possession, and driving without a license.
The cops also said Black chucked a Glock pistol into a dumpster along the way.Though Black was released that time, the car chase apparently caused a judge to revoke his bond from the October 2015 case. But after Black decided to take police on a high-speed chase last month, the state revoked Black's bond.

His biggest hit, the flakka-referencing "No Flockin'," has been viewed on YouTube more than 18 million times. The New Yorker, bastion of all things hip-hop, even included Black in a retrospective of "young" artists last April.
The magazine basically called him a mirror-world version of Kanye West, in that Black seems wholly unconcerned with lyrical dexterity or even the basic concept of "melody": Eighteen-year-old Dieuson Octave, who raps as Kodak Black, expresses teen skepticism even more bluntly.
With this hook, Octave joins other young rappers who have rejected an old-school emphasis on lyrical variety, individualism, and personal catharsis. Even within hip-hop, one of the most defiant musical movements of our time, teens are finding rules to break.

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