Following feedback from past students we are now running a dedicated Portrait Photography & Home Studio Course.
Students are increasingly asking how to take portraits using home studio flash kits with white & black backgrounds so we are adding this to the course itinerary. This course will show you how to create Low and High Key Portraits plus there will also be a demonstration on how to use a single speedlight flash to create several creative portrait lighting styles.
There is an option to save money by paying for a Beginners Photography Course followed by a Portrait Photography Course in advance.
Most Saturday Beginners Photography courses are followed by a Level Two course the following day. This session will show you how to take well lit and attractive portrait photographs by available light and flash indoors.
This intensive course is mainly aimed at students who have attended one of our previous beginners courses but novices can also join. Many photographers tend to use their camera on the full auto setting and want to learn how to get much better pictures from their new camera by using the other settings.
All the courses start off with the absolute basics and progress, step by step, through to some of the more technical aspects.
The flash built into amateur cameras is of very low power so I have also suggested suitable flashguns which can be purchased when funds allow. If you would like to learn how to use studio flash lighting to a semi-professional standard we suggest a One to One Private Tuition day for A?325. A separate flashgun with a flash extension lead is a really useful accessory for this course but not essential as we will be able to demonstrate using our equipment. I'm only going to comment on the dedicated Nikon flashguns as I have never used the other brands. This Speedlite uses Nikons latest i-TTL metering technology for spot on exposures, It's a powerful but sensible priced main flash for general photography. The powerful and versatile Nikon SB900 Speedlite is a professional i-TTL Speedlite compatible with the Nikon Creative Lighting System (NCLS). I'm only going to comment on the dedicated Canon flashguns as I have never used the other brands.

This professional level speedlite is powerful and versatile with a bounce head and the ability to be a master or slave flash in a multiple lighting set-up. The Canon Speedlite 430EX II A?199.99 is the baby brother to the 580 EX and as such is slightly less powerful. The speedlite can be used with a remote wireless transmitter which will fire several flash guns. I particularly wanted to learn more about fill in flash and I feel much more confident now. Ia€™m Looking Forward to taking lots of photographs of my children that arena€™t blurry, shadowy and poorly lit as before.
Glen covered everything I needed to know about setting up a studio at home and how to take portraits with confidence. As with the Beginners Course there were several lights on moments as both the theory and practical fell into place. I wanted to know which settings to use for portraits photography and this course covered everything I needed.
Hopefully I can now go away and use these flash techniques to take a€?Pro-esquea€™ studio portraits at the events I frequent.
All images are copyright of Glen Tillyard or that of Digital Photography Course Students and may not be used without the express permission of the photographer.
There will also be the chance to try out various professional flash techniques using bounced & direct flash. This is helpful for people who may be travelling some distance or who would like to attend both courses during the same weekend.
We will show you how to create a home studio setup using inexpensive accessories for that professional look. These units all have swivel heads which will allow you to bounce the light off a ceiling or wall for a softer light.
This tuition includes many more studio lighting techniques plus Photoshop tuition on background clean up for that super bright white background look.
The SB-700 also offers fully automatic exposure control when used in groups with other SB-700 Speedlites, controlled either by a Master SB-800 or the new Commander function of the new DSLRs like the D300, D700,D7000, D90 and D3s.

These means it can be used in a multiple flash set up with other SB900s or SB600 to allow for several creative lighting scenarios for portrait or product photography.
It can be used as a slave unit when used in conjunction with a 580 EXll or a transmitter.
This is useful for multiple flash lighting set-ups for portraits and product photography. I know to use a longer lens instead of a short one and I double my knowledge every time I come. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about all the different lighting techniques and I now feel confident in taking portrait photographs. I learnt more in 6 hours than in the last 3 months about how to use the flash and settings on my camera.
Having attended both the small group courses and now the one to one courses I can highly recommend the private tuition option for anyone wanting to take their portrait photography to the next level.
Now I can use the fill in flash correctly too which will help with my walkabout photography. We will also show you how to set up a low cost home studio so you can achieved professional looking results easily at home.
The power output and exposure can be controlled through the pop up flash and CLS menu on the Nikon D300 and D700 or by another SB900 or transmitter on the D3s. We'll even show you how to add character to a portrait or produce that romantic soft lighting look.
The portrait session blends into the low light course with the chance to take photographs by candlelight.

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