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For example, next time you are taking a landscape image, why not try using a relatively shallow depth of field and drawing attention to one particular area of the scene? Our provides the latest photography news and our fan page is the best place to communicate with other Digital Photographer fans.
As a ceremonial object or art, the candle is generally overlooked, yet it has great significance. On Friday night, one is required to light candles in the house for the sake of shalom bayit (harmony in the home) and oneg Shabbat (Sabbath joy). Richard Siegel is the Interim Director of the School of Jewish Communal Service at HUC-JIR.
It is normally woman who lights the candles, but men may light them when no woman is present. Students away from home should light candles for themselves, as they are no longer within the household of their parents. Blessed are You, Lord our God, Ruler of the Universe, who has sanctified us with commandments, and commanded us to light Shabbat candles. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.

Whether intended for practical purposes such as providing light, or for more evocative, quasi-magical ends, such as rekindling the winter sun, almost every festival and celebration incorporates the use of candles at some point. He worked for 28 years at the National Foundation for Jewish Culture, the last 16 as Executive Director. They also symbolize the unity underlying all apparent duality, such as man and woman, body and soul, speech and silence, creation and revelation.
However, since the blessing over the Shabbat candles is also the act which initiates Shabbat, it is forbidden to light a fire after the blessing is said [because of the traditional restriction against kindling a flame on Shabbat].
In the Kabbalah, the image of a multicolored flame emanating from a candle is taken as a metaphor for God’s relation to the world and man. To get over this bind, one lights the candles and then covers one’s eyes while saying the blessing. When the eyes are opened, the already lit candles are enjoyed for the first time, as it were, therefore both completing the blessing and not violating Shabbat. However, there's always a certain amount of the picture in front of, and behind, this plane that also appears to be sharp.It is this zone of 'acceptable sharpness' that is the depth of field. The flame adheres to, relies on, and appears to emanate from the candle, yet is a distinct and separate entity. The white interior of the flame is constant, but its exterior is always in motion and changes color. The amount of depth of field varies from picture to picture, depending on a number of different factors.How does knowing this help to improve my shots?

Depth of field is one of the most important creative controls available to the photographer. It's not just one factor that affects the amount of depth of field that you end up with, but several working in tandem. Some of these factors, however, are much easier for photographers to control than the others.What's the easiest way to control depth of field? The aperture setting you use is the simplest and most straightforward way of altering depth of field because you can do this without changing equipment or shooting position.The smaller the aperture you set, the more depth of field you get and the more of your shot appears in focus. However, you don't always have a free choice, because changing the aperture will affect the shutter speed, and some shutter speeds will not suit every situation.Slow shutter speeds will cause moving subjects to appear blurred, for instance, or will create visible camera shake. More importantly, you only have a limited range of apertures, so often you can't set the zone of sharpness precisely to suit your needs. The wider the angle of view of the lens, and the shorter the corresponding focal length, the more depth of field you get.A wide-angle lens setting, therefore, gives you more depth of field than a telephoto one. The subject distance (or more accurately, the distance the lens is focused at) also has its role; the closer the focused distance, the less depth of field you get.

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