Though Snapchat is a hit with the teens, kids under 13 were previously turned away upon signup. Will this change make parents sweat a bit less if they spot the Snapchat app on their kids' mobile devices? Datto offers a range of backup and business continuity solutions for companies of all sizes. Datto is an innovative provider of comprehensive backup, recovery and business continuity solutions used by thousands of managed service providers worldwide. Announcing new Snapchat Backup by Datto, a unique partnership between a company who wants your memories to be forgettable, and a backup company that never loses data. Gone are the days that you have to worry that your favorite Snaps—both sent and received—would forever be lost. With new Snapchat Backup from Datto, your memories are safely stored in Datto's proprietary cloud servers across the world.

What would be the use of Snapchat Backup from Datto without the ability to share your favorite memories with family and friends? By integrating natively with Facebook and Instagram's API, you can share your Snaps with anyone you choose, showcasing your unique talents to the world.
For those times, Datto has created a custom Apple Watch integration so you can get notifications whenever a friend of yours has shared one of your saved Snaps. Now the youngsters can finally use the app — to take photos and videos and then add captions and doodles to them — but they don't get the ability to actually send anything. Snapchat's motivations behind SnapKidz don't seem to involve padding user statistics — since the experience is local to a user's device, no actual Snapchat account is created.
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Sometimes, you have to pretend like you're paying attention in meetings, or listening to your significant other.

Now with Snapchat Backup from Datto, you can actually backup your favorite Snapchat filters and instantly virtualize them on your phone, in as little as 3 SECONDS, beating any virtual restore on the market. If that's not bad enough for the youngsters, this crippled version of the software even comes with an infantile name: SnapKidz. After all, it's not exactly that difficult for someone under the age of 13 to fib a bit about his or her age in order to gain access to all of Snapchat's features. Our legal department says we can't be held responsible for any of your friends who become upset that you've saved and shared their compromising moments.
A survey in 2011 found that over 7.5 million kids lied about their age to access Facebook, for example.

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